#fivedemandsnotoneless is a pro-CCP fraud to worship the Beast Xi Jinping

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Notice how when Hong Kongers started holding up 6...6...6 that China began invasion via the Security Law.

Individualism has been eroded by the Beast by making these viral things in Hong Kong.  Now HKers have been trained to "follow the herd" and Xi Jinping thinks they are ready for the harvest.

Individuality, freedom, autonomy will win this war not bandwagon memes that force everyone to be and act the same.


REPOST: The mark of the beast will be invisible: Don't get it!

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This post was made April 1st 2018 and I am re-posting this now so you can be aware that I predicted Bill Gates "Quantum Dot" tattoo technology 2 years before it was revealed, and I called it out as the future mark of the beast technology.  Please share this and resist the Mark at all costs!

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The mark of the beast will be an invisible 3D QR code that will be tattooed onto the hand or forehead.  It will use primarily invisible IR (infared) ink mixed with tiny wafers or crystals of gallium arsenide or indium gallium arsenide.  An infrared detector will be used to read it.  The wafers will be excited with an electromagnetic field or pulse in which the gallium arsenide will emit a characteristic IR frequency of roughly 830 or 870 nm.  Since the depth of the crystals, size of the crystals, and location of the crystals will be randomly distributed, it will be virtually impossible to replicate.  When you get the mark they will need two forms of biometric id, likely facial recognition and fingerprint recognition or DNA sample in the case of children.  That way in case the mark was ever removed and stolen, your true identity can be verified and you could get a new mark.  Thieves could take a graft of your skin and keep it alive in cell culture media and/or graft it onto an animal.  This is because the infrared detector can tell if the tissue is dead by heat signatures.  They could even look at blood vessels to make sure grafts couldn't work, but I doubt that security will be included at least at first.
The 2D infrared QR code will be your unique public key, and the unique 3D locations of the crystals will be hashed into your un-replicable private key to verify your identity and sign your transactions.
So why not get it?  Well besides the obvious reasons like violating your 4th amendment right and your biblical mandate not to get it, it is also toxic.  Every time you are scanned some gallium arsenide will break down and enter your body.  Arsenic has the tendency to cause malignant sores across your body.  "Killing the chip" by zapping it with high power will also release large amounts of the arsenic and may even kill so that should not be done.  Criminals will likely try to exploit this fact as well.  To remove the mark safely it would have to be done surgically.  Also the government and/or corporations will know your private key and can use it or shut it down.  It will just require that the peons, you and me, would have to present the mark to be verified in order to allow your private key to work.  You may know your private key but likely you wouldn't be able to use it directly to authorize purchases, you would have to display the mark.  So it isn't as empowering as it seems because the government and/or corporations would know your private key, could steal your money for taxes or whatnot, even shut down your account because they can bypass the security built into the mark and just use your private key directly.  Sounds fair eh?  And you thought the airport scanners made you feel naked...


New Bacteria, Old effects: Brucella Infection herbal treatment

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So I think I wrongly attributed symptoms of Brucella to Mycoplasma.  Brucella also appears to be killed with garlic.  I am very grateful I was researching sugar alcohol Erythritol (which promotes overgrowth of Brucella, but also reduces streptococcus that causes anxiety) and started researching the bacteria and started noticing lots of familiar effects including:

Spontaneous abortion (miscarriage)
Anorexia (lack of desire to eat)
Lumbar back pain (and probably herniated disks)
liver problems
stiff neck (also can be from haemophilus)
heart problems

Anyway this bacteria, like mycoplasma, seems to be treatable with garlic.  More research into potential herbs (just use google scholar) should be done to find other herbal treatments.

Big Tech Microsoft and Bill Gates DOXING opponents!

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In a move for the history books, Microsoft Bing, likely at the behest of Bill Gates is not only censoring and downranking and delisting people they don't agree with but actually Doxxing them in via search suggestions!

Absolutely insane, no one searches for that and they even spelled my name wrong so it is utter BS that people are actually searching that as the #1 hit.  As you can see even google doesn't stoop to this low: (although they do censor the word naturehacker in search suggestions and downrank or delist my posts)

This just proves that no one is making that search at all and this is fabricated attack on ideological rivals.  Why would Bill Gates have a vendetta against me?  Well maybe because I predicted two years ago to the T his "quantum dot" technology for invisible tattoo's as the Mark of the Beast for this age.  I suggest you see that post and understand that 2 years ago I predicted the technology Bill Gates only just revealed in the last couple months.  Also I warn you again to resist the mark at all costs and please share this.


Staybl 0.5: basic cheap version to build on

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So I actually am making staybl now albiet a very cheap and easy version.

3 T    Organic Cane Sugar
1 t     Potassium Citrate
1 t     Glycine
1 mL Phosphoric Acid

Currently this provides potassium, phosphorus, citrate, glycine, sucrose

next want to add magnesium (dead sea salt), sodium (dead sea salt, celery juice extract), calcium (not sure).  other sugars could be rapadura, maple sugar, or coconut palm sugar (all bad as brown is from carcinogenic malliard reaction).

then want to add silica, taurine, vitamins


maple syrup

brown color malliard reaction: bad

Coinbase Maturity time as a disincentive for 51% attack on merged mined coin

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So you want to make your coin able to be merge mined with another more popular cryptocurrency.  But you are afraid that one large pool will start merged mining and you will have over 51% of your hashpower from one pool.  Don't fret.

Why this would be a problem:

Lets say you didn't have merged mining and this large pool decided to shift to mining your coin to see if they could make more money on your coin than the big coin they were mining before.  They figure out they are making less so they give up mining your coin because they thought it sucked and are going to go back to the big coin.  They would sell all their coins they earned from your blockchain then privately fork the blockchain so no one else can mine just to troll the blockchain.  This seems to happen often with small coins that share an algorithm with a large coin.  Merged mining helps prevent that by letting the large pool mine both at once so they don't get bored of mining your coin.

But lets say they get bored of your coin anyway even with merged mining and decide to sell all the coins they earned on your blockchain and then 51% attack you.  How can we counter that?  Well we could increase the coinbase maturity time.  Instead of waiting a few dozen blocks and they can sell everything they have earned and attack the chain, if we make that maturity time several months long (say 9 months), thousands and thousands of blocks, then it is really hard for them to quickly sell everything they have earned.

We can think of a long coinbase maturity time as a sort of de facto Proof of Stake (PoS) but one that is as easy to implement as changing a single number in the code.  Making a long coinbase maturity time forces miners to be heavily invested in your coin so they won't attack it, even if one pool has over 51% of the hashrate, the chain will still likely be safe.


Micro Proof of Work layer (uPoW) of any cryptocurrency

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uPoW cryptocurrency layer

This builds off of my Proof of Individual Work post and I am basically renaming it to micro Proof of Work.

We can't all be miners.  Some of us just want to let our full node wallet crank away solo for some less valuable currency.  How can we let this be an option?  By making another coin that can be traded in the same blockchain.  If one Bitcoin is represented in the ledger as 1, then a Dorian can be represented as a !1 or something to that effect.  It is a separate currency but occupies the same blockchain (separate UTXO) and it is inflationary, rewards never change.

