"Tear Gas" is actually organochlorine or organocyanide pesticide like dicamba

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Tear gas is chemical mind control.

I could barely smell it, let alone get any symptoms at all besides loss of motor coordination.

Symptoms have lasted 19 days so far.  Include strange dreams (a lot like Chlorpyrifos) of bloodyness, transgenderism, clowns and jesters; pressure in the bridge of the nose area, soft palate area, and back of the nasopharanx, sensitivity to loud noises and also things 'rising up' (like someone putting their hands up), nervousness and fear, illicit sexual desires, transgenderism, loss of motor coordination, shakiness, suppressed thinking ability (brain fog).  Symptoms are worst upon awakening from sleep.

Lymphnodes not effected unlike glyphosate.  Seems it attaches to and stays in the nasopharanx for very extended periods and exerts effects on the pineal gland.  Combined sensitivity to loud noises plus effect on the pineal gland caused DMT release during REM sleep when a helicopter (sound near 40 hertz).

CS gas and CN gas both operate on the same pathway as organophosphate pesticides namely trpa1 which causes gulf war syndrome and neuropothy.  I know I was hit with one of these two gasses.

All military are also exposed to high levels of this gas in initial training, refresher training, and equipment maintenance sessions.  This means that these people are chronically exposed and will have fear and nervousness which causes them to act irrationally.

Police are also routinely exposed to it as part of their training.

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