"Expanded Testing" Catch-22 for Reopening Country

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It seems even the president has been fooled by CDC/WHO propoganda that we need "expanded testing" in order to reopen the economy.

We now know what many of us have suspected, that nearly everyone "has" coronavirus.  Whether this means the testing can't discriminate between COVID and other common cold viruses, or they are spraying the virus from aircraft in "chemtrails", one thing is for certain, expanded testing will give inflated infection numbers.

So as Trump and other deluded governers push for expanded testing in order to reopen the economy if the infection numbers stay low, this can never happen.  The more testing done the more infection numbers will go up since studies suggest 1/3 of the country already has been exposed to "Corona".

That is the ploy, make it so the country will be in forced shutdown as long as possible so those betting against the economy and picking winners can profit even more.

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