NatureHacker's Nutrient Solution (NNS) Open Source Hydroponic Fogponic Nutrients

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Not only will this solution be optimum for natural and possibly organic hydroponic plant growing, it could even be used possibly in plant cell cultures of various types.  The design philosophy here is a cheap, easy to mass produce, organically enhanced, fully natural (no artificial chelators), hydroponic solution which has the missing nutrition of all the Hoagland clones like General Hydroponics and others.  Also it will be a fully water soluble powder mix primarily, never a plastic jug on a shelf amidst the sea of others.

The most premium is a Freeze Dried Compost Tea, but that will be an order of magnitude more expensive than this.

We are going to start with a Hoagland-esce solution, but study plant cell culture medium and also use all knowledge we have and can gain of natural plant based extracts commonly used in the nutritional industry as well as the cell culture industry.

Makes 1 kg DRY MIX (add 5.9g of mix to 1 Liter of DI H20; 22.3g/Gal; 70g/3.2Gal; 1kg/46Gal
Designed to run at full strength with fogponics (ultrasonic fogger).  You can dilute to 1/2 strength if needed.
Check pH; should be 5.8-7.5
Add 1 tbsp 12.5% hydrogen peroxide per gallon of solution as a preservative at 0.05% and also root oxygenator.  Doing this the roots will also be high in catalase so the roots will be a valuable commodity as well.

Nitrogen 500ppm (239ppm from Nitrate) | Phosphorus 100 ppm | Potassium 200ppm | Sodium 180ppm | Calcium 260ppm | Magnesium 180ppm | Sulfur 95ppm | Chloride 30ppm | Iron 5.5ppm

263g     Calcium Nitrate tetrahydrate 54.46/25lb
127g     Magnesium Bis-Glycinate 
119g     Magnesium Sulfate Heptahydrate 6.49/6lb
102g     Sodium BHB
68g       Potassium Nitrate 19.95/4lb
65g       Monosodium Phosphate annhydrous
19g       Monopotassium phosphate 20/1lb
4.7g      Iron (II) Sulfate Heptahydrate 20/5lb
1.5g      Zinc Sulfate Heptahydrate 29.42/500g
1.36g    Manganese Chloride Tetrahydrate 28.94/500g
1.05g    Boric Acid 5.99/4oz
0.042g  Sodium Molybdenate dihydrate 20.95/25g
0.004g  Cobalt Chloride hexahydrate 12.95/15g
34g       Glycine (chelation of trace minerals) 21.99/2lb
17g       Glutamine
17g       Bacteriological Peptone
17g       Shilajit Extract (Humic and Fulvic acid) 61/100g
17g       MyoInositol 22.50/500g
17g       Bamboo extract (Silica) 10/50g
17g       Aloe Vera Extract (saponins, polysaccharides) 15/50g
15g       Dead sea salts (Bromine, Chloride, Low Sodium) 10.49/2lb
8g         Tryptophan
8g         Cystiene HCL
8g         Histadine Base
8g         Kelp extract (auxins, iodine) 17.49/8oz
8g         Yeast extract (B Vitamins) 15.80/100g
8g         Wheatgrass extract (Selenium) 10/50g
8g         Cacao Extract (Nickel and little Cobalt)
8g         Orange Juice Extract  (Citric Acid, Ascorbic Acid, and Sugar)
5g         Arginine base
5g         Tyrosine

It is $500+ to get all the chemicals to make multiple batches.  Shilajit very expensive may want to lower to 10g, if you do you will save 50 cents per 70g.

I developed it by looking at Murashige and Skoog medium (MS) and Hoagland's Solution.  MS Media is a plant cell culture media so is not just everything a normal plant needs, but everything it can use.  Ammonia is omitted and replaced with Nitrates because why should we work with nasty and volatile (not to mention highly regulated) ammonia when plants don't require it?  B vitamins are replaced with yeast extract which contains them.  EDTA that toxic and environmental persistant chelator is replaced with extra glycine which is an excellent natural Iron chelator.  Manganese is lowered since it can build up in plants to levels that aren't needed and potentially toxic to humans.  Sucrose is removed since adult plants don't need it, it adds tons of extra bulk (you can add it yourself if you are using this for cell culture), and will make our solution go bad quicker in nutrient tanks.  Dead Sea Salts (and Calcium Nitrate) are added instead of Calcium Chloride since they contain these minerals and other important ones including a bit of Sodium Chloride.  Copper Sulfate was removed because yeast extract and likely bamboo extract alone provided enough of this nutrient.  All of the extracts are added at intelligent but arbitrary levels so nutrient profiles of these should eventually be taken and levels adjusted accordingly.  Potassium iodide is replaced with Kelp Extract.  Extracts containing Silica and Selenium were added because who in their right mind thinks plants don't need these?

