New Bacteria, Old effects: Brucella Infection herbal treatment

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So I think I wrongly attributed symptoms of Brucella to Mycoplasma.  Brucella also appears to be killed with garlic.  I am very grateful I was researching sugar alcohol Erythritol (which promotes overgrowth of Brucella, but also reduces streptococcus that causes anxiety) and started researching the bacteria and started noticing lots of familiar effects including:

Spontaneous abortion (miscarriage)
Anorexia (lack of desire to eat)
Lumbar back pain (and probably herniated disks)
liver problems
stiff neck (also can be from haemophilus)
heart problems

Anyway this bacteria, like mycoplasma, seems to be treatable with garlic.  More research into potential herbs (just use google scholar) should be done to find other herbal treatments.

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