nHApP Nano Hydroxyapatite Peroxide

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I have discussed this type of remineralizer earlier in posts with the TEEF tag.  But today I am going to lay out one particular remineralizer in detail Hydroxyapatite nanopowder peroxide.  This is because TEEF revision 4.0 will use this ingredient as sole remineralizer.

This ingredient can be used for any use but preferably a tooth powder or other dentrifice including mouthwashes, toothpastes, gel's, etc.  Also bone use including grafts, implants, repair, etc.

How is this ingredient made?  A nanopowder (or any size of powder preferably microcrystalline or nanopowder) of hydroxyapatite is obtained using any method desired.  Next Hydrogen Peroxide is added to the powder, with or without a reaction step, and allowed to dry.  The reaction step can most preferably held at a temperature between 37c and 60c to keep kinetics of the reaction high but prevent a runaway reaction that evaporates the hydrogen peroxide before it has a chance to react.

The % concentration of hydrogen peroxide can be anything but preferably between 3-35%.  More preferably between 12-35%.  Food grade peroxide or better should be used for dentrifice or internal use.

What happens when you allow hydrogen peroxide to react with a powder?  Peroxide molecules substitute into the structure especially on the reactive OH of the hydroxyapatite molecule.

Why is peroxidation helpful?  Peroxidation makes a molecule more "sticky" to adhere to already made surfaces.  In the case of hydroxyapatite both small size (nano) can help the molecules to stick to tooth enamel or bone, also peroxidation can also improve the attachment of the powder to the enamel or bone.  I personally believe the mechanism of why the nanopowder can stick is because the size allows it to more easily become peroxidized in biological environments including saliva. 

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