In order to do this a uPoW miner creates a special transaction (let's call it micro request transaction [uRT]) that looks like this: (#Create !1 in "any public address" proof: "nonce" "merkle root" "prime factors").  He will have to pay the bitcoin transaction fee to create this special transaction of course.  The miners (which can be merged with another blockchain if desired) will receive the transaction request and verify that everything checks out and if so the miner adds the transaction in the next block that will pay !1 (1 Dorian) to the address requested.  It is just that simple.

What the uPoW miner to earn the Dorian is take the merkle root of a recent bitcoin block and his chosen nonce and hash it into a 101 digit number.  Then he factors that number, and those factors prove to the base layer bitcoin miner that they completed the micro proof of work. There can be a rule that the merkle root used must have been within the last 200 blocks or so.  The nonce can be anything that creates a hash that hasn't been used yet so it is of the benefit of the uPoW miner to pick something unique.  There can be a rule that the prime factors must be 51 or less digits each and that every prime factor must be distinct.

If the base layer bitcoin miner verifies all the rules are met he then adds the transaction to the next block which will create the 1 Dorian in the address requested.  These Dorians can be sent on the bitcoin blockchain (or any blockchain) just like bitcoin which means the transaction fee must be paid in actual bitcoin.  So Dorian miners must have at least a little bitcoin too to make a Dorian request transaction (uRT) or to transfer any Dorian they earn.

This creates more demand for bitcoin plus also gives solo cpu's a chance to do something too and incentivizes running a cpu full node.  To minimize transactions needed a uPoW miner could mine Dorian as needed and instead of sending the mined Dorian to their own address they can send it to the address of the person they intend to pay.  A modern top of the line processor can factor a 101 digit number in under 2 hrs and thus earn a constant stream of Dorian.

How this could also become the main PoW of a chain


Proof of Individual Work (PoIW) (uPoW)

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Proof of Individual Work (PoIW) or Proof of Small Work (PoSW) or Proof of Tiny Work (PoTW) or U (micro) Proof of Work (uPoW) or You Proof of Work (YouPoW)

The future is proof of work.

I want to make a search engine where you have to prove you (or someone else) do work to boost your URL in the search engine algorithm.  Here are some ways I have described to do this.

1.  Proof of Burn - Proving that you sent an amount (specified or not) of cryptocurrency such as monero or bitcoin to a unusable address.

2.  Proof of Captcha - Proving that you are "human" - in reality a proof of "human" work (PoHW).

3.  Proof of Hits - Proving that your post is popular.

The great thing about all of these methods to boost your (or someone else's) URL in search rankings is they are anonymous and don't require things that law enforcement would want to scrape out of our open source database unlike mobile or email or IP verification.

Another new proof of work is described here.  I will call it Proof of Individual Work.

4.  Proof of Individual Work - Proving that "you" did an intensive "cpu" operation.

"CPU" can be any type of machine work, but preferably cpu since graphics cards and asic's are in limited supply and also have limited use compared to CPU's.  Almost everyone on the planet has access to a cpu.

"You" can be anyone who believes in the thing (in this example; URL) to expend work to promote it.

What is the difference between proof of individual work (PoIW) compared to standard proof of work (PoW)?  PoIW can (but doesn't have to be) be done by your very own computer.  PoW is basically a socialized work.  Your computer will virtually assuredly never win a proof of work challenge.  This isn't so bad since you can trade someone who was lucky enough to win a PoW challenge and get a little bit of cryptocurrency from them which you can subsequently burn and provide proof that you did that (proof of burn) to raise your URL ranking in the search algorithm (or any other use).  So proof of burn becomes a sort of individualized proof of work that mimics PoIW.

So then what is the difference between Proof of Burn (PoB) and Proof of Individual Work (PoIW)?

Firstly PoIW doesn't require you to acquire cryptocurrency.  Why does this matter?  It is very hard to trade something you have for cryptocurrency with an anonymous person.  Since they are anonymous firstly you probably will have a hard time figuring out what they want to trade for a bit of their currency.  What this does is create a really big problem.  This problem is that bitcoin or any cryptocurrency wants to be traded autonomously so what this means is it will almost always trade for government backed currency or any other form of global reserve currency almost exclusively.  So the whole point of bitcoin becomes moot when it can only be traded for Central Banker Digits (US dollars or equivalent).  Another way to get a little piece of cryptocurrency is to join a socialized pool.  Again this is putting your machine in a situation where it is dependent on a socialized system which you may or may not want to be a part of.  Pool's are counter to the "one cpu one vote" vision of cryptocurrency and can be used to centralize control of the cryptocurrency.

So how does PoIW break us out of the cryptocurrency paradigm to prove work?  Because we can give an individual computer a task that they can complete in a reasonable time frame to prove they did work.  How do we do that?  One method is we can generate a random number of sufficient length (starting with perhaps 116 digits) where the computer in question can return to us the prime factors of the number.  Prime factorization of numbers over 100 digits is known to not gain significant speed up from gpu's or asic's because it requires a General Number Field Sieve (GNFS).  When the factors are found and returned to us we can verify that each factor found is prime with a primality test (which should only take fractions of a second for factors of this size) and validate that all the factors multiplied together gives the random number we gave them to factor.  Within under a second we can verify that they completed the work we gave them, all without having to require cryptocurrency.

Now the biggest vulnerability in this process of PoIW is the generating of the random number.  Firstly the random number may not be exactly random and vulnerabilities can be found in that.  Secondly the generation of the random number is centralized by the server so could be open to abuse of the server owner.  How can we generate a true random number?  For this we have to go back to cryptocurrency I believe to give us a true random number that everyone can agree is random.  To do this we can simply look at the latest merkle root of a block of a cryptocurrency and hash it with a hashing algorithm into the length we want (say 116 digits) or hash it into a larger number than we want then truncate down to the digit count we want.

So for example taking the monero blockchain as an example; the central authority (server) could look at the merkle root of the latest monero block, hash it with SHA-384 and convert to base 10 (decimal) which is 116 digits then present this number to the person who wants to boost their URL so they can factor it for us.

Now we have a problem.  Say 2 people are trying to boost their URL at the same time.  Hashes are deterministic so both of these people will have the same number to factor.  Again we are back to the cryptocurrency problem since this is no longer an individualized proof of work and only one person can prove their work.  What can we do?

Well we can allow people to select their own unique, one time use, nonce.  So they will, for example, take their nonce and multiply it by the merkle root of the latest monero block, then hash that in SHA-384, then present to the server the prime factors of that number.  This would work since the server can then check that the arbitrary nonce that the person selected, multiplied by the merkle root is equal to the number that the person factored, and the factors themselves can be checked for primality and that they indeed multiply to give the number.

