Dexamethasone is bad - makes coronavirus chronic!

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Why would you treat a sickness with a steroid?  Because you want the immune system to stop fighting it and make it a chronic infection!  This drug is a Trojan horse.

Dexamethasone or Dexamethazone is a corticosteroid and it has past clinical trial.  The drug did not help people at all that could breathe on their own, helped people with oxygen therapy only 20% reduced deaths, and helped people on a vent (ventilator) 33% reduced deaths.

Inspect this picture closely, (discussed a the end) it was released May 19th 2017 by Dragon Images with the title "Citizens walking on the street in masks because of danger of epidemic"

Why would it help avert deaths?  Because as a corticosteroid it reduced inflammation.  Inflammation in the lungs plus a vent will cause sudden death as the diaphragm doesn't expand as the lungs are filled with air (and they knock you out so you can't do it yourself) so the vent basically explodes the lungs.  Having a steroid will make the lungs less susceptible to rupture during this.

Why would it help atmospheric oxygen therapy (likely 100% oxygen)?  Because oxygen is oxidative and will cause inflammation.  If they simply put the people on say 50% oxygen therapy the dexamethasone likely would not have helped at all.

So why are they pushing this when safer and more effective treatments like zinc, z-pak, and hydroxychloriquine are out there?  Because that therapy wouldn't cause chronic coronavirus infection.  When you realize they want COVID-19 to be a yearly cold sickness so they can have a lucrative vaccine business, then you can understand why they would want people to be chronic carriers of the disease so it can spread yearly. Dexamethasone side effects.

Notice in the above image that their is a portrayal, perhaps prediction, that a pandemic would cause masks to be first mandated in schools (student), then in stores (shopper), then on the streets (pedestrian), then for journalists, then in workplaces.  At this moment we seem to be 4/5th of the way.  Notice the publisher was Dragon images, and Dragon is portrayed in the Bible as Satan.

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