Garlic. What it does for health

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Garlic safely kills a number of pathogenic genuses of bacteria.  This is how it achieves it's effects.

1. Indigestion, especially related to allergies or intolerance's like dairy.  Also possibly sugar indigestion.

2. Blood clots, they typically manifest as pain in the fingers, hands, arms, or legs and feet.  These are caused by bacillis.

3. Lungs.  Tuberculosis.

4. Mid back pain and other effects caused by brucella bacteria

5. Natural DMT experiences caused by corynebacterium (diptheria)

Types of bacteria targeted bacillis, mycoplasma, corynebacterium, brucella.  Of bacillis some types are bacillis cereus which need garlic and an adaptogen to treat since they are waxy the adaptogen (saponins) can break down that protective coating.

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