NASA has just gone Full Retard with thier Parallel Universe Reverse Time Theory

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Wow, I just read how NASA explains why they find Tau Neutrino's coming up through the ice in Antartica.  They think that the simplest explanation to why they see tau neutrinos (heavy neutrino's) coming up out of the earth is that - wait for it - they are coming from another parallel dimension where time runs backwards!  WOW.  Really?  That is the simplest explanation you got dumbasses at NASA??  I knew NASA was evil but just plain dumb? Wow.

Let me clue you in on the real explanation.  Tau Neutrino's actually are created during "cold" fusion (muon catalyzed fusion) events.  In the upper atmosphere fusion happens from cosmic ray's interacting with molecules including Nitrogen and perhaps CO2.  This is why NAZA sees these neutrino's raining down from the heavens.

Now something special happens in Antartica.  The solar wind, which contains mostly protons and is highly charged, is concentrated near the poles and actually goes inside the earth there.  This is what causes the aurora.  Now when these high energy proton streams go deep into the ice and earth at the poles, cold fusion is happening from muon creation.  So there is fusion happening within and under the ice in antartica, perhaps a side effect is creating water itself or other things.  This is where your elusive Tau Neutrino's are coming from, not from some black hole from within your fruit of the loom briefs Nastards.

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