How the Tides prove Gravity Wrong

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Tides are one of the biggest and most obvious problems for standard gravitational theory.  But shhhh the physicists don't want you to know this!  Another big problem is the expansion of the universe which they use the dark matter/energy conspiracy theory to hand-wave away.  Gravity is far from settled science.

Gravity is not mass attracting mass.  Gravity is simply an induced electrostatic charge aka electrostatic induction and therefore attraction.  I have explained this in 2015.

So how do tides disprove the standard Einsteinian gravity?

Tides don't make sense according to standard gravity.  We know that tides effect both sides of the earth equally and at the same time.  Why?  According to standard gravity wouldn't the tide only be nearest the moon?  You would think that if you had common sense.  But the latest conspiracy theory (and here from NASA) is the reason tides effect both sides of the earth is because the moon pulls the water on the side closest to it most, then it pulls the earth second and away from the water furthest away and this is why water bulges on both sides.  Wow that is really bad physics.  We know that the moon doesn't pull the earth's center closer to it during tides.  The center of the earth and moon distance doesn't magically get shorter during a tide.  So to say that the moon is pulling the entire earth closer and the water furthest is "left behind" is bogus.  That is just not how this works.  Both the earth and moon are both pulling on each-other equally and this equilibrium distance is constant over the course of a day.  The distance of the center of the earth and moon is constant over the course of a day.  This means the moon simply cannot be pulling the earth away from the water furthest the moon.  The "slinky" theory is BOGUS!  The whole theory of tides is that since water can flow it is the water that can move and not the center of the earth itself.  So if the water can move, and it is being pulled more on the side closest the moon, then wouldn't it make sense that the water on earth flows away from the side furthest the moon and towards the side closest the moon.  Right?  Logic right?  So if standard gravity was true then there would be a low tide on the face furthest from the moon and high tide on the face closest the moon.  We know this is not the case so this is the first nail in the coffin of standard gravity theory.

Another nail in the coffin is "why is there the same extra-high tide during a new moon and a full moon"?  In a new moon both the moon and sun are on the same side of the earth so it would make sense the tides would be stronger since gravity is pulling from both the same direction.  But during a full moon the sun and moon are on opposite sides.  So if we take the standard gravity explanation, it doesn't work.  The moon is pulling the nearest water to it, and the earth toward it second, and the furthest water third.  Ok but the sun is pulling the water closest to it first (the opposite the moon side), then the earth towards it second, and the water furthest from it third.  But this means that the sun is pulling the earth towards it and the moon is pulling the earth towards it, and these are opposite directions so the pull cancels out to some extent, preventing the "stretching of the slinky" of the system.  If NASA's slinky model was true then New Moon and Full Moon tides would be different.  They are not.  This is the second nail in the coffin of Standard gravity.

Does electrostatic gravity explain the tidal effect?  Yes it absolutely does.  The "comb and water" experiment shows that the water closest the comb (in this case the comb is the moon) is opposite charge of the comb and will come towards it.  The water furthest away assumes the opposite charge and will be repelled by the comb.  Thus quickly and painlessly explaining the tides.  The end.

Any questions?  No?  Didn't think so.  Pretty simple right?

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