Dead sea salts set at 0.140 g/L so chloride is around 70ppm. Lowered Potassium nitrate and boosted calcium nitrate so I could raise potassium phosphate to be about 1/7th of the combined nitrates.

Lowered Potassium nitrate by 1 g/L and replaced it by 1.8g of amino acids since aminos on average have 1/3 the nitrogen as nitrate (potassium nitrate is 60% nitrate).

Sodium BHB is an all natural sodium source that contains a GABA precursor that may help the plants uptake more Nitrogen.  Also it is a Chloride free source of sodium since chloride over 30ppm hurts plants.  Also BHB (Beta-hydroxybutyrate) is a fatty acid so should help the plant generate fatty molecules.

Amino acids were added to maintain very high nitrogen but staying under 250ppm of Nitrate for plant health.  Also they help chelate minerals.

Magnesium Bis-Glycinate provides helpful glycine which is a great natural chelator amino acid and also provides a sulfate free magnesium source to keep sulfate under 100ppm.

My vision for this, besides just a great cheap organic hydroponic solution for everyone and getting people to produce food locally,  is countries in Africa can make this themselves, distribute it to their people, and Africa can become the "bread basket" (or at least vegetable basket) of the world.  I can see them excelling in hydroponics for their great sunlight and also work ethic of the people.  Also instead of other countries giving Africa food aid, why not give them these minerals which are much lighter to ship and the people can grow their own food?

Amazon list for Fogponic Setup:


plant culture media comparison

Plant cell culture media explanation

glycine based chelators

fogponic system, possibly use higher nutrient solution concentration without burning roots

solution chiller, plug into fogger timer up to 120 w.  Set temp 68 f.  68-75 is good range.

timer for fogger (start with 3 on 15 off) 1875w so plenty of overhead to power everything, use power strip.

floating fogger, sits in gallon bottle inside your 5 gal bucket 22w

Another whole setup in another 1 gallon jug inside 5 gallon bucket that uses distilled/RO water and is on a 1 min on 3 min off timer separate from other timers.  This is needed to keep humidity (RH) at a near constant 100%.  Any evaporation in our system can cause concentration of nutrient solution.The RO water is the one you want to run through the solution chiller.  The nute solution does not need to be chilled.

clippable grow lights

110v fan, need additional timer, plug fan timer into fogger timer and set fan timer 1 min on 1 min off so every minute you get the fan on but only during fogging cycle. 2w use lowest speed.

fan filters

fogger should sit inside cut in half and reattached gallon jug inside your 5 gallon bucket where the roots are.

50 gph pump for chiller, chiller and pump should plug into fogger timer 3w.

blumat nutrient spikes into the media holding roots

4.3 in net pot, 2 should fit per 5 gal bucket

cacao extract (or cape gooseberries) may be a source of cobalt

harmful synthetic chelators do the same thing glycine does, but worse

Chloride and Bromide overload cause cell swelling

GABA, similar to BHB, upregulates nitrogen uptake by roots

3-1-2 formulation talk

almond milk powder possible boron source

essential elements


Scurvy is more complicated than we think, Acetic acid, citric acid, lactic acid, insulin

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We are taught that scurvy is a simple ascorbic acid (Vit C) deficiency.  This is disingenuous.  As much as we love the ideas of "vitamins" being completely essential for our life, nature just doesn't work that way.  There are always alternatives that work.

In the case of vitamin C, it is an important antioxidant.  But also other similar antioxidants can work to stave off scurvy.  Supplemental insulin can stop scurvy, likely because glucose can be converted to glucoronolactone which can be converted into ascorbic acid, yes humans can make it.  Also the body ramps up citric acid production during scurvy since citric acid is also a antioxidant.  Romans knew that vinegar could prevent scurvy as acetic acid is an antioxidant much like ascorbic acid.  Lactic acid probably also could be a replacement for ascorbic and I would guess the body might upregulate it in scurvy as well. EDIT: Yup I was right lactic acid is upregulated during scurvy.

Anyway when you are told something is simple and cut and dry in biology you should find that funny.  Biology and nature is complex and there is always more than one way to skin a cat.


romans believed (rightly) that acetic acid prevents scurvy


lactic acid upregulated

scurvy in smokers and diabetes

Freeze-Dried Compost Tea: A Revolution in Organic Farming DERT

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Please scroll down and find the DERT tag link for all posts on this topic.

In this post we will be discussing the freeze drying of a compost tea.  This will be a product that I sell called DERT (Deep Earth Root Tonic) and which you can sell too since it is open source, which will be a water soluble organic hydroponic or aeroponic or aquaponic complete nutrient solution.

