BGENTLES: True Morality and How to Free the People of the World.

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BGENTLES was developed because lots of people tell me they can't wrap thier head around giving freely to anyone who needs what you love to do.

I want to give away TEEF powder free, eventually Harmony, and NNS.  Not only free but also including free packaging and even free shipping.  Fully Free.  I understand how Karma works and I have seen it work, in emails I send my friends when I am giving something away for free I get many more people actually buying things from me as well.  Free is free advertising and works better than any type of paid advertising I have ever seen.

That said Free is hard for some people to start.  So I developed an Acronym to help you remember other things you can do to be a part of the solution:

Barter (or Bailments)
Lend (or buy Local)

Pick one of those.  Networking is an easy one.  Make friends, share info and knowledge, etc.  Or trade for things you need.  Figure out what a friend likes to make and trade her something that you make in return.

Start small and the world will change very rapidly, Givism as I have outlined in previous posts, spreads like a Virus and will cover the entire earth.  Lets be a part of this historic moment.

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