Parasite essential oil 0.2

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0.1 was good, would like to get more essential oils in to kill coinfections like mycoplasma, the parasites food source, and also wolbachia in the gut of the parasite so it can't gain nutrients from blood.

30 black seed
20 Neem
13 oregano kills parasite
13 cinnamon pseudomonas, paralyzes parasite
6 thyme pseudomonas
6 peppermint haemophilus
6 lemongrass
6 Eucalyptus mycoplasma
4 Lavender c perferingins, botulinum
4 Juniper berry
3 clove
3 frankincense
3 myrrh
3 chamomile
3 Ginger campylobacter
3 Patchouli
3 Tagetes

Coinfections wucheria plasmodium mycoplamsa


Tetanus symptoms (twitching) when treating with cinnamon then oregano  we know gram negative bacteria wolbachia as well.

Geriniol antihelmenthic

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