Could Ceres be an ejected moon? From Earth even?

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It looks like scientists think it was possible we had a second moon at one point around 1200km in diameter.  I have also wondered if Ceres, the dwarf planet, is an ejected moon of some sort.  Ceres sits at just under 1000km in size putting it in the likely size range of earth's second moon.  Another thought is that ceres could have been an old moon of mars but both of mars' moons are under 30km in size so having a 1000km moon is a stretch but not impossible.

According to my theory on gravity, Mars probably used to have much stronger gravity so could have held a larger moon.  My theory on why the earth's moon is drifting farther away is that the earth's gravity is decreasing as well.

Why do I think the gravity of a planet can decrease while it still has the same mass?  Because I don't think gravity is mass dependent, rather charge dependent.  Earth and all other planets and stars are dynamo's that generate an electrical charge.  Gravity is primarily an induced charge attraction (along with some centripetal effects from rotation).

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