The reason why the US and other countries will not get a "second wave" of coronavirus

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So we are hearing reports today that there is a second wave of shutdowns in china as 100 million people in north east china are under lockdown for COVID-19.  This is stoking fears that this "second wave" will again spread around the world and some are even worried this might be worse than the first wave.

According to my perspective this is false.  The reason for this flareup in china is that china has not completed their first wave.  They took draconian measures to keep people from being exposed to the virus there.  So what that means as they reopen more people are going to be exposed and more people are going to get sick.  Again they implement strict lockdowns and again a 3rd strike will hit when they reopen again.

The point here is that you can't stop a virus from spreading.  You may delay the spread but as soon as you want to reopen you will get hit again.

Here in the US and other western countries the lockdowns have not been effective at all and the virus spread throughout the entire population.  So when lockdowns ease there are no further flareups and thus no "second wave".

Even if the Bio-Terrorists who unleased this virus in New York, Iraly, and Iran - decide they will release a different mutation next via terrorism - still the antibodies people have produced will be effective for basically any coronavirus.  So there really isn't any way to create a second wave right after the first.  Would take 10-20 years before another coronavirus is effective at lkilling people.

The real pandemic is likely coming, it won't be a coronavirus, and there will be no one with an agenda that has the manufactured answers.  This real pandemic will probably come 2024-2031.

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