DSA or DSG or similar molecules as antiviral agents

So I want to get this out there to prevent a patent however I do not think this is a good therapy and is likely not safe and will have side effects.  The best way to fight viruses is to kill the bacteria that they interact with, in the case of coronavirus that is haemophilus and streptococcus, influenza seems to be e coli or other gram negatives.

The idea here is to use molecules that include or are similar (including water soluble versions or other compounds completely) to Di-(N-succinimidyl) adipate (DSA) disuccinimidyl glutarate (DSG) Disuccinimidyl suberate (DSS) to bind to viruses in the body and cause the immune system to more easily mount an immune response to them.  They can be administered in any way desired.

linking viruses for immunogenicity

phytochemicals like tannins and saponins and antioxidants better and safer

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