Great.  Now we have this proof of individual work.  And as long as our database doesn't say that someone else has factored that same number and claimed the URL boost, then this person will get it, no matter how long they take to find the prime factorization.  The only downside to this is the person can continually change their nonce to try to get an "easy" number to factor - say a number where the only factors are 2's or something therefore nullifying the whole prime factorization favoring CPU's over ASIC's in the first place.  One way to get around this problem (this problem I will term "nonce flipping" or "nonce forcing" or "nonce grinding") is to require that the number of prime factors of their number be within a set range.  "Easy" to factor numbers will tend to have a high number of factors or a low number of factors.  And/or we can require that the prime factorization gives numbers with certain length factors.  So say for 116 digit length number to factor, we can require that at least one of the factors is at least say 50 digits long.  And/or we can say there must be between 7 and 15 prime factors, and/or that a certain number of the prime factors must be unique.  The downside of this is that even if the person factors the number the "right" way that the number may just not meet the requirements of the PoIW and you would have to try again.  Hopefully we can tune this so that the average time to find a solution to the problem on a modern computer is within a given time frame, say 5-10 minutes or whatever range we want.

Example parameters: (what I will likely start with and tweak if needed)

1. 116 digit number from SHA-384 truncated to 101 digits (335 bits)

2. No prime factors can be larger than 51 digits long (so an "RSA number" could work)

3. All prime factors must be distinct

For #2 this prevents "a prime number multiplied by 2 that gives the number" since it would be too fast to just find that a factor was 2 then perform a primality test on the remaining number and find it was prime.

For #3 this prevents a number like 120000000000...0000 that has a ton of (non-distinct) factors.

my estimate is this would take no more than 4 factoring attempts on average (more likely closer to 2 factoring attempts at a total of ~3 hours processing time) to find a prime factorization that satisfies all these parameters.  A fast way to cut down on non distinct factors is make sure the number is not divisible by multiple 2's, 3's, 5's, or 7's before trying to factor farther.  If it is, change your nonce to roll a different number to factor.

will take around 14 hours to factor a 116 digit number on a modern ryzen

if we truncated to 100 digits it would be about an hour

101 digits 335 bits, ~1.5 hours

Nice, so now we have an individualized proof of work so that a person can prove they completed an intensive CPU process to say they deserve their URL to be boosted.  Well we still may have a slight problem.  Say I don't have the only search engine index that works like this.  The person can simply complete one of these proof of works and then get his URL boosted on my engine and also on another engine at the same time.  So now the proof of work is not really valid since only say half the work was actually done for my search engine.  How do we make sure that the work is only done on our search engine?  One way is that we (the search engine or any other organization of course) give our own nonce.  So there would be our nonce, the person's nonce, the merkle root of the current external system state like current monero block, and the SHA-384 hash of all of that.  This isn't so bad of an option because the person can still keep re-rolling his own nonces as required but chances are the centralized nonces will not be the same between my search engine and the other guy's search engine.  Also there is no way for us, the central power, to give "good or bad" nonces to someone to effect how easy it is for them to factor since both the merkel root and the hashing algorithm and the person's own nonce are out of our control.

Also just to be sure that our given nonce doesn't ever line up with another search engines given nonce, we could set a time limit of say 1-7 days for the answer to be found after we issue the nonce for the current merkle root. The longer we can allow the person to have, the better to allow a person to use something like a raspberry pi if they want.

So I think we have a workable solution for Proof of Individual Work.  Of course this can be done with typical sha-256 or other hashing algorithm instead of the prime number factorization but I think we should prefer algorithms that are hard to speed up with gpu's, fpga's, and asic's.

how long to factor a number

instructions per second of various processors

Some example factorizations of 50 digit numbers

near half-digit gives 7 distinct

nearly half digit gives 5 distinct

same 6 distinct

2 distinct, does not satisfy req


OptEngine.org is an opt-in search engine

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OptEngine:  Because Internet.  YouCrawl.  You Crawl. uCrawl.

OptEngine.org is an opt-in search engine and open source database/index where you have to submit URL's to the search engine to index.  Why is this important?  The majority of search engine potency is how often and fast and deep a search engine can crawl the web for content.  The reason why small engines can't compete with google is they are not as good at crawling.  A ranking algorithm is easy to design and it is easy for anyone to compete with google's ranking algorithm but not their crawling capability which uses likely billions of dollars of servers to do.  If you can have humans crawling the web for free, less ads will be needed to support the engine and be easier for small engines to compete against the big ones.  Not only that, but more importantly is that humans get to decide what pages are most important and are worth the time to index which will limit the pages to the highest quality pages only, not just every page that exists.  Also this database will be open source and always available for download so any and every search engine can use the OptEngine database/index for free as a basis or part of their search engines index.

OptEngine may include an option to where your page will be archived at archive.org or similar service.

OptEngine will likely not respect robots.txt since you are opting-in by telling us the URL to index.  While it is true that someone who is not the owner of the URL can tell us to index it, if the owner really doesn't want his page to be seen he can keep the URL private.  We are not the ones crawling the web, you are.  Why not just respect it anyway? With the rise of social media and premade sites like Blogger and Wix, these sites can include robots.txt that their customers either don't know about or have a hard time changing or cannot change.  This is why we feel it is important to not respect robots.txt so everyone can get their content to the world regardless of the digital ghetto that they publish on.  Below we outline our own Opt-in and Opt-out options that can be used instead (see colored text).  As far as Nofollow links, we do not use links to rank pages so nofollow means nothing the OptEngine.

OptEngine will start as english only and hopefully will branch out to other languages over time.

OptEngine will require you burn any amount of Monero (XMR) to get your page into the index.  Why is this?  The reason for this is that we don't want bots spamming the database with either the same URL many times or spamming worthless pages in order to bog down the index.  Cryptocurrency is a proof of work method to prove that you are doing work to earn it.  Burning means you send the monero to a provable unusable address so no one can use the monero.  Isn't this wasting monero?  Yes and no.  Yes because the monero can never be spent, but also no because it is impossible to spend so it increases the scarcity of monero so everyone's monero is worth more.  Why monero and not bitcoin?  First because the transaction fees for monero is less (typically well under 1 cent) and also because monero has a tail emission so we will never fully deplete monero from circulation no matter how popular OptEngine gets.  Every URL you want to index will require a separate burn transaction.  Depending on the current transaction fees on the monero network you could get your link posted for well under 1 cent.  A new burn address will be made every roughly 10 XMR that accrues in the address (about 20,000 pages in today's monero value) so that these burn addresses don't become a lucrative target for future quantum computer hackers.  Or we can use another method for proof of burn like this one.  If monero transaction fees increase above 1000th of the lowest average monthly income country in the world (currently $0.041 since DR Congo is $41 a month average income) then we will consider adding other cryptocurrency options if they have a tail emission.

In addition to burning Monero dust (dust means an insignificant amount of monero), completing a CAPTCHA or equivalent will also be required to help prove that not only machine work was done but also human work as well.  You can do up to 10 URL's at once though so you don't have to complete a captcha for every URL as this would be burdensome for trying to get your whole site indexed in a reasonable time frame.  Just note if you do 10 URL's at a time though you will need proof of 10 separate burn transactions.

OptEngine search will rank results based on a few factors.  These factors are ordered in terms of importance, with factor 1 weighted heavier than factor 2 and so on.

