I think I was exposed to Corona and beat it in 10 minutes

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So I'm going to tell you some things about virus that no one seems to understand currently.  Firstly Virus is actually bad at infecting human cells.  Typically virus lives and thrives in a bacterial community.  Virus then uses bacteria's entry into the bloodstream via various ways to "hitch a ride" into the body.  What you have to understand is that cell membranes and defenses like mucosa are actually miles thick for a virus to try to cross, and viruses are not very mobile.  This is why they require bacteria to infect efficiently.

It is similar to the bubonic plague.  We know that was caused by a bacteria however the bacteria was not very mobile.  It required fleas to get inside the body but also even the fleas couldn't cross large distances and rats were required to carry the fleas.

In this same way virus needs multiple carriers to infect.  In terms of Corona; droplets in the air are the first way to carry it large distances.  I believe it is actually being delivered in the air possibly from chemtrails as a bioweapon which I will get into why I believe this in a second.  Secondly virus in general needs bacteria to infect in the body.  There is research that strongly links various coronavirus' with certain types of bacteria primarily streptococcus, stapylococcus, and haemophilus.  If we wipe these bacteria out, much like wiping out the fleas and rats of the bubonic plague era, we nullify the virus.

Now there is a little complexity that I don't understand about how exactly corona interacts with bacteria.  It appears according to the research that bacterial presence enhances coronavirus infection, but it also seems that coronavirus enhances certain bacterial proliferation such as haemophilus and possibly streptococcus.  So there may be a mutual enhancement by either.

Right now, as in starting yesterday, Corona may be being spread to at least California, likely the whole US by the Trump Administration ( I think NY was hit without Trump knowing).  The reason I think this is because Trump and heads of departments have been saying this upcoming week would be the worst for the US.  Also Trump said that we need to get over this and return the economy to productivity.  What I think happened behind the scenes is this.  Firstly the Deep State orchestrated this entire thing.  The narrative was set from the beginning that it started in China but China's response was perfect and they are to be emulated worldwide.  America is the laggards and bad and their freedom is making the whole world suffer.  Eventually they want to get everyone onboard with taking America's guns before the New World Order can get into full swing.

Now I think the Deep State approached Trump behind the scenes.  They have been collecting samples of Corona from people across the country in these "testing" drives.  Now they have various strains of the virus to mess with in their super secret BSL 4 labs, similar to the one in Wuhan.  Now they isolated less deadly versions of the virus and their plot is to make Corona a yearly staple in the virus milleiu.  To do this they told Trump that they had a weakened strain and they can spread it across the US to help immunize everyone against Corona so the economy can restart faster.  Of course Trump would take the bait as the elections are soon.  But the real plan of the Deep State is they want corona not to be a one time thing but a common sickness like the cold or flu.

Problem, reaction, solution.  They create the problem, they manage the reaction (since they own the media), and they deliver the solution that furthers their agenda.  Not only as a way of making money but of manipulating the global population into their plan for world domination.

Why do I think I was exposed to corona yesterday?  Well I am here in LA and had a window open for a few days.  When it started raining here sunday within just a few minutes my eye hurt and also my throat.  I know that this is certain bacteria likely strep since I have dealt with this before, however this time was different, it hit suddenly as soon as the rain started and the window was open.   Also only a virus can act this fast and basically hypercharge the bacteria I was carrying into pathogenicity.

How did I beat it?  I took my Harmony formula that includes both triterpenoid and steroidal saponins that quickly nullify this bacteria and the pain in my throat and eye subsided.  I believe that a new strain of corona is now being spread in the air at high altitudes likely chemtrails and that the rain brought the bacteria down and the splashing released it into the air.

If you feel you have been exposed or want to protect yourself naturally I would be happy to send you my herbal formula for free, just provide shipping address to teefpowder2.0@gmail.com.


  1. Thank you for reporting your experience. It fits rather nicely into the body of knowledge and growing evidence in regards to today's events and the TRUE science behind it. Knowledge is power. Oh and BTW, it's about time for me to order more teffpowder!

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I think you are so very much on the ball, I believe this corona is a total set up, not only as distraction but also to start bringing the world population number down, and guess what, it is working! And I still believe there is way much more than we may never find out, yet isn't this the Hunger Games???? Hadn't thought of the chemtrails as a spreading way yet, thanks for filling me in. I thought of those nose swaps as putting stuff into us, plus collecting our DNA!! Kinda sick world, and 99% of the populus has not ****ing clue whatsoever and never will. Oh well. Not sure what it better: Ignorance is bliss, or knowledge is power. There will be mandatory corona vaccinations down the line, and if you do not agree, oh well, look at how not complying with such games plays out for that part of the Chinese population for decades: no more 'privileges like taking a train, getting a loan, flying out of the country etc. etc. So brace yourself, and continue to love yourself, feel good that you did as much as you could.

  3. hello from Montreal , yes all the discussion here makes a lot of sens .thank you for shearing this info ... and ..i would say also watch the water ...boiled * and also the radiation EMF ...i sleep with survival blanket... my intuition ... !

  4. Which survival blanket do you use?

  5. I knew that you would overstand this whole "live exercise " completely! I have to place an order because it is better to have it & not need it, than to need it & not have it. Time to stock up on my essentials...

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