The Corona Agenda

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So here is my analysis of the Corona Situation.

1.  FED wants to crash the economy (See pt 5 for the ultimate goal).  (I was predicting this for 6 months and led others to short the market and they caught the corona crash).  They started lowering interest rates which historically have caused recessions.  Problem for them was the Trump tax cuts were too strong and created too much bull pressure to be able to crash by simply a rate cutting cycle.

2.   The FED knew they needed more ammo because they couldn't lower to zero without a crisis.  Enter Corona.  The corona crash was just the beginning, it was just the excuse to lower interest rates to zero which sets the fuse of the real crash happening in October or next year.

3.  Zero interest rates will cause a crash.  Banks are the economy.  Banks are the stock market.  You and everyone else has the banks holding their money right?  Well the banks don't hold your money for you, they have it invested.  So all the money of the American people, whether they like it or not, is in 2 places; The stock market or bonds.  So what happens is with 0% interest rates the banks can't make any money.  The FED knows this.  So when the banks start loosing money they sell assets.  All the banks assets are in stocks and bonds and loans.  So the FED is buying the loans off the banks.  The FED is also buying the bonds off the banks.  So now the banks all have pure stocks.  So when the banks can no longer meet their obligations since they have no income from the low interest rates, they will sell their stocks.  That's why the FED is buying the loans and bonds so banks are forced into stocks and their portfolio is one dimensional.

4.  Now musical chairs begins.  When the music stops one large bank, probably Deutsche Bank, will go belly up.  This will send the global financial system reeling and force the US government to bail out the banks again.  The domino's will fall and every bank will get hit from this and every bank will sell their assets (now pure stocks) and the market will go red and make the corona crash look like small turbulence.

5.  The bailout (and to a lesser degree the current 4 trillion corona bailout) will further the FED's true agenda.  They don't just want to cause a crash to sell the top and buy the dip in their own personal assets, they also want to bankrupt the world.  They know the adage "The Debtor is Slave to the Lender" and they intend to fully exploit that.  When the whole world is unable to meet their obligations to the FED and other Private Central Banks, the countries will have to adopt austerity measures that the Globalists impose.  This will make every Government obsolete and the Central Banker Cabal the ultimate authority and ruler.  Not just financially like they are now, but also politically.  Every nations' constitution will be null in void and martial law will be permanent for several years under global austerity from global bankruptcy.

6.  In conclusion the ultimate goal of the FED is to cause the United States to go into bankruptcy so the FED can impose austerity measures that dissolves our representative republic form of government and constitution.  To do this they need the Debt burden to get high enough so that we cannot afford the interest on the loan.  I have been calculating this would happen around 2030-2040 but now with the corona bailout and future bank bailout later this year that may be able to be accelerated to around 2024-2028 I am predicting.  Likely this cycle won't do it so it may be closer to 2030 but it depends since Bill Gates called this "Pandemic 1" so future pandemics might force politicians to send their countries into more debt faster than I anticipate.

April (Friday) 13th 2029 is Apophis aka Hades in Revelation 6 of the 4th Horseman.  The 4th Horseman, the Pale Rider, was ISON in 2013 and Hades follows close behind.  In 2029 is when I predict the real SHTF and America will loose her Constitution and Republic after going Bankrupt to the Globalist Central Banker Cabal.  The final import from China will be Technocratic Tyranny under an AI ruler.  The Beast in this age is Xi Jinping and the Antichrist will be Martin O'Malley as future president of the United States in 2024.  Permanent Martial Law in America will likely last from 2029-2032.  I think the sign that we need to leave the US and head for Canada or Mexico will be when AI is used instead of Human Juror's and Judges.

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