Harmony 1.1

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Potassium Citrate 50g was 75g.  Just too much potassium.  Potassium helps extract the useful compounds from our herbs.

12g gynostemma extract + 4g tribulus extract was 18g nature's fury.

5g cranberry, 2g pom, 1g marigold, 5g dandelion added.

took any partial grams off.

50g Potassium Citrate (extracts herbs in stomach, acid-base extraction, also helps liquid balance)
22g Mustard (pseudomonas)
13g Garlic (mycoplasma, corynebacteria, bacillis, brucella)
13g Broccoli Seed (h pylori - coughing, heart skipping, brain issues)
12g Gynostemma extract powder (gram positives)
10g Ginger (campylobacter - nerve issues)
10g Lavender (haemophilus - anger)
5g Dandelion (prions?)
5g  Cranberry (proteus, ecoli)
4 g tribulus extract powder (increase bioavailability of gynostemma)
2g  pomegranate extract 90% ellagic acid (xanthomonas etc)
1g  marigold extract 5% zeaxanthan (xanthomonas, etc)

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