Deep State Trying to break off Antarctic Glacier causing 10 ft global sea rise

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As they say, if you can't make it, fake it.  That is exactly what the deep state has been doing with coronavirus and what they will do with global warming.  Not only do we know that global warming is a scam, but we know the mini ice age aka GSM is here.  But the deep state rulers want to fake a climate emergency by breaking off the Thwaites Glacier causing sea levels to rise by 10-13 feet.  Not because of global warming, but because "seismic testing" that uses nitroglycerine explosives ignited in a line across the glacier to "map topography".  Sure the concussion of the blasts can be use to measure distances and map the underlying land mass of antartica, but also these blasts will create cracks in the ice leading to the eventual breaking off of this glacier.  In this article of "Doomsday Glacier" they admit they are stringing nitroglycerine explosions in a line across the glacier!  This will keep continuing over the years leading to a weakening of the glacier and it's eventual collapse.  Who is funding this "Research"?  And how is it getting approved?  Expect 10-13 ft sea rise in the next couple decades if this "research" continues...

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