Staybl Drink mix 0.1

 TEEF Powder is Free Forever!

Again going to try my hand at a drink mix powder at some point.  Glycine will be an important part as well as natural herbal extracts.  I found a great source of extract powders from Badmonkey Botanicals so we are going strongly the extract route!

Total 24g, $2.00. Makes 1L.  For best results, lightly carbonate.

Multiply everything by 40 to make 1kg of dry powder mix.

Amino's 4.7g ($~0.10)
3g    Glycine (0.025/g)
0.3g Tryptophan
0.3g Tyrosine
0.3g Histidine
0.3g Cystiene
0.4g Arginine
0.1g Taurine ()

Vitamins 1g ($~0.05)
0.5g     Myo-Inositol (B8)
0.01g   Thiamine (B1)
0.01g   Riboflavin (B2)
0.001g Biotin (B7)
0.01g   Pantothenic acid (B5)
0.5g     Glucuronolactone ()

Minerals 3g ($~0.08)
2g    Dead Sea Salt (1/3 MgCl, 1/4 KCl, 1/20 NaCl)
0.5g Calcium HMB ()
0.5g Dipotassium Phosphate ()

Sugars 4g ($~0.06)
3g Glucose ()
1g D-Ribose ()

Juices 5.7g ($0.87)
1g    Celery Juice Extract (sodium 0.149/g)
1g    Beet Juice Extract (0.15/g)
1g    Coconut juice Extract (0.15/g)
0.8g Orange Juice Extract (Vit C 0.15/g)
0.5g Blueberry Juice Extract (0.194/g) (.097
0.5g Dragon Fruit Extract (0.15/g) (.075
0.3g Pineapple Juice Extract (enzymes 0.132/g) (.04
0.3g Kiwi Juice Extract (0.15/g) (.045
0.3g Carrot Juice extract (0.149/g) (.0447

Extracts 5.6g ($~0.84)
2g    Fructoogliosaccharide (#fiber 0.094/g)
1g    Tart Cherry Extract (#Kidneys 0.13/g)
0.2g Broccoli Sprout Extract (#Sulforophane, h pylori 0.128/g)
0.2g Gingerol Extract (#campylobacter 0.132/g)
0.2g Artichoke Extract (#Cynarin, bile excretion 0.26/g)
0.2g Lemon Verbena Extract (#Citral for Haemophilus 0.195/g)
0.2g pine bark extract (#pseudomonas 0.12/g)
0.2g Dandelion Root extract (#Latex, prions 0.122/g)
0.2g Aloe Vera Extract (#Mannose 0.215/g)
0.2g Bamboo Extract (#Silica 0.13/g)
0.2g Ginseng extract (#gram pos)
0.1g Eucommia Extract (#collagen)
0.1g jujube extract (#pseudomonas)
0.1g Oat Extract (#Selenium) 
0.1g Garlic Extract (#Bacillis and Mycobacterium and Corynebacterium)
0.1g Nettle Extract (#SHBG)
0.1g Pomegranate extract (#)
0.1g Brown Seaweed Extract (#)
0.1g Tribulus Terrestris extract (#)

jujube pseudomonas

jujube ecoli

pine bark pseudomonas

Cut items
0.1g Marigold Extract ()

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