We start with the individual

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In any society we start with the individual.  Every human of any age (including children) has certain God given rights.

These include the right to make their own decisions.  The right to travel anywhere they please, total freedom of movement.  The right to protect and defend themselves and others and keep secrets and not answer questions and to lie.  The right to protect and defend property that is theirs (but not the right to defend property that is not theirs as in mercenaries or security guards.  A way to get around this is someone can defend the property owner who is visibly present in actively defending his own property with his own physical body).  The right to make connections with anyone in the world, communicate, and ask for help and to plan and strategize with anyone and everyone.  The right to access land to use for whatever purpose they want.  The right to own and operate any technology that exists.  The right to total privacy and not needing to identify oneself or their business or where they are going or coming from or any other question or inquiry.  This includes the right to not be searched or monitored in person, digitally, or any other means, this includes filming anyone without their explicit consent and this consent cannot be mandated to use a product or service or any other stipulations.

Rights that humans DO NOT have.

The right to tell other humans what to do or restrict a human's above rights for any reason including criminal or violent activity.

The right to defend property that is not theirs.

The right to make laws or regulations or rules that others must follow in order to use your services or enter your land or any other reason.  Suggestions are fine.

The right to own land.  All land is owned by God (or the earth) and cannot be owned by a human.

The right to spy on anyone apart from your own two eyes.

To require, ask, suggest or anything else to anyone to "sign their rights away" on condition of using a product or service or entering a certain place or any other reason.  Rights were never given by man and therefore cannot be separated from the person.  They are inborn and cannot be waived or willfully given up.

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