Emulsified or Liposomal Nano Hydroxyapatite Peroxide nHApPe (HAPPEN)

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HAPPEN (Hydroxyapatite peroxide emulsified nano-particles) is a form of biomimetic emulsified nano hydroxyapatite peroxide.  Preferably it would be peroxidized but does not need to be to fit with this invention, and could be called HAPEN if it is not peroxidized.

What it is, is a emulsified remineralizing ingredient and both the emulsification and nano size of the remineralizing particles (which is supercharged with peroxidation) improve the ability of the natural remineralization process.  We know that nano hydroxyapatite in the saliva are emulsified with phospholipids similar to lecithin which helps the delivery of the nano particles to the tooth surface (this can also be used for any other use and not just in dentifrices and mouthwash and oral gels and gums and foods etc.)

Here is an example process of how it can be made.  This example is in a dry form but can also be a wet form.

1. Obtain or make nano hydroxyapatite powder.

2. Peroxidize the powder by adding 12.5% food grade hydrogen peroxide to make a paste or liquid.  Should take a lot of stirring to get the nano powder to become saturated and uniform and will tend to want to make a film and not get saturated (this difficulty confirms indeed the powder has nano structure).

3.  Let powder sit in peroxide for several hours or until it ceases producing new foam.

4.  Dry by placing a fan over it.

5.  Grind to a fine fluffy powder.

6. Add this plus other ingredients like protiens or amino acids, emulsifiers like lecithin, and any other additives like vitamin, minerals, oils, essential oils, etc. (liquid lecithin can be dissolved in essential oils)

7.  Grind this combination in a commercial power herb grinder.  Add anticaking agent like tricalcium phosphate or calcium carbonate as needed.

8.  This is your HAPPEN mix.  Add this to whatever product you desire or use straight.

Lets make Remineralization HAPPEN!


New Dielectric materials Barium Copper Titanate, Calcium Silver Titanate

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We know Barium Titanate, and lesser Strontium titanate are great dielectrics.  Well Calcium Titanate also works as well, but not as good.

Someone had the bright idea to add copper to calcium titanate and made by far the best dielectric known.  Why?  Possibly because the copper is a source of electrons to move around to polarize the particles in the dielectric allowing for extreme capacity.  Also the copper could act as an electronegative element, allowing the compound to polarize better.  Perhaps a difference in electronegativity of closely packed (non-conductive, oxide containing) elements can help with polarizability.

So here are some new ones that will be even better than calcium copper titanate

Barium Silver Titanate

Barium Copper Titanate

Strontium Copper Titanate

Calcium Silver Titanate

Magnesium Silver Titanate

Barium Gold Titanate

Barium Silver Gold Titanate

Barium Gold Tungstate - could be the best, good electronegativity separations and large atoms.

Barium Gold Molybdenate

Barium Graphene Tungstate - Graphene is more electronegative than gold and might allow electron movement even better.  Graphene oxide should be used to prevent conduction and reduction of bandgap too much.

Barium Graphene Titanate - Higher bandgap materials may be needed and titanate has bandgap around 3.5 eV as opposed to tungstates 2.6 eVCalcium copper titanate dielectric of 3.9 eV and highest dielectric constant. I'm guessing that there may be a "perfect bandgap" of perhaps 4 eV for maximum dielectric constant.  Things like copper oxide or graphene oxide or silver oxide or gold oxide etc. can potentially lower high bandgap materials like calcium titanate materials into the perfect range.

Basically any alkaline earth metal, a electron rich metal, and titanate.

4TiO2 + CaCO3 + 3CuO → CaCu3Ti4O12 + CO2

 or more generally

4TiO2 + Alkaline earth Carbonate + 3(transition metal Oxide) → (alk.)(trans.)3Ti4O12 + CO2

Any of thes new compounds should be able to be produced under 2000c, likely around 1000-1500c.

