Paxful is a Scammer Company I lost $150

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I was scammed by Paxful.  No I was not just scammed by a paxful user.  I was scammed by the company itself.  How?  Well first I was scammed by a user.  Then the case was brought into moderation.  I uploaded sure proof that I had sent the money to the scammer and they had not delivered the Bitcoin I purchased.  The moderator asked both of us to upload proof in the form of a video within 24 hours.  I did it immediately.  The scammer took around 3 days to upload proof.  Secondly it was clear that the video the scammer uploaded was edited.  Their video showed someone with long painted fingernails signing in, the video cuts, and someone with short unpainted fingernails is then on the device.  Then the video just shows a photoshopped screen, they were just taking a video of an edited screenshot.  I pointed out the fact that the video was obviously edited and that the video was not uploaded in the time frame given by the moderator.  Somehow the moderator sided with the scammer.  Why?  Because either the scammer did lots of business on paxful, they had over 1 BTC in total trades (like $10,000) or because the scammer knew someone in the company.  There can be no other explanation.  The scammer also told me before even the moderation started confidently that he would win the case.

I appealed this decision and even the administrator at Paxful sided with the scammer and said that I did not upload my proof within the time limit.  I responded that I uploaded my proof within a couple hours and it was actually the scammer who did not upload their proof within the time limit, and that the scammers proof video was clearly edited.  They then countered by saying that I agreed in the ToS to accept the Moderators decision.  So basically they told me to f*ck off and there is nothing I can legally do about it.  Wow.

So anyway the only way I can have justice now is to make people aware that Paxful is a Scam and to NEVER do business with them.  You may make a couple trades and everything goes well, but if you get scammed they will in no way, shape, or form have your back.

Here is the entire situation for you to judge for yourself!  I will annotate what each picture means.

This picture is the seller uploaded.  However he spelled my name wrong.

This below is supposed proof that the seller reimbursed me.  However again they got my name wrong and my email address wrong.  My actual name is Marcus DiMarco and email MarcusDiMarco@gmail.com
Another fake picture by the seller that the money was refunded to me by paypal.  Wait, I thought in the above screenshot that the seller sent the money back himself?  Also looks like he finally got my name right after I told him he spelled it wrong in the above pic.  This below shot is fake, I never got anything back.
Before requesting moderation I tried to ask paypal for my money back.  They refused since the seller had me sent the payment friends and family.  Sending that way makes it so paypal will not give you your money back :/.  The next three screenshots reflect this.


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