Gut Hygiene is the future of health

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We are told the reason we live longer than the people of old is because of vaccines and and modern (heroic) medicine and maybe sanitation but defiantly vaccines!  The real truth is the only reason we live longer is due to hygiene.  Bacteria is the real cause of all disease.  Parasites, viruses, heavy metals, etc all have their place too but bacteria is the primary cause (although parasites and heavy metals can be root causes, but still bacteria are the primary cause in these cases too).

The real reason we moved from life expectancy of 40 to 80 is because of oral hygiene.  Our food is also more sterile as well which helps.  This is why ancient religions like Judaism and Islam were very particular with what they eat and how food was prepared, because they saw direct effects on their health and attributed this with the devil.  Jesus used herbs and clay and fasting and energy healing to show that it wasn't about the foods themselves that was holy or profane but rather your attitude and actions.

But oral hygiene is the only thing we do to our bodies proactively that can make us live significantly longer.  We can make sure the foods we eat aren't infected, but every once in a while they are and there is nothing we can do but hope our body can fight it off.

What if we could do gut hygiene and nullify any bad foods so we can eat whatever we want?

Currently the best thinking (besides people like me) out there is probiotics.  While it is true you can use less harmful (good) bacteria to out-compete more harmful (bad) bacteria, the "good bacteria" trope is very simplified and limited.  While yes at least you won't get salmonella, "good bacteria" all cause disease whether that is depression to heart disease to lowered sex hormones.

The main reason holding heroic medicine and even well meaning doctors back from gut hygiene is three fold.  Firstly money.  The whole heroic medicine framework is based on patents.  Natural medicine can't be patented.  Second it is based on monopoly.  Drug companies lobby federal agencies like the FDA to not allow medicines to be used unless they undergo extremely costly and frankly inhumane testing.  This makes it so if a medicine doesn't fulfill the first aim, being patentable, then the second aim, passing regulatory approval is dead in the water as well since there needs to be a strong profit motive (patentable) to justify approval.  Thirdly, and this stumps even the most well intentioned doctors, is ignorance.  Ignorance stems from aim 2 of regulatory approval and if something has not passed this approval process people deem it as "ineffective".  So common doctors who want to use alternatives don't see studies on them and therefore don't think they are effective.  The reason there are no studies is that there is no profit motive to do studies on unpatentable medicine.  These doctors believe the only effective way to kill bacteria and therefore create gut hygiene would be dangerous and carcinogenic antibiotics.  They rightfully assume that you can't take antibiotics every day your whole life, and even if you could bacteria would develop immunity so therefore they think gut hygiene is impossible.

Enter natural medicines.  Things like clay (or diatomaceous earth or other silica based earths) can make it through the entire digestive tract and significantly reduce the number of bacteria present especially the most pathogenic gram negative bacteria.  Charcoal also can have a significant effect.  Moving on to plants there are many that are perfectly safe and contain compounds that can kill off significant swaths of bacteria and cause zero side effects and bacteria cannot develop immunity to.  Some of these are triterpenoid saponins, steroidal saponins, gingerol, allicin, sinigrin, cinnamaldehyde, and many many more.

Herbs and other natural compounds can be used daily to kill off any number of bacteria (and parasites) safely and effectively.  This is gut hygiene.

Germ free mice exhibit healthier gut lining therefore absorbing nutrients better and also live 50% longer.  Practicing gut hygiene can get us all the way there and take our life expectancy from 80 to 120.

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