#'s 1-4 are all the index fields and they will be scraped from the site automatically when the URL is presented for indexing and proof of monero burn and captcha is presented.  However upon launch the scraping algorithm will likely not be complete so the user will have to manually input fields 1-4.  This shouldn't be hard as they can just copy and paste from their page.  It will be on the honor system that the info you provide is what is in the page itself.  Very few I think would want to take the time to mislead people about the content of their page but I'm sure it will happen as a prank from time to time and you can downvote that page.  When the scraping algorithm is complete and included into optengine, then you will have the option to either automatically scrape the data needed or you can input it manually, giving you maximum control on how your page data is stored.  What prevents people form uploading the same content under different url's and using other pages data to fill in the index fields?  The monero burn and also the captcha make this sort of trolling labor intensive and downvoting is another way to discourage this practice.  But the benefits of using Human Intelligence (HI) for tuning the field input to better help the searcher find what they are looking for is worth the risk of misuse in our mind.

1: Categories.  Categories are the 3 longest words (or first 3 words) in your <title> tag.  Each word is independent and no exact phrase matches here.

2: Title.  Title is the 20 longest words in your <title> tag.  Each word is independent and no exact phrase matches here.

3: Summary.  Summary is the first 1,000 characters in your content in your <body> tag.  Exact phrase can be taken from here.

4: Text. Text is the text between 1,000 and 30,000 Characters in your content in your <body> tag (so up to 29,000 characters). Exact phrase matches can be taken from here.

Those 4 things at launch will be all you can search using typical boolean queries, the following will not be included at launch but will be added later as possible.

5. Sorting Algorithm.  If results rank the same in the above relevance ranking (or if not and just to provide more customization of the results) the following criteria can be used to further filter or rank the results by the user.




Popularity (hit count)

Upvote # (every IP can vote up or down once)

Upvote %

Burn Amount (amount of Monero burned).  To gain in rankings in this category you can burn more  Monero than is required to index your URL.

OptEngine Rank - Our best guess at ordering.  Will combine Category//Length//date//popularity//upvote # & %//Burn amount - each weighted according to our best theory and those percentages will be open source.

Design your own Rank - Tune all the above factors into what you think is the optimum ratio's.  This can look something like #AABCDD6742E3 where you can copy and paste your algorithm code in future searches without having to sign in or anything.  There will be no IP Address saving (except for voting on post rankings), no search saves, no sign-in's, or any other info gathering at all whatsoever.

There will also at some point be a special button next to a search result that says "links".  What this does is show a list of webpages that have linked to the particular result you are considering.

So at launch here is what OptEngine will be.  A page with a search box and "search it" button; and a url input box with a "Opt it" button.  "Opt it" is short for "index my url using OptEngine".  So Optengine will be a simple search site and url indexing site.  When you enter a url and click "Opt it" then you will be presented with a page that has 5 boxes.  The first box will ask for your monero transaction key or otherwise key that proves that you burned monero; the second box will ask for 3 keywords aka categories to describe your page; the third box will ask for 20 keywords aka title of your page; the fourth box will ask for 1,000 characters max that is the summary of your page; and the fifth box will ask for 30,000 characters max that is the content of your page.  Complete the captcha and your url along with the data you provided will be

The entire index will be publicly available and open source and always avaliable for full download like commoncrawl.org.  We hope other search engines use OptEngine Index as a part of their search algorithms.

What happens if a webpage is submitted for indexing multiple times? This is a tough question.  We want to make it so the most recent indexing replaces the previous indexing.  We are not an archival service which is why we want to partner with archive services to save peoples pages permanently on those sites.  What we may do when our scraping algorithm has been launched is make subsequent updates require our scraping algorithm to make any changes to the index data so someone can't troll other user's page indexes.  Another option we have is for us to require an "opt-in" phrase on their page such as #Opty (this is currently the preferred option).  As long as a page has this somewhere in the page, the page index can be updated manuallyIf an #Opty is not present, then the page index can be updated only by our scraper if we are asked to do that but it can be initially indexed manually without an #Opty presentIf you do not want the scraper or manual change to update your URL's index, then you can use the phrase #OptOuty in your text somewhere, however to prevent abuse by digital platforms if an #Opty is present it overrides an #OptOuty, nullifying it and allowing manual and scraped indexing.  Another option is allow users to provide an email address to be notified if any change is made to one of the pages they want to receive notification about.  We don't like this option though as it will make our database a target for law enforcement.  Even upvoting that would need to store IP addresses is something we really don't want to do if not 100% necessary.  Not sure what will be required at this time.

How will OptEngine store and make all this data easily accessible?  We will begin on Amazon AWS S3 storage site.  This site allows 1 TB of data storage and access for only $40 a month (the same cost of having an amazon seller account).  With 1 TB of data we estimate we could host up to 1 Billion page indexes of the internet (assuming most page index's will be around 200 words or 1000 characters - about 1 kb).  Google currently indexes 18 billion pages so we believe that 1 Billion may be the max we could hope for since only the highest quality sites will likely be indexed by our site because it takes work for someone to get it indexed.  This means we estimate our maximum hosting cost to only be around $40 per month.  Talk about a good deal!  In the future we want to have this data replicated around multiple hosting platforms including our own in multiple languages so our costs might raise from this by up to 100 fold.  At that point though we would be so widely adopted and used that we would be shocked if we couldn't raise $4,000 a month to cover costs by basically hosting the entire useful internet!

How will OptEngine.org make money to support itself?  It will accept donations and also may sell merchandise.  Also it may sell ad spots at the bottom of the page in simple links.  These links may be ranked by the monthly donation amount of the sponsor and the maximum allowed donation for sponsporship could be set somewhere around $100 per month just so the competition stays under control.  If more sponsors contribute the same about, pririty in ranking will be given to those that have been supporting the longest.  OptEngine will never boost search ranks or show ads within search results or show banner ads or popups or even sidebars.  Sponsor spots will only be text links 12pt font and a maximum of 20 characters long and always at the bottom of the page, and it will never be required to scroll down that far to use the Engine in it's fullest.

"Free To Use" and "Free to Reuse" Physical Goods Business Model

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We have heard of "Free to Play" in software and has gained significant traction and market share.  Free is taking over the world like I have predicted in the FreeContaigen.  However Hardware or any physical object as opposed to software, is slow in adopting Free and Open Source Principles.  Open Source Hardware is a thing, however it has not nearly taken off as quickly as open source software.

I am proposing a new business model called "free to use" and "free to reuse".  Just like the name implies, Free to Use allows your customers to use the product for free, forever.  Free to use differs from "Free to Try", like Shareware and free samples, because there is no end date; free to use is a permanent business model.  Also I want to head off any "free; just pay shipping" scams by making Free to Use and Free to Reuse to be fully free including shipping.  Another alternative business model can be "at cost" where you sell something at the exact cost it takes you to make and ship it, but that is not discussed here and in my opinion is not a good business model since it does little to garner either public support nor profit.

Free to Use by definition is not open source.  Free to Reuse is free and open source (recipe/process given) which is preferred since most customers currently are very discerning and want to know exactly how something is made to see if they agree with the process before purchasing or using it. 

Free to Reuse is both free to use and also fully open source process to make it.  This allows customers to feel confident in the product they are using and also gain the confidence to know that if the business ever goes away that they can continue to make the product themselves or adapt it to their own specific use parameters.

