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This is the first in a series on designing a new society.  We are all the John Locke's of our time.  Please click that orange button on the right side of the site to join our Discord to design with us.  The constitution was good, and most of our problems would be solved by reverting to it now.  But it would be impossible to go backward, we need to move forward and there were several deficiencies in the constitution that I will try to expound on.

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So where do we begin?  Lets start with some problems in the constitution.

1. It was drafted in secret.  The secrecy was an apparent necessity to prevent the crown from knowing since they would execute those who drafted it.  However what starts in secret continues in secret and the secret government (Deep State) has existed ever since.  In this version we need to create our society in the open.

2.  It was drafted with white male property owners in mind, no one else.  Women and African Americans had to fight for centuries to get equal rights.

3.  It didn't guarantee property.  John Locke's credo was Life, Liberty, and Property; but the declaration and constitution censored out property and replaced it with the meaningless "pursuit of happiness" which means nothing since pursuit of happiness fits under liberty anyway.  What a fraud!

4. Convention of states are too hard. They need to happen every 2 years by schedule, just like elections.  Amendments can be proposed by anyone and a vote of 60% (not 75%) should pass them.

5.  Land needs to be free for all adults.  Each adult should be able to claim 5 acres of land.  This can be even broader to say that all land is fair game however that would be confusing.  We can say that no one owns the land and that no government can hold any land at all and that each person can claim and defend 5 acres for their purposes.  If it is clear they have abandoned the land someone else can claim it.  Again there is no ownership to land or perpetual claim.

6.  Executive power has been exploited much more than either judicial or legislative branches.  Mayor's and president's were not supposed to have standing armies but both now do!  The president has the standing armies of the military, national guard, FBI, NSA, CIA, DoJ and many other agencies.  None of these was supposed to happen.  Mayor's have the metropolitan police forces as standing armies.  To help combat this we need to explicitly outline what can and cannot be done.

7.  It is majority rule.  Minorities are overwhelmed and not represented fully.  To fix  this any panel or group such as juries and grand juries and legislators and the like need equal racial representation from every culture represented in society.

8. Borders were enforced.  The earth is without borders to the free traversal of people and animals and cannot be instituted while still allowing God (or Nature or Evolution) granted freedom.

Anyway there are probably many more examples of how the constitution was deficient.  Lets work on drafting a new society that learns from all our mistakes and also prioritizes the teachings of Jesus.

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