The Real Reason Peanuts are the most allergic anaphylaxis allergen: Baccilis Subtilis Subtilisin

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Well of course I will tell you why peanuts are the #1 allergen.  They are infected with a bacteria that hyper activates the immune system, Bacillus Subtilis.  The toxin this bacteria produces is a very potent allergen and it is called Subtilisin.

Why are they infected with this one specific bacteria?  Good question.  This bacteria is used as a biopesticide on seeds (so it is certified organic, yuck!) on a few types of crops including soybeans, cotton, peanuts, and others.  So why does it affect peanuts so profoundly?

Because peanuts grow underground unlike soybeans or cotton for that matter.  This bacteria is shown to actually set up shop and grow with the peanuts and infect them all, not just the original seeds that were sprayed with the toxic organism.

So in conclusion Peanuts are basically biological warfare.  Not only does it cause allergic sensitization in many individuals from the subtilisn Bio-Agent, the spores seem to be active in the finished product (peanut butter) in many cases causing gut infection with this pathogen that will make the individual allergic to many things.  Also even if the host of bacillus subtilus doesn't notice overt allergies, the bacteria also causes AChEI (acetylcholinesterase inhibitor).  Which causes heart failure and arms falling asleep or going numb when you sleep.  Also alcohol and potatoes and here cause this so be careful if you want to survive through the night.

Oh and Bacillus can be fought with garlic and adaptogens, preferably both.  It dies at 60c so cook any peanut or potatoes.

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