Give Karma 2: 3D printed filament additive

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This additive will help both UV degradation as well as microbial (compostible, compostable, biodegradable) degradation of plastic.

The point here is to make an additive that people can use with their own household created plastic waste to mint their own give karma tokens that can be given to others and are good for the environment eco friendly.  Give Karma tokens should only ever be given freely so that you know there is no ulterior motive to make them out of virgin plastic which would then contribute to waste instead of reduce it.

This additive is designed to be mixed with plastic to form 3D printer filament that is biodegradable and also uses up waste plastic including recycled, bottles, ocean plastic.

We will use the same ratio of Iron, manganese, and cobalt in our NNS plant nutrition solution.

Recipe: Makes 68g.  Add at lets say 5% concentration to waste plastic.

Electron Acceptors
4.7g      Iron (II) Sulfate Heptahydrate 20/5lb
1.36g    Manganese Chloride Tetrahydrate 28.94/500g
0.004g  Cobalt Chloride hexahydrate 12.95/15g
10g       Potassium Nitrate

10g Glycine ()
2g   Bilberry 25% anthocyanidin extract

CO2 sources
20g Starch ()

10g ZnO (peroxide)
10g Vermiculite peroxide

Mix should be fine powder.

Iron, manganese, cobalt, starch

cyanin vs cyanidin

zinc oxide vermiculite

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