Harmony 1.0 First Release Version

 I am giving away my intricately designed Organic Teeth Powder!

So this isn't too complicated, basically it is the minimum required ingredients to keep the gut and body healthy from viruses and bacteria.  This has been in development for around a decade.  Feels kind of anti-climactic that this is the recipe after all those years but it was a process of finding what works and the minimum and cheapest way to formulate it.

1.0 First Release version!

serving up to 10g per day

5g Potassium Citrate
1.5g Mustard powder
1.2g Nature's Fury (mix of gynostemma extract and tribulus extract)
0.9g Garlic powder
0.9g Broccoli seed powder
0.7g Ginger powder
0.7g Lavender powder

x15 batch

75g Potassium Citrate
22.5 Mustard
18g Nature's Fury
13.5g Garlic
13.5g Broccoli Seed
10.5 Ginger
10.5 Lavender

Minimum version to fight Corona

4g potassium citrate (helps extraction of herbal constituents)
1.5g mustard powder (pseudomonas)
1.2g natures fury (staph/strep)
0.9g garlic powder (mycoplasma)
0.7g lavender powder  (haemophilis)

x15 batch

60g potassium citrate (helps extraction of herbal constituents)
22.5g mustard powder (pseudomonas)
18g natures fury (staph/strep)
13.5g garlic powder (mycoplasma)
10.5g lavender powder  (haemophilis)

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