So aaccording to this chart Alkaline metals have low electronegativity so are more likely to give up electrons.  Elements like copper, silver, gold, and the like have high electronegativity so would want to pull electrons.  Some other good candidates for the transitional metal oxides could be Cobalt, Ruthenium, Rhenium, Palladium, Rhenium, Osmium, Iridium, Platinum, and of course Gold may be the best.  Perhaps a combination of Silver and Gold could be even better combining the electronegativity of Gold with the conductivity of Silver.  Perhaps having "jumps" in the electronegativities of the elements allows for high polarizability 1->1.5->1.9 in the case of calcium->titanium->copper.   Also perhaps the smaller size of calcium is needed since the copper throws off the crystal structure alignment which allowed for the bigger barium atoms to fit within.

Crystal structures:


Blue are Copper, Teal are oxygen, and Red are Calcium.  Yellow blocks are titanates.


Blue shapes are titanates, orange circle is barium

Calcium Copper Titanate Slideshow

Conductive fillers improve dielectric constant to insulators up to a point

calcium and strontium titanate bandgap around 3, so lower than calcium copper titanate


MoneY is obvIOUs

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It has come to my attention that there are people out there who believe currency couldn't exist EXCEPT as debt.  This strange fact has also made me aware of supposed "monetary theories" that purport that either money can only be debt (Modern monetary theory - credit theory of money), others that say money has to have intrinsic value or backing of intrinsic value (metallism) or that money has to be issued by a central state (Chartalism).

Really guys.  Really??  Do you honestly think that only one of these could be right or that other possibilities cannot be right either?  I mean the counterexamples are so strong (shell money, Rai Stones, bitcoin, greenbacks, continentals) that I really just don't know what to tell you if you think currency can only exist inside ONE of these monetary theories.

So I am going to help make this easier and describe SOME aspects of things that can make them valuable as a currency. If two or more people find something valuable and use it in exchanges, then it is currency regardless of any "theory" you have about it!

Scarcity - If something is rare people could attribute value to it regardless of any other factor!  Even pack-rats know that shiny things have value to them.  Being able to help guarantee the scarcity by making them impossible to reproduce or make (counterfeit protection) improves value.

Easily tradeable and storable - Something that stores well and is easy to carry around has intrinsic value as a tradeable item.  Couple these with scarcity or usefulness and you have something with value.

Standardization - A standardized definition of a thing makes it more fungible as a currency.  So the fact that every silver eagle is .9999%+ pure and exactly 1 oz makes it fungible, that every "silver eagle" is worth the same.  This fact adds value if you don't have to measure it every time to value it.

Convertability - Like all the factors listed here, this factor is not required to have a currency!  Having a business, person, government, or the like saying "for every bead you give me I will give you a product I make" will add value to a currency.  Another example of this is a sovereign government saying that they will accept the payment of taxes with the currency, this will also improve the currencies value.  Convertibility was the primary value producing factor in Greenbacks  and ContinentalsIOU's also work like this, can also be thought of as "positive debt".

Agreeable and standardized emission - If people agree with how the supply of the currency is regulated, this will improve the currencies value and acceptability.  If emission is too low people will not want to spend it, if too high people will not want to hold it.  A balance ensures that people will want to use it as currency (spend and recieve).

Usefulness - This is called "intrinsic value" by many.  If something has alternate uses (like melting it down, wearing as jewelry, etc) this improves it's value as a currency.

Debt - If an item is owed back to the issuer under threat of sanction or violence, and more than one person owe the thing, then that improves it's value to someone else who also owes the thing to the lender.  I will refer to this as "negative debt" as opposed to the "positive debt" that IOU's signify.  This is an entirely negative way to reinforce value.  This is a primary value producing factor in Federal Reserve Notes and other Central Bank issued money.

I will add more factors that can make objects or even ideas (like bitcoin) as money in the future, but this should give you a good start to see that as long as 2 or more people agree something has value it IS currency!  End of story!

Testicular Torsion from Oxidative Stress Bacteria with Heavy Metals

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Testicular torsion is a problem caused by oxidative stress.  In many cases this is caused from injury and or elevated levels of heavy metals in the body as well as certain kinds of bacteria.  Many foods can have heavy metals from supplements, to dry dairy products, protien powders, and rice.

