"Free To Use" and "Free to Reuse" Physical Goods Business Model

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We have heard of "Free to Play" in software and has gained significant traction and market share.  Free is taking over the world like I have predicted in the FreeContaigen.  However Hardware or any physical object as opposed to software, is slow in adopting Free and Open Source Principles.  Open Source Hardware is a thing, however it has not nearly taken off as quickly as open source software.

I am proposing a new business model called "free to use" and "free to reuse".  Just like the name implies, Free to Use allows your customers to use the product for free, forever.  Free to use differs from "Free to Try", like Shareware and free samples, because there is no end date; free to use is a permanent business model.  Also I want to head off any "free; just pay shipping" scams by making Free to Use and Free to Reuse to be fully free including shipping.  Another alternative business model can be "at cost" where you sell something at the exact cost it takes you to make and ship it, but that is not discussed here and in my opinion is not a good business model since it does little to garner either public support nor profit.

Free to Use by definition is not open source.  Free to Reuse is free and open source (recipe/process given) which is preferred since most customers currently are very discerning and want to know exactly how something is made to see if they agree with the process before purchasing or using it. 

Free to Reuse is both free to use and also fully open source process to make it.  This allows customers to feel confident in the product they are using and also gain the confidence to know that if the business ever goes away that they can continue to make the product themselves or adapt it to their own specific use parameters.

How do you stay in business with a free to use or reuse product?  It is easier than you think.  Customers now are very accustomed to voluntarily supporting people or companies that they believe in.  By using a free to use or free to reuse business model you are giving customers a gigantic reason to believe in you.  Whether this is by accepting donations, allowing customers to send you gifts to a PO box or similar, or having other products or services for sale in addition to the free products.  One good way to do it is to have free and paid versions of each product you have, typically the small and easy to ship would be free whereas the larger and/or fancier version is paid.

This is Givism and will eventually take over the entire earth as seen in Daniel 2:44 and is true generosity and care for human life.

Free to read and free to use publications (again that is digital though and my model is physical products)

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