Medical uses for Red Light Therapy Near-Infared including COVID19 Coronavirus

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I just want to get on record some potential uses of Red Light and/or Near Infared therapy so they cannot be patented in devices or in treatments.  This is the wavelength range of 610-1100 nm.  I will refer to this entire range as Red Light Therapy (RLT).  Any type of light source can be used in this from lasers to LED's and anything else.  Any type of power level can be used from low power to high power to very high power.

This can be used alone or in conjunction with herbs that also fight anaerobics like peppermint, cinnamon, rosemary, orange oil, lavender, etc.  These herbs can be applied topically, be inhaled, or be taken internally.

How it works:  Red light therapy stimulates the Cytochrome Oxidase system in mitochondria and in aerobic bacteria.  This promotes Aerobic life and thus downregulates anaerobic.  Several human pathogens are anaerobic including the infamous Haemophilus which not only causes disease on its own, it makes one susceptible to viruses such as Coronavirus and others.  Boosting mitochondrial function by RLT also will help improve natural immunity.  In terms of shifting microbial balance away from anaerobic oxidase negative bacteria, oxygen therapy can also accomplish this goal in places such as mucus membranes that can accept oxygen including eyes, nasal, throat, rectum, etc.

RLT can penetrate the body to an extent so these treatments can be done on the surface of the body near where they are needed (say on the chest and/or back for treating the lungs) or they can be directed using fiberoptics or other means to get the light deeper inside the body such as fiberoptics directing RL into the nasal cavity.

1.  Baldness.  This has already been done, red light is used in a comb or hat to promote cellular metabolism and recovery but also works probably by shifting the microbial ratios including downregulating anaerobics like haemophilus and also boosting immunity.

2.  Nasal and Throat Treatment.  Haemophilus loves living in the nasal cavity and getting infected with viruses giving you the common cold and other coronaviruses.  RLT will shift the microbial balance away from anaerobics like Haemo.  Facemasks that emit RLT can be used for this.

3.  Lung treatment.  Again Haemo loves living in the lungs.  As we know oxygen treatment is beneficial (including in viruses like Covid) to shift the balance away from anaerobic bacteria, RLT will accomplish the same thing.  Lasers and/or fiberoptics and/or LED's or other ways to get red light into the lungs can accomplish this.  Also bands that go around the torso or even clothing that emit RLT can be used for this.

4.  Eye treatment.  We know bacteria live in the eye socket and even some potentially in the vitreous fluid in the eye causing astigmatism, worsening vision, pink eye, increased intraocular eye pressure, and other things.  Red light therapy can be used to shift the microbial balance away from anarobics and improve immunity in the eyes.  Eye mask that emit RLT can be used for this.

5.  Mouth treatment.  We know anaerobics cause teeth sensitivity and possibly other problems in the mouth.  Red light mouth guards and other RLT methods in the mouth could help treat these things.  Even braces or other orthodontic appliances could emit RLT.

6.  Stiff neck.  Haemophilus and/or other anaerobics cause stiff neck and upper back pain according to my experience.  RLT can be applied to these areas to penetrate into the affected structures to down regulate this bacteria and hence the symptoms, may also work for "humpback" disease.  Something that covers the neck and/or shoulder blades and/or shoulders and/or cervical area or anywhere on the upper back that emits red light can be used.

7.  Lower back pain.  Lower back pain is virtually always caused by kidney infection likely by anaerobic bacteria like proteus.  Applying RLT to the lower back especially in proximity to the kidneys can help shift microbial balance away from these pathogenic anaerobics.  Lumbar straps or belts that emit RLT can be used for this.

8.  Intestinal treatment.  Anaerobics can play a big part in gut health or the lack thereof.  Oxidase negative Streptococcus (S. Bovis type) of bacteria have been implicated in colon cancer so red light therapy can be used to treat that.  Unfortunately parasites and worms rely on Wolbachia to infect which is an aerobic oxidase positive bacteria and thus cannot be overcome with RLT.  Belts like hernia belts that emit RLT can be used for this also endoscopes that use fiberoptics or other methods to get RLT into the Colorectal area can be used.

9.  Reproductive tract.  I don't have any evidence for this but anaerobic infection of the reproductive tract in both males and females might have something to do with fertility or infertility.  Research should be done in this topic and if anaerobic can cause issues in the reproductive tract, RLT can be used to help.  Chairs that emit rel light can be used for this or any purpose.  Also fiberoptics or other methods can be used to deliver RLT in these areas internally.

In general red light blankets and mattress pads can also be used.  While this may not help anything specifically it can help recharge your cells and help you sleep, likely helping with insomnia.

Some other applications of RLT

Skin conditions - RLT clothes or treatments or dressings
Wounds - RLT wound dressing or pads applied to wounds to speed healing (prevents anaerobic)
Arthritis -  RLT Gloves or joint braces
Head and brain - RLT hats, beanies, headscarfs, bandannas, scarf
Surgery - RLT lights for prevention of infection or speeding of healing
Underwear and other garments - RLT garments

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