How do you stay in business with a free to use or reuse product?  It is easier than you think.  Customers now are very accustomed to voluntarily supporting people or companies that they believe in.  By using a free to use or free to reuse business model you are giving customers a gigantic reason to believe in you.  Whether this is by accepting donations, allowing customers to send you gifts to a PO box or similar, or having other products or services for sale in addition to the free products.  One good way to do it is to have free and paid versions of each product you have, typically the small and easy to ship would be free whereas the larger and/or fancier version is paid.

This is Givism and will eventually take over the entire earth as seen in Daniel 2:44 and is true generosity and care for human life.

Free to read and free to use publications (again that is digital though and my model is physical products)


Could Ceres be an ejected moon? From Earth even?

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It looks like scientists think it was possible we had a second moon at one point around 1200km in diameter.  I have also wondered if Ceres, the dwarf planet, is an ejected moon of some sort.  Ceres sits at just under 1000km in size putting it in the likely size range of earth's second moon.  Another thought is that ceres could have been an old moon of mars but both of mars' moons are under 30km in size so having a 1000km moon is a stretch but not impossible.

According to my theory on gravity, Mars probably used to have much stronger gravity so could have held a larger moon.  My theory on why the earth's moon is drifting farther away is that the earth's gravity is decreasing as well.

Why do I think the gravity of a planet can decrease while it still has the same mass?  Because I don't think gravity is mass dependent, rather charge dependent.  Earth and all other planets and stars are dynamo's that generate an electrical charge.  Gravity is primarily an induced charge attraction (along with some centripetal effects from rotation).


NASA has just gone Full Retard with thier Parallel Universe Reverse Time Theory

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Wow, I just read how NASA explains why they find Tau Neutrino's coming up through the ice in Antartica.  They think that the simplest explanation to why they see tau neutrinos (heavy neutrino's) coming up out of the earth is that - wait for it - they are coming from another parallel dimension where time runs backwards!  WOW.  Really?  That is the simplest explanation you got dumbasses at NASA??  I knew NASA was evil but just plain dumb? Wow.

Let me clue you in on the real explanation.  Tau Neutrino's actually are created during "cold" fusion (muon catalyzed fusion) events.  In the upper atmosphere fusion happens from cosmic ray's interacting with molecules including Nitrogen and perhaps CO2.  This is why NAZA sees these neutrino's raining down from the heavens.

Now something special happens in Antartica.  The solar wind, which contains mostly protons and is highly charged, is concentrated near the poles and actually goes inside the earth there.  This is what causes the aurora.  Now when these high energy proton streams go deep into the ice and earth at the poles, cold fusion is happening from muon creation.  So there is fusion happening within and under the ice in antartica, perhaps a side effect is creating water itself or other things.  This is where your elusive Tau Neutrino's are coming from, not from some black hole from within your fruit of the loom briefs Nastards.

An Artificial Leaf

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We may think of a solar cell as an artificial leaf however it is pretty far from it.  In this invention I will lay out a chemical process that imitates how leaves actually create energy.  It borrows science from primarily nobel metal batteries (which I pioneered) as well as fuel cells, natural solar cells, flow batteries, and the like.  Basically all of our cutting edge battery technology goes into this invention, and even more technology will be integrated in the future, this is just the beginning.

So what is it exactly?
The artificial leaf is at it's heart a nobel metal battery with a copper anode and a noble metal cathode like gold or most preferably iridium.  The cathode doesn't need to be pure nobel metal, a thin foil or electroplated nickel mesh would be perfect.

The second aspect is the separator.  It requires a sepqrator of some sort, whetther that be just distance or preferably a semipermeable membrane such as monolayer polypropylene or anything else.

Next there are two electrolytes on either side of the membrane or separator and eachis either contacting the anode or the cathode.  The similarity will be both are primarily hydrohalogen acids preferably or any form of halogen including ionic solutions or similar.  The difference is that the side contacting the cathode will contain oxidizing agents, oxygen and/or other gasses or something like oxygenated heme or or other fenton reagent.  On thr anode side the halogen preferably hydroacid will
Be coupled with one or more reducing agents.  This can be formic acid, lqctic acid l, acetic acid, hydrogen, and/or preferably a photosensitive additive such as anthocyanidins or chloryphyll or similar.  This means that when light hits this side it will gain electrons and become even more reductive leading to an even higher voltage.

And thats it.  Since we are using a nobel metal battery base it will be extremely easy to recharge even at very low voltages or even high voltages.  A transitional metal battery can also work where manganese or vanadium or iron or other transition metals can be used as the anode instead of copper and in that case non nobel metal cathodes can work and the battery wouod require only just over a volt to recharge.

Celgard 2400 separator
H2o2 and hcl on cathode side with a foam.

Billberry extract with hcl on anode side.


Yes COVID-Organics is an effective treatment for COVID-19 Coronavirus

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As I have said before the best way to treat and immunize yourself against Coronavirus is to supress your levels of haemophilis bacteria (lavender or cinnamon) and Streptococcus bacteria (adaptogens).

But mother nature is full of cures out there.  Artemisia Annua which is the main active ingredient in Madagascar's remedy, is another good way to fight the virus.

While this herb doesn't seem to immunize in the same way that lavender or cinnamon could, it attacks the virus directly it appears.  It has shown effective verses several types of virus including hepatitis B.  Also I personally would want to take it for its strong effect on parasites (ever feel a squirming in your eye or nether regions?).  Artemisia Annua contains Artemesinin's which are recognized by the WHO as the most effective treatment for malaria.  Didn't think herbs could compete with Big Pharma?  Think again.

Not only can Artemesinin's from Artemesia Annua klikely treat the virus directly, it also can help prevent the "cytokine storm" which is the most deadly part of the Coronavirus.  I would say the combination of these two factors puts this in the A level for safe and effective treatment of this disease.  Couple this with lavender, cinnamon, your choice of a steroidal saponin like tribulus terrestrus, and your choice of a triterpenoid saponin like gynostemma or ginseng which will help with bioavailability, and you will be totally safe from this invader.


The reason why the US and other countries will not get a "second wave" of coronavirus

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So we are hearing reports today that there is a second wave of shutdowns in china as 100 million people in north east china are under lockdown for COVID-19.  This is stoking fears that this "second wave" will again spread around the world and some are even worried this might be worse than the first wave.

According to my perspective this is false.  The reason for this flareup in china is that china has not completed their first wave.  They took draconian measures to keep people from being exposed to the virus there.  So what that means as they reopen more people are going to be exposed and more people are going to get sick.  Again they implement strict lockdowns and again a 3rd strike will hit when they reopen again.

The point here is that you can't stop a virus from spreading.  You may delay the spread but as soon as you want to reopen you will get hit again.

Here in the US and other western countries the lockdowns have not been effective at all and the virus spread throughout the entire population.  So when lockdowns ease there are no further flareups and thus no "second wave".

Even if the Bio-Terrorists who unleased this virus in New York, Iraly, and Iran - decide they will release a different mutation next via terrorism - still the antibodies people have produced will be effective for basically any coronavirus.  So there really isn't any way to create a second wave right after the first.  Would take 10-20 years before another coronavirus is effective at lkilling people.

