Whislteblower Nurses and the Fall of the Heroic Medical System

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What is going on here?  After listening to the 3 nurses below I feel like I have a pretty good grasp of what is going on in the hospital system and in the minds of the murdering doctors and nurses.

So lets start.  Firstly the media has portrayed doctors and nurses as heroes.  This should put up a red flag because as we have known, current modern medicine is descendant of "heroic medicine" of the last century.  What is heroic medicine?  It is medicine that very likely will kill people.  The basic framework of heroic medicine is that "I'm the only one who can save the patient and without me they will die anyway so I am going to use extremely dangerous treatments in the longshot hope that I can save them".  Eclectic medicine (the forerunner to modern natural medicine) was created in protest of this and uses safe remedies proven by both research and experience.  Which one sounds like they follow the Hippocratic oath?

So when the media lifts the medical establishment as heroes all the demons of heroic medicine come out.  These demons are reinforced by the situation in the hospitals.  The situation in NYC started as that they legitimately didn't have the resources to treat everyone.  This bolstered the "heroic" mentality and nurses who never ran a dialysis machine felt like such a hero to "learn on the fly".  This mentality makes sense given the circumstances but since heroic medicine is so dangerous, "learning on the fly" will likely cause a few deaths before you get it right.  This is unacceptable.

So I think this mentality of "I'm a hero here to save the day and I will just wing it complex dangerous procedures that I don't understand" is the major mentality.

Lets couple that mentality with a couple others.  Racism and COVIDism and unnacountability.  Firstly family is not allowed in to where these patients are being treated.  This means the doctors and nurses can mistreat patients at ease because no one is there advocating for the patients and holding them accountable for their actions.  Since they themselves are heroes, they look at their patients especially homeless or black or elderly as inferior beings.  this can because of unconscious biases or just a hatred for humanity and the weak and infirm.

Also doctors are abused by the healthcare system.  Again since we are operating in a heroic medicine world where medicine is deadly, doctors are not allowed to experiment and learn by doing.  So when COVID comes up and they feel a sense of "no rules", they will experiment and in so doing kill patients.  If doctors were rather trained in natural medicines and safe procedures, they could experiment to their hearts content without risking anyone's life.

What  contributes to this no-rules experimentation mentality is that I believe the hospitals are telling doctors that they will be protected from liability for medical malpractice because there is no "standard of care" for COVID.  Some law firms are also taking this stance and refusing to take malpractice suits against doctors or hospitals.

Now these mentalities lead to unnecessary deaths, rather murders at the hands of doctors.  This causes a new mentality to take hold, a defensive one.  They now have to prove that indeed a 100% mortality rate is normal.  And if it seems a patient is getting better, this would disprove their theory so an "accident" needs to be planned.  This is when manslaughter turns into murder.  And I think indeed this is what took over certain hospitals especially in NYC.

So here is the progression to how a murdering doctor is created.  Call him a hero and he can do no harm.  Put him in a situation that he cannot handle and makes mistakes.  Allow him to form biases against his patients by removing accountability and dehumanizing the patients, he then believes that the patients he inadvertently killed deserve to die.  Then he feels that if any patients start to recover that they need to be "handled".  And there we have a new crop of doctor (and/or nurse) murderers created by COVID.

Now couple this with the mentality of the hospital which is that the more patients that die of covid or are put on a respirator the more money they get.  You can see that hospitals would not only have an incentive for turning a blind eye to malpracticing doctors, but also to promote them.

Below you will find the nurse whistleblower testimonies and below that a list of links talking about how states and federal lawmakers are trying to give malpractice immunity to these murdering doctors and nurses.

Fear not; first it was Police, next is judgement on the Medical System.

Whistleblower 1.

 Whistleblower 1 interview

 whistleblower 1 interview

 Whistleblower 2

 Whistleblower 3

 Whistleblower 4

What nurses can do.












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