Micro Proof of Work layer (uPoW) of any cryptocurrency

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uPoW cryptocurrency layer

This builds off of my Proof of Individual Work post and I am basically renaming it to micro Proof of Work.

We can't all be miners.  Some of us just want to let our full node wallet crank away solo for some less valuable currency.  How can we let this be an option?  By making another coin that can be traded in the same blockchain.  If one Bitcoin is represented in the ledger as 1, then a Dorian can be represented as a !1 or something to that effect.  It is a separate currency but occupies the same blockchain (separate UTXO) and it is inflationary, rewards never change.

In order to do this a uPoW miner creates a special transaction (let's call it micro request transaction [uRT]) that looks like this: (#Create !1 in "any public address" proof: "nonce" "merkle root" "prime factors").  He will have to pay the bitcoin transaction fee to create this special transaction of course.  The miners (which can be merged with another blockchain if desired) will receive the transaction request and verify that everything checks out and if so the miner adds the transaction in the next block that will pay !1 (1 Dorian) to the address requested.  It is just that simple.

What the uPoW miner to earn the Dorian is take the merkle root of a recent bitcoin block and his chosen nonce and hash it into a 101 digit number.  Then he factors that number, and those factors prove to the base layer bitcoin miner that they completed the micro proof of work. There can be a rule that the merkle root used must have been within the last 200 blocks or so.  The nonce can be anything that creates a hash that hasn't been used yet so it is of the benefit of the uPoW miner to pick something unique.  There can be a rule that the prime factors must be 51 or less digits each and that every prime factor must be distinct.

If the base layer bitcoin miner verifies all the rules are met he then adds the transaction to the next block which will create the 1 Dorian in the address requested.  These Dorians can be sent on the bitcoin blockchain (or any blockchain) just like bitcoin which means the transaction fee must be paid in actual bitcoin.  So Dorian miners must have at least a little bitcoin too to make a Dorian request transaction (uRT) or to transfer any Dorian they earn.

This creates more demand for bitcoin plus also gives solo cpu's a chance to do something too and incentivizes running a cpu full node.  To minimize transactions needed a uPoW miner could mine Dorian as needed and instead of sending the mined Dorian to their own address they can send it to the address of the person they intend to pay.  A modern top of the line processor can factor a 101 digit number in under 2 hrs and thus earn a constant stream of Dorian.

How this could also become the main PoW of a chain

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