The real pandemic is likely coming, it won't be a coronavirus, and there will be no one with an agenda that has the manufactured answers.  This real pandemic will probably come 2024-2031.


My Corona virus Predictions for COVID-19

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Here is my current thinking on Corona.

I think it is a bioweapon spread by Bioterrorism.  All the players have been plotting this event for many years.


I can't find the link to this but maybe you can, apparently CCTV captured a woman placing a block of dry ice near the air intake for the wuhan wet market.  The thought is that they froze virus within the block of dry ice and as it evaporated the virus was released and was taken in by the air intake for the market.  This would explain the rapid infection of so many at the market.

Also that would explain how during the chinese epidemic other countries were only hit with a few isolated cases.  In the US only Washington was hit.  Then all of a sudden bam Iran and Italy were hit as well as New York City.  This doesn't seem like natural spread as only a few cases happened outside china from chinese new year travel.  It seems like Iran, Italy, New York, and later places like Spain and others were hit with targeted attacks.  These same chinese Bio-Terrorists probably used the dry ice method on air intakes for things like subway and metro systems.  These underground areas need lots of air intake and a terrorist could have easily put infected dry ice blocks at the intakes that evaporate into nothing and leave no trace or evidence.

Regardless how it all spread, here is my prediction for the future.

1.  The Deep State including Bill gates and Fauci will likely convince trump to release the vaccine before the governors lift emergency declarations.  This is why they are trying to move so fast, so that they can use the governors emergency declarations to leverage mandatory vaccines.  If the governors still have emergency declared when the vaccine is released, then they can tell businesses they can't let their employees back or start up full operations again unless all their employees have gotten the vaccine.  Otherwise if the vaccine takes too long and governors are forced to lift emergency measures, there is no way they can force businesses to require vaccines.  To get Trump on their side on this they will use "Economy" to trick him into supporting expedited vaccines.  They know he is too dump to decode their real motivations.

2.  The first COVID-19 vaccine will be standalone and ineffective.  As we know there are already 40+ different types (mutations) of the virus and the vaccine will probably only target a few variations.  Does that remind you of the flu?  It should.  This means that likely Corona will stay around at a low level, say 10,000 deaths a year in the US.  This means there will be a yearly corona vaccine just like there is a yearly flu vaccine.  I expect them to combine the two vaccines into one.  This is a way for Bill Gates and others in the deep state to make a yearly income off their coronavirus vaccine patent (exclusive rights to a coronavirus vaccine).

3.  There will likely be "papers" for flu/corona vaccine compliance.  These papers will be required to get non-remote jobs.

4.  I don't think that the invisible tattoo / mark of the beast will be required for this vaccine.  They are still testing that out and I don't think it will be ready for this outbreak.  However I still think it is coming and will be unveiled between 2024 and 2031.  This might be in response to a real pandemic that kills millions.

5.  Next steps to look out for in the New World Order creation will be global sea rise of 2-3 feet from a breaking off of an antarctic glacier.  I do not think this will be natural as they are using explosives to weaken the glacier as we speak.  Also this will be a one time event but they will sell it as a climate apocalypse which will require martial law for a few years.  I predict this will happen 2029-2032.  During this period of martial law the mark of the beast will be revealed which will be an invisible tattoo and will be required to buy or sell during the period of martial law.

6.  So we need to prepare ways to survive without being able to buy and sell using national currencies.  See my posts on Givism like BGENTLES to get prepared how to survive this time.

Give Karma 2: 3D printed filament additive

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This additive will help both UV degradation as well as microbial (compostible, compostable, biodegradable) degradation of plastic.

The point here is to make an additive that people can use with their own household created plastic waste to mint their own give karma tokens that can be given to others and are good for the environment eco friendly.  Give Karma tokens should only ever be given freely so that you know there is no ulterior motive to make them out of virgin plastic which would then contribute to waste instead of reduce it.

This additive is designed to be mixed with plastic to form 3D printer filament that is biodegradable and also uses up waste plastic including recycled, bottles, ocean plastic.

We will use the same ratio of Iron, manganese, and cobalt in our NNS plant nutrition solution.

Recipe: Makes 68g.  Add at lets say 5% concentration to waste plastic.

Electron Acceptors
4.7g      Iron (II) Sulfate Heptahydrate 20/5lb
1.36g    Manganese Chloride Tetrahydrate 28.94/500g
0.004g  Cobalt Chloride hexahydrate 12.95/15g
10g       Potassium Nitrate

10g Glycine ()
2g   Bilberry 25% anthocyanidin extract

CO2 sources
20g Starch ()

10g ZnO (peroxide)
10g Vermiculite peroxide

Mix should be fine powder.

Iron, manganese, cobalt, starch

cyanin vs cyanidin

zinc oxide vermiculite


DSA or DSG or similar molecules as antiviral agents

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So I want to get this out there to prevent a patent however I do not think this is a good therapy and is likely not safe and will have side effects.  The best way to fight viruses is to kill the bacteria that they interact with, in the case of coronavirus that is haemophilus and streptococcus, influenza seems to be e coli or other gram negatives.

The idea here is to use molecules that include or are similar (including water soluble versions or other compounds completely) to Di-(N-succinimidyl) adipate (DSA) disuccinimidyl glutarate (DSG) Disuccinimidyl suberate (DSS) to bind to viruses in the body and cause the immune system to more easily mount an immune response to them.  They can be administered in any way desired.

linking viruses for immunogenicity

phytochemicals like tannins and saponins and antioxidants better and safer


Givism Prophecied to Crush all the Kingdoms of the World and Endure Forever.

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Like I have said before, the FreeContaigen will spread like a virus and deliver people in the entire world out of bondage and rulers over them.

This is prophesied in the bible Daniel 2:44:
"In the time of those kings, the God of heaven will set up a kingdom that will never be destroyed, nor will it be left to another people. It will crush all those kingdoms and bring them to an end, but it will itself endure forever."

This is Givism coming by way of the FreeContaigen.  Simply start doing what you love and giving it away to others for free and the kingdoms of the earth will crumble and what will rise up is a self regulating people who no government can subject.  This will never go away and will last forever!

Staybl 0.4 further reduction of ingredients

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for 0.4 we are going to the absolute minimum.  This will likely not taste good but it could be therapeutic.

~$1.00, 20g, Makes 1L.  For best results, lightly carbonate.

About $200 to buy all ingredients

Multiply everything by 50 to make 1kg of dry powder mix.

