Why Ventilators kill Coronavirus patients but Oxygen saves

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As we have discussed previously oxygen saves lives from coronavirus.  The way this works is that anaerobic bacteria, primarily Haemophilus, overgrows greatly due to any coronavirus infection.  This bacteria is what causes the majority of problems in any sort of coronavirus infection.  Oxygen prohibits this bacteria from growing since providing oxygen does not allow for anaerobic (oxygen hating) organisms to grow.

So why does atmospheric pressure oxygen masks help by providing oxygen but forced breathing ventilators hurt patients?

Because there is a reason the human body restricts breathing during sickenss, because the tissue is fragile and rough expansion may cause microscopic tears in the lung tissue allowing the haemophilus and other bacteria and virus present to enter the blood stream and the patient can become septic.  It should be obvious that forcing a patients lungs full of air while the lungs are in rough shape and likely filled with fluid is a bad idea.

In conclusion oxygen can help prevent the growth of the bacteria that is supercharged by coronavirus, sars, mers, or Covid-19.  This oxygen should be administered at atmospheric pressure (masks have holes in them) and the patient should breathe as deeply as they can without pain.  Force filling patients lungs with air that are sick will absolutely lead to morbidity and mortality.

Is this not obvious?  Is the pushing of ventilators by the CDC and WHO and other Deep State organizations not meant to increase the death toll unnecessarily and make this into a worse crisis than it actually is?

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