Emulsified or Liposomal Nano Hydroxyapatite Peroxide nHApPe (HAPPEN)

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HAPPEN (Hydroxyapatite peroxide emulsified nano-particles) is a form of biomimetic emulsified nano hydroxyapatite peroxide.  Preferably it would be peroxidized but does not need to be to fit with this invention, and could be called HAPEN if it is not peroxidized.

What it is, is a emulsified remineralizing ingredient and both the emulsification and nano size of the remineralizing particles (which is supercharged with peroxidation) improve the ability of the natural remineralization process.  We know that nano hydroxyapatite in the saliva are emulsified with phospholipids similar to lecithin which helps the delivery of the nano particles to the tooth surface (this can also be used for any other use and not just in dentifrices and mouthwash and oral gels and gums and foods etc.)

Here is an example process of how it can be made.  This example is in a dry form but can also be a wet form.

1. Obtain or make nano hydroxyapatite powder.

2. Peroxidize the powder by adding 12.5% food grade hydrogen peroxide to make a paste or liquid.  Should take a lot of stirring to get the nano powder to become saturated and uniform and will tend to want to make a film and not get saturated (this difficulty confirms indeed the powder has nano structure).

3.  Let powder sit in peroxide for several hours or until it ceases producing new foam.

4.  Dry by placing a fan over it.

5.  Grind to a fine fluffy powder.

6. Add this plus other ingredients like protiens or amino acids, emulsifiers like lecithin, and any other additives like vitamin, minerals, oils, essential oils, etc. (liquid lecithin can be dissolved in essential oils)

7.  Grind this combination in a commercial power herb grinder.  Add anticaking agent like tricalcium phosphate or calcium carbonate as needed.

8.  This is your HAPPEN mix.  Add this to whatever product you desire or use straight.

Lets make Remineralization HAPPEN!

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  1. NatureHacker,

    I recently purchased nano Hydroxyapatite and then came across your Teef Powder of which I have now purchased. Do you recommend I emulsify the nano-Ha as you described above and use in tandem with your Teef Powder for better remineralization results? I plan on brushing with the Teef Powder and then holding in mouth for extended periods of time. I wore away some enamel after drinking lemon water for a number of years and I’m not going to follow the “Drill, Fill, and Bill” route of conventional dentistry if I can help it.

    Many thanks!
    Michael McKee


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