My Corona virus Predictions for COVID-19

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Here is my current thinking on Corona.

I think it is a bioweapon spread by Bioterrorism.  All the players have been plotting this event for many years.


I can't find the link to this but maybe you can, apparently CCTV captured a woman placing a block of dry ice near the air intake for the wuhan wet market.  The thought is that they froze virus within the block of dry ice and as it evaporated the virus was released and was taken in by the air intake for the market.  This would explain the rapid infection of so many at the market.

Also that would explain how during the chinese epidemic other countries were only hit with a few isolated cases.  In the US only Washington was hit.  Then all of a sudden bam Iran and Italy were hit as well as New York City.  This doesn't seem like natural spread as only a few cases happened outside china from chinese new year travel.  It seems like Iran, Italy, New York, and later places like Spain and others were hit with targeted attacks.  These same chinese Bio-Terrorists probably used the dry ice method on air intakes for things like subway and metro systems.  These underground areas need lots of air intake and a terrorist could have easily put infected dry ice blocks at the intakes that evaporate into nothing and leave no trace or evidence.

Regardless how it all spread, here is my prediction for the future.

1.  The Deep State including Bill gates and Fauci will likely convince trump to release the vaccine before the governors lift emergency declarations.  This is why they are trying to move so fast, so that they can use the governors emergency declarations to leverage mandatory vaccines.  If the governors still have emergency declared when the vaccine is released, then they can tell businesses they can't let their employees back or start up full operations again unless all their employees have gotten the vaccine.  Otherwise if the vaccine takes too long and governors are forced to lift emergency measures, there is no way they can force businesses to require vaccines.  To get Trump on their side on this they will use "Economy" to trick him into supporting expedited vaccines.  They know he is too dump to decode their real motivations.

2.  The first COVID-19 vaccine will be standalone and ineffective.  As we know there are already 40+ different types (mutations) of the virus and the vaccine will probably only target a few variations.  Does that remind you of the flu?  It should.  This means that likely Corona will stay around at a low level, say 10,000 deaths a year in the US.  This means there will be a yearly corona vaccine just like there is a yearly flu vaccine.  I expect them to combine the two vaccines into one.  This is a way for Bill Gates and others in the deep state to make a yearly income off their coronavirus vaccine patent (exclusive rights to a coronavirus vaccine).

3.  There will likely be "papers" for flu/corona vaccine compliance.  These papers will be required to get non-remote jobs.

4.  I don't think that the invisible tattoo / mark of the beast will be required for this vaccine.  They are still testing that out and I don't think it will be ready for this outbreak.  However I still think it is coming and will be unveiled between 2024 and 2031.  This might be in response to a real pandemic that kills millions.

5.  Next steps to look out for in the New World Order creation will be global sea rise of 2-3 feet from a breaking off of an antarctic glacier.  I do not think this will be natural as they are using explosives to weaken the glacier as we speak.  Also this will be a one time event but they will sell it as a climate apocalypse which will require martial law for a few years.  I predict this will happen 2029-2032.  During this period of martial law the mark of the beast will be revealed which will be an invisible tattoo and will be required to buy or sell during the period of martial law.

6.  So we need to prepare ways to survive without being able to buy and sell using national currencies.  See my posts on Givism like BGENTLES to get prepared how to survive this time.

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