Hunger Strike to Protest Draconian Unconstitutional Mask Mandate Los Angeles LA

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In an absolutely ridiculous move Eric Garcetti, the mayor of LA, made it illegal via executive order to buy food or water without a mask.  This makes conscientious objection to the ridiculous Corona-Hype a crime not only punishable by jail but also by starvation.

What more can conscientious objectors do but visit only stores that defy this order and allow you in, or start a hunger strike?  This is exactly what I am going to do as I refuse to perpetuate this hoax and just go along like a sheep.  If this is the sword I die on then it will be a good one.

The real reason for this is not to keep anyone safe, but to train their Spy algorithms in use with security camera's to be able to identify faces by eyes only.  This is what China has done during this pandemic and the Deep State in America wants this technology here as well.

Resistance is happening and we have to take a stand for what we believe in.

Full List of unconstitutional mask mandates across the country.

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