Rotten Fruit contain a bacteria called xanthomonas or stenotrophomonas which cause oxidative stress on the body as well.  This bacteria is killed primarily with oregano, lemongrass (prefereably essential oils on both) as well as flavanoids such as ginko biloba and others.

The oxidative stress causes adhesions in the spermatic cord.  This causes the testicle to twist on itself.  They are not twisted around eachother, a single testicle the spermatic cord which contains the vas deferens just coils on itself and needs to be untwisted.

A good treatment plan for testicular torsion, is first untwist the testicles yourself.  See this video for more info how to do that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q0MBTgsmP0E

Beyond that you need to take flavanoids, oregano, and lemongrass.  Good options are Ginko Biloba, Pomegranate juice, Cranberry juice, Acai, etc.  Also oregano and lemongrass are good things to take to eliminate the bacteria.  Also Vitamin C as an antioxidant too.

 Rotten Fruit (has black spots) a cause

Lead and cadmium in powdered milk.  Calcium could also make worse


Tabletop Solo RPG Card Game open source design JRPG


A spiritual successor to RPG's like Everquest, Might and Magic, Dungeons and Dragons, etc.  This can also be thought as a hybrid or cross between card games like magic the gathering mtg and tabletop rpg's like dungeons and dragons dnd.

Play a full RPG (solo if desired) on a tabletop without a computer!

Differs from dungeons and dragons that it has a visual inventory and spell book using Card's and no DM needed.

Differs from Magic in that it is not a card game, it's an RPG that uses cards for items, spells, monsters, etc.

Scalable: 1 player all the way up to as many as you can fit around (or inside!) the map.  Its a real MMO tabletop game!

Needs (may be more or less things):

Inventory Board per player
Spell/Skill Book (Board) per player
Zone Board(s)
Card sets, may be specific to the Zone or vendor or class (like spells/skills) or monster class, etc.
Music CD or cassette (and player)
pen and paper (for keeping track of rolls and things in battles if needed)

So this game will be quite a job to make and is a true and real solo RPG game you can play by yourself without a GM or DM (no game master or Dungeon Master).  It can be played 1 player or any number of players desired but the great thing is it is a pre-made world so you don't need a GM.  GM Free tabletop game.

So what is it?  Basically it is quite complex and has things like printed gridded map(s), inventory board, Cards that can include items, food and drink, monsters, spells, skills, etc.


So everything is in the form of cards.  Your inventory board has card slots where each of your inventory slots are.  It might look something like this:

This inventory board would be laminated or something so the slots with red handwriting are just written in with dry-erase or similar and updated as needed.  Each rectangle represents a slot where a playing card would be placed, whether they are equipped or placed in a stack in the inventory slot.

Also there will not be armor, just resistances to 4 elements earth water wind and fire.

Zone Map(s) and Travel

The adventure map would look something like below (but likely with many more grid squares than this):
And you would have a little character model or something to represent your hero moving around on the map.

Every time you move a certain amount of grid spots you need to eat a food and drink a drink and discard the food/drink cards you used (number of grid spots you can move can depend on what type of food/drink you had last).  When you run out of food and drink your stamina starts going down.  When you have 0 stamina then you have to take a break from playing.  Stamina regen's a certain amount per minute.  Also your health and mana regen while you are taking a break as well.  Certain races and/or classes could regen faster than others, as well as certain stats could improve regen speed as well.  Also things like potions or bandages or skills like meditate or spells can regen faster as well.  There could also be taverns which for a certain amount of gold+food+time (say 1 minute) you can rest for a day and sleep for the night recharging all your fluid stats (health, mana, stamina).  1 Day would be added to the tally for every turn, and an extra day added for staying at a tavern.

Timers and Turns

There would be timers that you set and use to let you know when you can play again and when you are fully regenerated.

