Parasite Essential oil 0.3

Teeth Remineralization Powder is now Free to Use.

Reducing concentration even further using MCT (to use around eyes and things, now it is 120/80 carrier/eo).  This also works great for stentrophomonas bacteria which cause glaucoma.

30 black seed
30 MCT
30 Neem
30 Coconut oil
13 oregano kills parasite, stentrophomonas
13 cinnamon pseudomonas, paralyzes parasite
6 thyme pseudomonas
6 peppermint haemophilus
6 lemongrass stentrophomonas
6 Eucalyptus mycoplasma
4 Lavender c perferingins, botulinum
4 Juniper berry
3 clove
3 frankincense
3 myrrh
3 chamomile
3 Ginger campylobacter
3 Patchouli
3 Tagetes

Coinfections wucheria plasmodium mycoplamsa


Tetanus symptoms (twitching) when treating with cinnamon then oregano  we know gram negative bacteria wolbachia as well.

Geriniol antihelmenthic

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