Yes COVID-Organics is an effective treatment for COVID-19 Coronavirus

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As I have said before the best way to treat and immunize yourself against Coronavirus is to supress your levels of haemophilis bacteria (lavender or cinnamon) and Streptococcus bacteria (adaptogens).

But mother nature is full of cures out there.  Artemisia Annua which is the main active ingredient in Madagascar's remedy, is another good way to fight the virus.

While this herb doesn't seem to immunize in the same way that lavender or cinnamon could, it attacks the virus directly it appears.  It has shown effective verses several types of virus including hepatitis B.  Also I personally would want to take it for its strong effect on parasites (ever feel a squirming in your eye or nether regions?).  Artemisia Annua contains Artemesinin's which are recognized by the WHO as the most effective treatment for malaria.  Didn't think herbs could compete with Big Pharma?  Think again.

Not only can Artemesinin's from Artemesia Annua klikely treat the virus directly, it also can help prevent the "cytokine storm" which is the most deadly part of the Coronavirus.  I would say the combination of these two factors puts this in the A level for safe and effective treatment of this disease.  Couple this with lavender, cinnamon, your choice of a steroidal saponin like tribulus terrestrus, and your choice of a triterpenoid saponin like gynostemma or ginseng which will help with bioavailability, and you will be totally safe from this invader.

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