Minty Taste in Mouth or Smell DECODED - Streptomyces bacteria!

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I tried posting this to healingwell forum but they deleted it!  They don't want people to solve their problem!

People report that it is a menthol like taste or smell in their mouth and that it was in many cases brought on by an antibiotic.  Well antibiotics are known to throw off bacterial balance in the body and cause "bad" bacteria to overgrow.  Also the type of bacteria we are implicating is actually the source of most of the heroic medicine antibiotics that are currently used.  So it makes sense that if you put a streptomyces toxin (streptomycin or others) in a person that streptomyces will overgrow...

In this case the bacteria to overgrow is streptomyces.  This bacteria produces terpenes which include menthol like compounds.

So how do we fight this naturally?

Oregano, Lemongrass, Thyme, and cinnamon essential oils (among others) were found to fight streptomyces.

TEEF Powder contains these oils and more so should be an easy way to test and see if it helps you with this issue.  If so you can buy the essential oils yourself.

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