Police likely using Stingray's on Helicopters to Spy on BLM protestors

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Well happened across a nice little gem the other day.  While protesters were a ways a way there was a cop helicopter hovering around.  A phone call I had dropped as the helicopter was farthest away from my location.  We also know that cop's have been tracking protestors but we haven't been sure how.  We have noticed police helicopters circling protestors since the beginning of the Black Lives matter protests.  It would make perfect sense if the cops were intercepting all cell transmissions from their choppers to spy on protester locations, identities, and communications.  Surveillance state.

This makes sense since I have suspected for a long time that the primary way police use Stingray devices is aboard helicopters.  They always have helicopters respond first to incidents and they have a high elevation so it would make sense that helicopters would be the primary users of stingray's.  Also I have experienced cops tracking me after using walkie talkies so I think cop cars are using scanners to monitor all airwave communication including cordless phones in their cars.  Cars likely also have stingray's however I think they are on and active on all police helicopters.

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