Amino's 3.1g ($~0.05)
3g    Glycine (0.025/g, iron chelation)
0.1g Taurine (heart health)

Vitamins 0.5g ($~0.02)
0.5g     Myo-Inositol (B8)
0.01g   Thiamine (B1)

Minerals 3g ($~0.08)
2g    Dead Sea Salt (1/3 MgCl, 1/4 KCl, 1/20 NaCl)
0.5g Calcium HMB ()
0.5g Dipotassium Phosphate ()

Sugars 7.7g ($~0)
7.7g Glucose ()

Juices 1.5g ($0.225)
0.8g    Celery Juice Extract (sodium 0.149/g)
0.7g    Orange Juice Extract (Vit C 0.15/g)

Extracts 4.2g ($~0.63)
1.8g Fructoogliosaccharide (#fiber 0.094/g)
0.7g Tart Cherry Extract (#Kidneys 0.13/g)
0.2g Broccoli Sprout Extract (#Sulforophane, h pylori 0.128/g)
0.2g Gingerol Extract (#campylobacter 0.132/g)
0.2g Artichoke Extract (#Cynarin, bile excretion 0.26/g)
0.2g Lemon Verbena Extract (#Citral for Haemophilus 0.195/g)
0.2g pine bark extract (#pseudomonas 0.12/g)
0.2g Dandelion Root extract (#Latex, prions 0.122/g)
0.2g Ginseng extract (#gram pos)
0.1g Garlic Extract (#Bacillis and Mycobacterium and Corynebacterium)
0.1g Pomegranate extract (#)
0.1g Tribulus Terrestris extract (#)

The One Real Reason They Want You to Wear a Mask

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So I'm not going to drone on, this understanding is simple and can be easily tested and verified.

Wearing a mask promotes overgrowth of anaerobic bacteria in the nasal passages and throat.

That is the reason.

Now what anaerobic bacteria is likely implicated most times?  Haemophilus influenzae.

Why does this matter?  Because we have been saying that haemophilus is obviously supercharged by coronaviruses of all kinds and this is what causes the majority of the symptoms of the virus including fever and cytokine storm and everything.

How I beat COVID-19

Why Oxygen is important, fights Anaerobic bacteria

So the moral of the story is that wearing a cloth mask not only doesn't protect you from viruses, but it also promotes the growth of bacteria in your nasopharanx that will lead to you having not only a higher chance of being infected, but also of becoming a life threatening situation.  The reason some people get hit harder than others rely's solely on their haemophilus titer pre-infection.

Gut bacteria virus connections

Lung bacteria virus interactions

gut  bacteria virus interactions

Coronavirus increases haemophilus titers

Coronavirus increases streptococcus adherance:

How UFO's Actually work, Magnetized Plasma Sport Model

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Ok so many of us have listened to Bob Lazar and some of us have thought that nothing really made sense about his explanations of how the UFO's worked with some sort of gravitational wave amplification or other BS.

Well I think I figured out how it really works.

So basically what I am saying Bob Lazar is right about what he saw but almost completely wrong about what the explanation for how it works.

By understanding the above napkin drawing you will realize that when a UFO is hovering it has a gyroscopic effect.  The "electrodes" within it are charged, perhaps with a bombarded stabilized 115 or with just plutonium (or plutonium is used to make 115, we know the ET's take our plutonium).  Now the electrodes are very highly charged and they create plasma on the surface of the ship, perhaps the opposite charge as the electrodes themselves.  This would mean the electrodes are likely positive charged and the surface of the craft is negatively charged.  Now not only does this create ion wind coming off the craft that can in theory propel the craft, but also it creates a plasma.  And not just any plasma, the holy grail called Magnetized plasma.  Magnetized plasma is create by moving plasma preferably in a spiral or ring.  Not only can magnetized plasma cause fusion of elements, but also it can cause invisibility and improved antigravity.  The angle of the bottom of the craft relative to the top part of the craft is very important.  As the top drawing shows the magnetized plasma is is going along the top and the bottom surfaces of the craft simultaneously.  The nearly flat bottom allows for most of the vector of propulsion to be up, whereas the angle of the top is less flat causing most of the lift to be directed outwards.  The net effect of the vectors means the craft is being pushed up more, allowing it to cancel gravity and hover in place.

When the craft wants to move the electrodes instead of pointing straight out like a helicopter, they angle down.  This focuses more magnetized plasma on the bottom surface and allowing it to move up.  These electrodes can spin pointing different "downward" directions allowing it to move left and right, forward and back.

Here is bob lazar's recollection which matches well with my explanation.
It just occurred to me that the "electrodes" don't actually have to spin or rotate, simply by activating one at a time in succession (alternating activation) you can make the plasma move around the craft that way.  This means that there is not necessarily a gyroscopic effect of a hovering UFO.

Staybl 0.3

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for 0.3 we are going EVEN more minimum.  This will likely not taste good but it could be therapeutic.

~$1.43, 20g, Makes 1L.  For best results, lightly carbonate.

Multiply everything by ? to make 1kg of dry powder mix.

Amino's 3.7g ($~0.10)
3g    Glycine (0.025/g, iron chelation)
0.3g Tryptophan (oximes)
0.3g Cystiene (oximes, heavy metal chelation, glutathione)
0.1g Taurine (heart health)

Vitamins 1g ($~0.05)
0.5g     Myo-Inositol (B8)
0.01g   Thiamine (B1)
0.01g   Riboflavin (B2)
0.01g   Pantothenic acid (B5)
0.5g     Glucuronolactone ()

Minerals 3g ($~0.08)
2g    Dead Sea Salt (1/3 MgCl, 1/4 KCl, 1/20 NaCl)
0.5g Calcium HMB ()
0.5g Dipotassium Phosphate ()

Sugars 4.3g ($~0)
4.3g Glucose ()

Juices 3g ($0.45)
1g    Celery Juice Extract (sodium 0.149/g)
1g    Beet Juice Extract (0.15/g)
1g    Orange Juice Extract (Vit C 0.15/g)

Extracts 5g ($~0.75)
2g    Fructoogliosaccharide (#fiber 0.094/g)
1g    Tart Cherry Extract (#Kidneys 0.13/g)
0.2g Broccoli Sprout Extract (#Sulforophane, h pylori 0.128/g)
0.2g Gingerol Extract (#campylobacter 0.132/g)
0.2g Artichoke Extract (#Cynarin, bile excretion 0.26/g)
0.2g Lemon Verbena Extract (#Citral for Haemophilus 0.195/g)
0.2g pine bark extract (#pseudomonas 0.12/g)
0.2g Dandelion Root extract (#Latex, prions 0.122/g)
0.2g Bamboo Extract (#Silica 0.13/g)
0.2g Ginseng extract (#gram pos)
0.1g Garlic Extract (#Bacillis and Mycobacterium and Corynebacterium)
0.1g Pomegranate extract (#)
0.1g Brown Seaweed Extract (#)
0.1g Tribulus Terrestris extract (#)

Staybl 0.2

 NatureHacker's TEEF Powder is Free Forever!

for 0.2 we are going more minimum.  This will likely not taste good but it could be therapeutic.

 Makes 1L.  For best results, lightly carbonate.

Multiply everything by ? to make 1kg of dry powder mix.