Why freeze dry a compost tea?  Freeze drying technology is typically reserved for high value pharmaceuticals like vaccines and very expensive heat sensitive proteins.  Less commonly it is used for long term food storage but is more of a novelty since a lb of freeze dried food is commonly over $100.  So why on earth would we freeze dry something as cheap and abundant as compost tea, which is basically a dirt extract and a plant food, not even animal grade let alone human?

Because it opens up an entirely new market.  Typically compost tea is used as a supplement for hydroponic systems or just to add to watering solution of soil grown crops.  But a new and developing use for it is as a nutrient solution replacement for hydroponics or aquaponics.  This has not caught on because the intricate and precise nutrient delivery systems quickly get gunked up with compost tea and has to be flushed and cleaned after each application which makes it for occasional use only - while the traditional salt based hydroponic nutrient solution can sit in lines and be fed constantly.

We are here to change that paradigm.  Compost tea, if properly formulated, is a complete plant nutrient that can fully replace synthetic hydroponic nutrient solution.  So lets overcome all the hurdles that face that use.  In organic soil based farming, plants can only absorb what water can extract from the soil.  So why not pre-extract the nutrients so the plants can focus just on growing and produce outstanding yields but still have a full spectrum of everything that a perfect soil provides?

Hurdle #1: Bacteria biofilms.  This is a tough one because of perceived notion that compost tea is ALL about live and active microbes.  If you are using the tea as a supplement for soil based farming then I can see why you believe this, the microbes produce enzymes which can help release nutrients from your soil.  However that is not our aim here.  We are using the microbes to break down compost during the production of compost tea.  Microbes are not needed after that step at all when used for hydroponics.  There is no soil in our hydroponic system for microbes to break down.  All of that is done before the nutrient solution is delivered to the plants.  Therefore we can kill bacteria and fungus or at least inactivate them with essential oils and/or hydrogen peroxide and/or other natural preservatives before putting them in the nutrient tank.  This eliminates biofilm and gunking up of the nutrient delivery system

Hurdle #2: Low concentration.  Typically a compost tea is not formulated to be a full replacement to a synthetic based hydroponic nutrient solution.  It is made at haphazard and low concentration.  Here we will use lots of starting material (around 7-8 cups of material per 3 gallons of water) and also will measure ppm to be between 1200 and 1600 for feeding plants in full flowering and fruit production stage.  Since primarily this will be a freeze dried soluble powder, a ppm meter can be used when reconstituting so the perfect ppm is reached for optimal growth.

Hurdle #3: Insufficient filtering of the compost tea.  Most compost tea is made either with compost and castings floating freely in the water, or a bag with a very porous mesh.  Floating particles ranging in size up to around 1mm are common.  To combat this and allow the solution to go through microsprayers used in even aeroponics, we will let all debris settle for up to 24 hours after the compost tea is made and a clear solution results.  Food Grade Diatomaceous earth (DE) will be added as a desiccant and preservative to our water soluble powder, but only at 400 mesh which is small enough to go through even the finest microsprayers (50 micron) without clogging.  The DE will also help the roots resist gram negative (ecoli) growth.

Hurdle #4: Shelf stability.  Hydroponic nutrient solutions can be sold as a powder or as a liquid that can sit in a jug for years and still be fine.  Compost tea turns bad (anaerobic) within as little as 24 hours after brewing.  This is complicated by the fact that "teanerds" believe so wholeheartedly that the live microbes are the only important thing in compost tea so they would never want to add (even natural) preservatives.  Well I come from a Molecular Biology background with a focus on Cellular biology so I know how important preserving biological activity is and that certain important enzymes and proteins can be deactivated when a solution is frozen - I witnessed this first hand.  However with certain precautions like adding threonine and serine (organic and natural amino acids) at under 1% can preserve almost all enzyme and protein activity during freeze drying.  Killing or inhibiting bacteria at this stage is fine since the plants use liberated nutrients as fuel for growth, not full bacteria.  The killed or inhibited or inactivated bacteria will release their DNA and RNA which I believe the plants can absorb and those will be preserved in the freeze dried powder to a great extent especially the DNA.  This is a hitherto unknown yet essential nutrient for sustained life on planet earth.  Yes plants (and animals and humans) can grow a couple generations without absorbing DNA from their food, but mutations will slowly overwhelm them over generations and the stock will eventually fail.  In the future it will be known that all life on this planet shares DNA and RNA and this is how "evolution" actually happens, not via mutations like Darwin thought.

