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Here in Los Angeles County they did a widespread antibody test and it appears preliminary data shows the death rate is similar to the seasonal flu and comes in at 0.15%.  While this shows corona is no cause for concern, the common cold has about 4,500 death a year in the us with probably 100 million cases so it is quite a lot more deadly than the common cold.  However that is not a very fair comparison since most colds are caused by rhinovirus and not corona, so it is hard to discern a coronavirus typical death rate.

Los Angeles county death for coronavirus are at 663 currently.  The study estimates up to 440,000 adults have been infected here.  This gives us a rough death rate of 0.15%.  The seasional flu in the 2018-2019 flu season 35,000,000 were infected and 34,000 died.  Typically this number can get up to 45,000,000 cases and 45,000 deaths.  This puts the death rate around 0.1%.  At this point the total amount of deaths due to corona is also similar to the flu, with 45,000 deaths in the US this year.

So in terms of total deaths and death rate coronavirus is very similar to the flu.  At this point if we ran statistics there would be a high likelihood that there is no statistical difference between coronavirus and the flu in terms of how serious an illness it is.  Also we know that hospitals are incentivized to blame deaths on corona so the amount of coronavirus deaths may be inflated somewhat.

In conclusion coronavirus is no different from the flu both in total cases, total deaths, and death rate.  People are going to be quite upset about the blatant overreaction that not only stripped civil liberties in a way that has not happened since the Chinese interment camps in WW2, but also caused millions of people to loose thier jobs and will cause the greatest wave of homelessness in the US in history.  For what, a basic flu?

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