Every time you are at the end of your turn (when you use up the spots you can move from the meal you had last) you roll to see if you have to fight a monster (the type of enemy you face and/or the odds of facing an enemy might depend on where your character is located on the map).  If you are on land and you are not facing a monster you can choose to dig for a chance to get a random item.

Monster Encounters

You might be able to run from the monster if you use up stamina/food or bargain with the monster depending on charisma and gold you have.  Also there may be permanent camps of monsters where if you tread near that area you will always get attacked.

If you fight a monster on the monster card it will say that monsters stats and you would roll for the monsters hits/attacks/spells.  If you beat the monster you would roll for an item in the class of items that that monster can drop.  These item classes will have stacks of cards to draw from.  Mixed in these item classes (or preferably in separate piles, which pile you pick from could be decided by a dice roll) could be common, uncommon, or rare (or more types) items.  The items could be food, equippable items, crafting supplies, consumable items, vendor-able items, etc.  Of course monster encounters would be similar to turn based RPG games like Dragon Warrior or JRPG's.  Can have monster figurines and have a neat looking battle.

Monsters can spawn normal or bosses of a certain level.  Normal mobs should be solo-able by a good player of the same level, bosses might take more players or lots of luck and skill to defeat.

Vendors and Chests

There also could be places on the map with vendors.  These will have a certain item class and will cost the amount written on the card (perhaps more or less depending on your charisma or whatnot).  You could buy food from the vendors or other items to use. 

Chests might also exist and could be refreshed with loot after a certain number of turns and/or players can place item cards into them from their inventory when they visit the chest.

Death Penalty

If you die you have to remove everything from your inventory and put the stack of cards on the table and knock your character down on the board on the spot you died.  You then assume a ghost character and start at the entrance of the zone and have to make your way back to your corpse, if you encounter monsters you have to fight them.  If you can't make it back to your corpse, you can wait 1 hr or something and have your character resurrected at the zone entrance.  Dying makes you loose the experience of the last 3 monsters you killed.  Spells and skills need to be rememorized after death.

Leveling and Experience

Leveling up can give you things like new skill points to spend on either str, int, wis, or cha (or other stats if required).  There would be an experience curve where every level takes more experience to level up than the last level.  Once your experience reaches the cutff to level up, your experience is made zero and your level is increased by 1.  I anticipate 20 levels but any number can be allowed.

Your levels improve your stats but not necessarily your regen rates, so you may have more downtime to regen things like health/mana/stamina as you level up and get higher point caps.  Armor, Strength, Wisdom, Intelligence, and charisma (and/or any others) will effect your rolls for certain things from chance to hit or damage of skills or spells to chance of doing all sorts of things.  The amount of weight and/or items in your inventory could effect your stamina and/or how many steps you get from a meal.


A typical starting set of classes that would mesh with the stats could be wizard (intelligence), Cleric (wisdom), Warrior (strength), and Bard (charisma).

Spells and Skills

Spells and skills can be gained (purchased from special "guild" vendor) but only a certain amount (say 7 or whatever) can be memorized at once.  Spells/skills take a certain amount of downtime to memorize, say 10 seconds each and not during combat.


Of COURSE we cannot forget the music!  Music cd/cassette/record/file would be included with each zone pack.


Anyway that is pretty much it for now.  Should feel very similar to games like Dragon Warrior, Everquest, and Might and Magic but single player or multiplayer and no electricity or internet required!  My intention is that the player can get all the cards they need and nothing is behind a paywall like opening dozens of packs to get the cards you want.  This is not intended to be a a "Trading" Card Game, but it could if desired.  One interesting idea is every deck contains the same cards, but you could rarely get one of the rare cards as a foil or other type including alternate artwork.  This would make opening a deck exciting but at the same time you always have every card and don't have to struggle to build a deck.  It is intended to where all the cards are given with the set and the only luck required is in drawing good ones while you are playing.

Future Development

The game or record keeping can be automated in any way desired including having digital displays of things like stats including health, mana, stamina and anything else.  There could be buttons that you hit to make things go up and down.  Also the dice could be digital where rolls automatically effect your stats from things like monster hits or whatnot.

