Big Tech Microsoft and Bill Gates DOXING opponents!

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In a move for the history books, Microsoft Bing, likely at the behest of Bill Gates is not only censoring and downranking and delisting people they don't agree with but actually Doxxing them in via search suggestions!

Absolutely insane, no one searches for that and they even spelled my name wrong so it is utter BS that people are actually searching that as the #1 hit.  As you can see even google doesn't stoop to this low: (although they do censor the word naturehacker in search suggestions and downrank or delist my posts)

This just proves that no one is making that search at all and this is fabricated attack on ideological rivals.  Why would Bill Gates have a vendetta against me?  Well maybe because I predicted two years ago to the T his "quantum dot" technology for invisible tattoo's as the Mark of the Beast for this age.  I suggest you see that post and understand that 2 years ago I predicted the technology Bill Gates only just revealed in the last couple months.  Also I warn you again to resist the mark at all costs and please share this.

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