Dermatographia caused by Antibiotics and Klebsiella and Citrobacter

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Klebsiella and Citrobacter overgrowth in the gut are the cause of this disease.  How do I know?  Because I read the above link and all the hundreds of comments.  These comments talk about how antibiotics caused their disease.  However some antibiotics helped and some caused it.  I research every single one with the bacteria the antibiotics kill and the bacteria that are resistant and narrowed the bacteria responsible down to 2.  These also make sense because they are histamine producing bacteria and antihistamines help the problem.  Also sugar makes it worse and these bacteria use sugar heavily.  Vitamin D can also cause this problem or disease because vitamin D is also an antibiotic.

How to cure it naturally?  Clove, Oregano, and garlic.  These three are shown to nullify both citrobacter and klebsiella.  Also you can search for antibiotics that kill both of these bacteria if you want to go that route.

Here are my notes:

not pseudomopnas because all uti drugs do not work for pseudo yet uti drugs helped person.

next to look at are klebsellia and citrobacter since those also aren't killed with amoxocilillin which causes someones disease.  ABoth of these are killed by any common UTI drug so that is hopeful.

klebsellia somewhat resistant to clarithromycin, good sign as clarithro only temporarily reduced symptoms

citrobacter also resistant to carithro, ecoli isn't

So we know it is not ecoli or pseudomonas.

citrus and clove best klebsellia

clove ok for kleb and citro but should be fresh for eo

oregano powder, garlic powder, clove powder for citrobacter

cranberry not good for kleb or citro

lemon also works on citrobacter

we know sugar makes it worse, klebsellia has sugar armor

klebsellia is actually killed with cefazolin so it must be citrobacter causing the problem

actually nitrofuratonin kills citro but not klebsellia and has caused the problem.  So it could be either citro or kleb

klebsellia and citrobacter produce histamine

hives is also a symptom

tetracycline can also cause and isnt usually used for kleb or citro, but may kill them

metronidazole causes it which also isn't used for kleb or citro.

azithromycin causes it which also isn't used for kleb or citro.

ciprofloxaxin helps and kills klebsellia and citrobacter, not  good because kleb gets resistant
some also got disease from penicillin then cipro later.

levofloxacin helps and it kills klebsellia (didnt check citro)

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