Police likely using Stingray's on Helicopters to Spy on BLM protestors

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Well happened across a nice little gem the other day.  While protesters were a ways a way there was a cop helicopter hovering around.  A phone call I had dropped as the helicopter was farthest away from my location.  We also know that cop's have been tracking protestors but we haven't been sure how.  We have noticed police helicopters circling protestors since the beginning of the Black Lives matter protests.  It would make perfect sense if the cops were intercepting all cell transmissions from their choppers to spy on protester locations, identities, and communications.  Surveillance state.

This makes sense since I have suspected for a long time that the primary way police use Stingray devices is aboard helicopters.  They always have helicopters respond first to incidents and they have a high elevation so it would make sense that helicopters would be the primary users of stingray's.  Also I have experienced cops tracking me after using walkie talkies so I think cop cars are using scanners to monitor all airwave communication including cordless phones in their cars.  Cars likely also have stingray's however I think they are on and active on all police helicopters.


The real cause and cure of Chrones Disease: Gut Tuberculosismycobacteria TB

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Chrones disease is actually caused by a gut infection with Mycobacterium, especially TB.

Prominent types of Gut Bacteria

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E Coli

Gram positive bacteria




H Pylori

C Difficile

M Tuberculosis


Klebsellia - Liver problems

Porphyromonas - Pancreatic problems



Listeria- bone marrow

The real reason why Nitrate reducing bacteria cause Migranes: H PyloriNitrite not Nitric Oxide

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Paxful is a Scammer Company I lost $150

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I was scammed by Paxful.  No I was not just scammed by a paxful user.  I was scammed by the company itself.  How?  Well first I was scammed by a user.  Then the case was brought into moderation.  I uploaded sure proof that I had sent the money to the scammer and they had not delivered the Bitcoin I purchased.  The moderator asked both of us to upload proof in the form of a video within 24 hours.  I did it immediately.  The scammer took around 3 days to upload proof.  Secondly it was clear that the video the scammer uploaded was edited.  Their video showed someone with long painted fingernails signing in, the video cuts, and someone with short unpainted fingernails is then on the device.  Then the video just shows a photoshopped screen, they were just taking a video of an edited screenshot.  I pointed out the fact that the video was obviously edited and that the video was not uploaded in the time frame given by the moderator.  Somehow the moderator sided with the scammer.  Why?  Because either the scammer did lots of business on paxful, they had over 1 BTC in total trades (like $10,000) or because the scammer knew someone in the company.  There can be no other explanation.  The scammer also told me before even the moderation started confidently that he would win the case.

I appealed this decision and even the administrator at Paxful sided with the scammer and said that I did not upload my proof within the time limit.  I responded that I uploaded my proof within a couple hours and it was actually the scammer who did not upload their proof within the time limit, and that the scammers proof video was clearly edited.  They then countered by saying that I agreed in the ToS to accept the Moderators decision.  So basically they told me to f*ck off and there is nothing I can legally do about it.  Wow.

So anyway the only way I can have justice now is to make people aware that Paxful is a Scam and to NEVER do business with them.  You may make a couple trades and everything goes well, but if you get scammed they will in no way, shape, or form have your back.

Here is the entire situation for you to judge for yourself!  I will annotate what each picture means.

This picture is the seller uploaded.  However he spelled my name wrong.

This below is supposed proof that the seller reimbursed me.  However again they got my name wrong and my email address wrong.  My actual name is Marcus DiMarco and email MarcusDiMarco@gmail.com
Another fake picture by the seller that the money was refunded to me by paypal.  Wait, I thought in the above screenshot that the seller sent the money back himself?  Also looks like he finally got my name right after I told him he spelled it wrong in the above pic.  This below shot is fake, I never got anything back.
Before requesting moderation I tried to ask paypal for my money back.  They refused since the seller had me sent the payment friends and family.  Sending that way makes it so paypal will not give you your money back :/.  The next three screenshots reflect this.