Amino's 4.7g ($~0.10)
3g    Glycine (0.025/g, iron chelation)
0.3g Tryptophan (oximes)
0.3g Tyrosine (oximes)
0.3g Histidine (oximes, heavy metal chelation)
0.3g Cystiene (oximes, heavy metal chelation, glutathione)
0.4g Arginine (oximes, plaque prevention)
0.1g Taurine (heart health)

Vitamins 1g ($~0.05)
0.5g     Myo-Inositol (B8)
0.01g   Thiamine (B1)
0.01g   Riboflavin (B2)
0.001g Biotin (B7)
0.01g   Pantothenic acid (B5)
0.5g     Glucuronolactone ()

Minerals 3g ($~0.08)
2g    Dead Sea Salt (1/3 MgCl, 1/4 KCl, 1/20 NaCl)
0.5g Calcium HMB ()
0.5g Dipotassium Phosphate ()

Sugars 4g ($~0.06)
3g Glucose ()

Juices 5.7g ($0.87)
1g    Celery Juice Extract (sodium 0.149/g)
1g    Beet Juice Extract (0.15/g)
1g    Coconut juice Extract (0.15/g)
0.8g Orange Juice Extract (Vit C 0.15/g)

Extracts 5.6g ($~0.84)
2g    Fructoogliosaccharide (#fiber 0.094/g)
1g    Tart Cherry Extract (#Kidneys 0.13/g)
0.2g Broccoli Sprout Extract (#Sulforophane, h pylori 0.128/g)
0.2g Gingerol Extract (#campylobacter 0.132/g)
0.2g Artichoke Extract (#Cynarin, bile excretion 0.26/g)
0.2g Lemon Verbena Extract (#Citral for Haemophilus 0.195/g)
0.2g pine bark extract (#pseudomonas 0.12/g)
0.2g Dandelion Root extract (#Latex, prions 0.122/g)
0.2g Aloe Vera Extract (#Mannose 0.215/g)
0.2g Bamboo Extract (#Silica 0.13/g)
0.2g Ginseng extract (#gram pos)
0.1g Oat Extract (#Selenium) 
0.1g Garlic Extract (#Bacillis and Mycobacterium and Corynebacterium)
0.1g Pomegranate extract (#)
0.1g Brown Seaweed Extract (#)
0.1g Tribulus Terrestris extract (#)

Glycine for Iron Overload hemochromatosis

New method to improve strength of 3D printed part and improve layer adhesion

 Try Teeth Powder Organic and Free to Use!

So, inspired by this article, I decided to try my hand at improving 3D printed parts.  As we know the weak spot of 3D printing is adhesion between layers.  The plastic is heated to it's melting point before laying a layer however it typically cannot be overheated too much because the plastic will degrade.  Heating the interface to promote adhesion is a good way to improve adhesion.  Another way can be the introduction of solvents into the plastic either mixed in or microencapsulated or other additives to promote bonding.

This method I will lay out will use one or more of several factors to improve the effective heat between the bonding all without any expensive or difficult external things like plasmas and spraying graphene.

There are 4 new factors I think are worth improving.  Heat transfer coefficient of the extruded polymer, Heat capacity of the extruded polymer, Heat capacity/transfer of the environment, and effective temperature limit of the extruded polymer.

For the first factor, heat transfer coefficent of the extruded polymer, we want to formulate the 3D printer filament to be able to be less insulative and transfer heat faster than it is currently able.  By transferring heat faster then the heated filaments can "melt into" previous layers better.  This can be done by using additives to the filament plastic that can transfer heat very efficiently like diamond dust or graphene or anything else or combinations of additives.  Also the polymer molecules themselves can be modified with elements that can improve heat transfer coefficient.

Secondly heat capacity of the extruded polymer can be improved.  Like the first factor, improving heat capacity means there is more heat in the recently extruded plastic to melt the layer below to promote adhesion.  Water is a good one for this and many other additives.

Heat capacity.transfer of the environment is also important, and what better way to promote heat transfer between layers than to keep ambient temperature elevated?  Also steam in the air will help with not only heat transfer between layers but also perhaps bringing hydrophilic compounds in the melted plastic to the surface such as graphene.  Plasma environment can also help and particular charges on the plasma, say positive, can bring components of the polymer such as graphene to the surface as well.

And finally we can change the polymer molecules or add additives to improve the temperature of decomposition of the plastic.  The higher we can heat the plastic without degrading it, the better layer adhesion will be.  Putting in additives that promote stability perhaps reducing agents, things like graphene, and any other additive or molecular change to the polymer that can promote stability can allow us to overheat more and promote layer adhesion.


Staybl Drink mix 0.1

 TEEF Powder is Free Forever!

Again going to try my hand at a drink mix powder at some point.  Glycine will be an important part as well as natural herbal extracts.  I found a great source of extract powders from Badmonkey Botanicals so we are going strongly the extract route!

Total 24g, $2.00. Makes 1L.  For best results, lightly carbonate.

Multiply everything by 40 to make 1kg of dry powder mix.

Amino's 4.7g ($~0.10)
3g    Glycine (0.025/g)
0.3g Tryptophan
0.3g Tyrosine
0.3g Histidine
0.3g Cystiene
0.4g Arginine
0.1g Taurine ()

Vitamins 1g ($~0.05)
0.5g     Myo-Inositol (B8)
0.01g   Thiamine (B1)
0.01g   Riboflavin (B2)
0.001g Biotin (B7)
0.01g   Pantothenic acid (B5)
0.5g     Glucuronolactone ()

Minerals 3g ($~0.08)
2g    Dead Sea Salt (1/3 MgCl, 1/4 KCl, 1/20 NaCl)
0.5g Calcium HMB ()
0.5g Dipotassium Phosphate ()

Sugars 4g ($~0.06)
3g Glucose ()
1g D-Ribose ()

Juices 5.7g ($0.87)
1g    Celery Juice Extract (sodium 0.149/g)
1g    Beet Juice Extract (0.15/g)
1g    Coconut juice Extract (0.15/g)
0.8g Orange Juice Extract (Vit C 0.15/g)
0.5g Blueberry Juice Extract (0.194/g) (.097
0.5g Dragon Fruit Extract (0.15/g) (.075
0.3g Pineapple Juice Extract (enzymes 0.132/g) (.04
0.3g Kiwi Juice Extract (0.15/g) (.045
0.3g Carrot Juice extract (0.149/g) (.0447

Extracts 5.6g ($~0.84)
2g    Fructoogliosaccharide (#fiber 0.094/g)
1g    Tart Cherry Extract (#Kidneys 0.13/g)
0.2g Broccoli Sprout Extract (#Sulforophane, h pylori 0.128/g)
0.2g Gingerol Extract (#campylobacter 0.132/g)
0.2g Artichoke Extract (#Cynarin, bile excretion 0.26/g)
0.2g Lemon Verbena Extract (#Citral for Haemophilus 0.195/g)
0.2g pine bark extract (#pseudomonas 0.12/g)
0.2g Dandelion Root extract (#Latex, prions 0.122/g)
0.2g Aloe Vera Extract (#Mannose 0.215/g)
0.2g Bamboo Extract (#Silica 0.13/g)
0.2g Ginseng extract (#gram pos)
0.1g Eucommia Extract (#collagen)
0.1g jujube extract (#pseudomonas)
0.1g Oat Extract (#Selenium) 
0.1g Garlic Extract (#Bacillis and Mycobacterium and Corynebacterium)
0.1g Nettle Extract (#SHBG)
0.1g Pomegranate extract (#)
0.1g Brown Seaweed Extract (#)
0.1g Tribulus Terrestris extract (#)

jujube pseudomonas

jujube ecoli

pine bark pseudomonas

Cut items
0.1g Marigold Extract ()