Stenotrophomonas causes Glaucoma and Water Retention

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Stenotrophomonas aka Xanthomonas a type of proteobacteria seems to cause glaucoma and water retention.

Firstly I want to say that this bacteria is ubiquitous and even in healthy looking fruits like Mango's.  Didn't think you had to worry about raw fruits did you?  Of course cooking fruits will kill any bacteria present.

So since I am virtually Germ-free I can notice bacterial effects very easily.  Eating mango's was causing me glaucoma symptoms (blind area on the bottom of my field of view when looking down).

I did research and discovered glaucoma happens when the "relief valve" on eye pressure that lets fluid leave gets inflamed then this valve gets shut off.  I studied bacteria in mangos because I was eating a lot of them.  Turned out that black spot disease on mangoes (the ones I was eating had a few black spots) is caused by xanthomonas bacteria.  Finding a type of this bacteria that effects humans (stenotrophomonas) turns out that this type of bacteria is known to cause inflammation.  So what I did is take my parasite essential oil blend and put it around my eyes.  Within minutes to hours my eyesight returned to normal.  During the night I noticed that I had to get up to go to the bathroom around 4 times.  I usually get up once max and never had gotten up this much.  Also I noticed my abdomen was smaller after this.  This tells me that this bacteria, or the inflammation causing factors released from the bacteria, likely also effects the kidneys causing glomerulitis or Glomerulonephritis.

Also to reinforce this diagnosis, we know that antioxidant flavonoids fight this bacteria and the effects it causes, and also we know that these same things are natural ways to improve glaucoma.  Other things known to fight this bacteria are citral from lemongrass essential oil and oregano.  Cinnamon might also help but haven't found research for it yet.


citral lemongrass



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