Why Social Distancing, Face Masks, and Economic Shutdown is all a Ploy

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You may have been wondering if there is some sort of ulterior motive for shutting down the economy because of Coronavirus (COVID), mandating social distancing, facemasks, and shutdowns.  You would be right.  You may think it is to make Trump loose the election by blaming the outbreak on his muffled response to the virus and also the economic calamity that followed.  That may be part of the picture, but you have to realize this conspiracy is much deeper and spans up to a century in the past.

I am not going to find and parse all the links from secret societies (deep state) over the last century, but they are there if you want to search for them.  The point here is to understand the motives and predict an endgame scenario that the Deep State envisions for the world.

Social Distancing and Shutdown have been proven to be fake since Mexico defied these orders and their new cases have dropped faster than almost any other country https://wuflu.live/ These orders were designed to kill global GDP, not to keep people safe.  Sweden also believes herd immunity by exposure to the virus beats herd mentality

We know that the Mini Ice Age has already begun.  As early as 2006 we started seeing less consistency in the weather which is a result of reduced solar activity.  Here in 2020 with the ice age about halfway ramped up, we notice that the entire year is basically one season.  We could have a cold spell in july and a hot streak in december.  As we get closer to the apex of the GSM (grand solar minimum) this will get even more pronounced.  You can assume what this will do the the food supply.  Also this will impact seasonal sicknesses like flu (influenza) and cold's (corona).

Global Warming is a Strawman and the Deep State knows fully well the GSM that we are actually entering.  But they can't allow the plebs (you and I) to know what is actually happening because then we wouldn't take their poison pill.

They know that global production will not be able to support the entire world's population at this time.  So what is thier solution?  Kill off the non-essentials and enslave the rest by destroying democracies.  How nice of them.  Yes instead of dip into their trillions to help create a more robust system, they would rather keep all their money and just kill off half the population instead.  The first stage is to kill these people's jobs.  This stage has already gone into full force and don't be mistaken that they will let up their death grip on the economy.  Another facet of this is to infect people with man-made bioterrorism agents like COVID-19 and only let the wealthy have access to testing and treatment (drug shortages will keep the lowly from getting treatment).  Likely in the near future we will find more ways they are trying to put the squeeze on the world's population.

Well there is something we can do to fight this.  You and I who have the means to help, need to.  We need to save all our money and free time and devote that to helping the less fortunate survive this time.  It is in all of our best interest that the more people survive this time the better off our species will be in the next era.  Wanting to kill off certain people so there will  be more resources left for the surviving few is a fool's game and it will always lead to extinction like the Easter Island event (rapa nui extinction).

Let us choose life and choose to help everyone around us make it through this time of hardship, and we all will benefit.

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