Why Simple Oxygen Saved Boris Johnson from Coronavirus

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So we have cracked the code of viruses - they require bacterial carriers to infect the human body efficiently.  In the case of corona we have figured out that haemophilis and streptococcus are the greatest synergistic partners with corona (also pseudomonas and mycoplasma may be involved).

You can tell someone who has a high burden of haemophilus.  They look kind of hunched over and have a stiff neck.  Haemophilus may also be related to the "humpback" disease of old (likely from type B but currently nontypable is the most common type) but that is beyond the scope of this.  Also it may be related to strabismus (crossed eyes).

So you can tell that Boris Johnson is someone who is a high carrier of Haemo just by his look and posture.  Haemophilus is a anaerobic bacteria.

We know from the scientific research that haemophilus is enhanced greatly from coronaviruses in general and also we can assume that corona is reciprocally helped from the haemo overgrowth it causes.

Since haemo is an anaerobic bacteria it cannot grow in elevated oxygen levels.  So the doctors and medics treating Boris gave him oxygen, and this oxygen prevented and probably reversed the overgrowth of haemophilus in the lungs caused by corona infection, thus leading Boris' condition to improve.

Oxygen therapy is absolutely a good front line treatment for coronavirus.  There are better natural alternatives (like harmony) but given that the current healthcare system has its hands tied and can only do basic care and big pharma drugs, it is a good option.  Oxygen therapy combined with penicillin (for strep) and rifampicin (for haemo) should make this virus virtually fully treatable.

South Korea Concur's with oxygen therapy:

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