How UFO's Actually work, Magnetized Plasma Sport Model

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Ok so many of us have listened to Bob Lazar and some of us have thought that nothing really made sense about his explanations of how the UFO's worked with some sort of gravitational wave amplification or other BS.

Well I think I figured out how it really works.

So basically what I am saying Bob Lazar is right about what he saw but almost completely wrong about what the explanation for how it works.

By understanding the above napkin drawing you will realize that when a UFO is hovering it has a gyroscopic effect.  The "electrodes" within it are charged, perhaps with a bombarded stabilized 115 or with just plutonium (or plutonium is used to make 115, we know the ET's take our plutonium).  Now the electrodes are very highly charged and they create plasma on the surface of the ship, perhaps the opposite charge as the electrodes themselves.  This would mean the electrodes are likely positive charged and the surface of the craft is negatively charged.  Now not only does this create ion wind coming off the craft that can in theory propel the craft, but also it creates a plasma.  And not just any plasma, the holy grail called Magnetized plasma.  Magnetized plasma is create by moving plasma preferably in a spiral or ring.  Not only can magnetized plasma cause fusion of elements, but also it can cause invisibility and improved antigravity.  The angle of the bottom of the craft relative to the top part of the craft is very important.  As the top drawing shows the magnetized plasma is is going along the top and the bottom surfaces of the craft simultaneously.  The nearly flat bottom allows for most of the vector of propulsion to be up, whereas the angle of the top is less flat causing most of the lift to be directed outwards.  The net effect of the vectors means the craft is being pushed up more, allowing it to cancel gravity and hover in place.

When the craft wants to move the electrodes instead of pointing straight out like a helicopter, they angle down.  This focuses more magnetized plasma on the bottom surface and allowing it to move up.  These electrodes can spin pointing different "downward" directions allowing it to move left and right, forward and back.

Here is bob lazar's recollection which matches well with my explanation.
It just occurred to me that the "electrodes" don't actually have to spin or rotate, simply by activating one at a time in succession (alternating activation) you can make the plasma move around the craft that way.  This means that there is not necessarily a gyroscopic effect of a hovering UFO.

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