Hurdle #5:  Limited Extraction Time.  As we know plant-microbe symbiosis breaks down and releases soil nutrients over years and decades.  However during compost tea production most runs are limited to 24 hours.  How can we expect to efficiently gather all the nutrients out of soil in this short time period?  We can't.  However, batch time is limited by "going anaerobic".  Many designs to introduce atmospheric air into the process has failed to allow extractions to go over a few days while preserving aerobic condition and therefore nitrate concentrations (when the tea goes anaerobic nitrates (nitrogen) is lost from the brew).  Here we will use a few new techniques.  Firstly we will add hydrogen peroxide at a concentration of roughly 0.05% once per day.  This will strongly help our brew stay aerobic.  Also oxygen gas can be added.  Another thing that will help which is brand new technology is Red Light.  Red light activates Cytochrome C Oxidase in aerobic bacteria and helps select for them while demoting anaerobic organisms.  Red grow lights can be easily purchased online and can be shined into our brew.

In conclusion we make a strong potent fully aerobic compost tea, make sure it is crystal clear (yet dark brown-black), add 0.2 grams of Serine per 100mL (23 grams if 3 gallon compost tea) of solution and 0.1 grams of threonine per 100mL of solution (11.5g if 3 gallon compost tea)  freeze dry it, mix in say 10 grams of <39 micron food grade diatomaceous earth as a natural moisture absorber and shelf stabilizer and grind the freeze dried tea into fine powder, store it up to a couple years in a cool dark place, then rehydrate it into a perfect ppm fully organically derived hydroponic nutrient solution.  Just 70 grams of this powder (a small handful) will reconstitute into roughly 10 gallons of full strength hydroponic nutrient solution and should be able to be sold at a profit for under $30.  We have overcome all apparent challenges and the revolution is nigh.

Again for more information scroll down and click the DERT tag for all posts related to this topic like how to make the compost tea.

Should test catalase activity (easy to do) before and after freeze drying to see how much loss of activity happens during freeze drying and optimize additives accordingly.

Catalase activity (model protien) after freeze drying lyophilization (pH 7-8 best, 0.5g/mL of Serine and 0.1g/mL Threonine)

optimum droplet size for aeroponics 50 micron

400 mesh (to screen food grade diatomaceous earth) gives particle size of 39 micron

droplet size roughly equal to opening size, 70 micron drop needs 200 mesh filtration

Diatomaceous earth 10-200 micrometer

400 mesh (39 micrometer) sieve

effect of freeze drying in kiefer microorganism survival (galactose 10%)

effect on freeze dyting on lactobaccilis and yeast (yeast extract 4% bacteria, 2.5% sodium glutamate yeast)

effect of freeze drying bifidobacterium (low pH) (sorbitol 15% best)

silica in hydroponics (like food grade diatomaceous earth)

Medical uses for Red Light Therapy Near-Infared including COVID19 Coronavirus

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I just want to get on record some potential uses of Red Light and/or Near Infared therapy so they cannot be patented in devices or in treatments.  This is the wavelength range of 610-1100 nm.  I will refer to this entire range as Red Light Therapy (RLT).  Any type of light source can be used in this from lasers to LED's and anything else.  Any type of power level can be used from low power to high power to very high power.

This can be used alone or in conjunction with herbs that also fight anaerobics like peppermint, cinnamon, rosemary, orange oil, lavender, etc.  These herbs can be applied topically, be inhaled, or be taken internally.

How it works:  Red light therapy stimulates the Cytochrome Oxidase system in mitochondria and in aerobic bacteria.  This promotes Aerobic life and thus downregulates anaerobic.  Several human pathogens are anaerobic including the infamous Haemophilus which not only causes disease on its own, it makes one susceptible to viruses such as Coronavirus and others.  Boosting mitochondrial function by RLT also will help improve natural immunity.  In terms of shifting microbial balance away from anaerobic oxidase negative bacteria, oxygen therapy can also accomplish this goal in places such as mucus membranes that can accept oxygen including eyes, nasal, throat, rectum, etc.

RLT can penetrate the body to an extent so these treatments can be done on the surface of the body near where they are needed (say on the chest and/or back for treating the lungs) or they can be directed using fiberoptics or other means to get the light deeper inside the body such as fiberoptics directing RL into the nasal cavity.

1.  Baldness.  This has already been done, red light is used in a comb or hat to promote cellular metabolism and recovery but also works probably by shifting the microbial ratios including downregulating anaerobics like haemophilus and also boosting immunity.

2.  Nasal and Throat Treatment.  Haemophilus loves living in the nasal cavity and getting infected with viruses giving you the common cold and other coronaviruses.  RLT will shift the microbial balance away from anaerobics like Haemo.  Facemasks that emit RLT can be used for this.

3.  Lung treatment.  Again Haemo loves living in the lungs.  As we know oxygen treatment is beneficial (including in viruses like Covid) to shift the balance away from anaerobic bacteria, RLT will accomplish the same thing.  Lasers and/or fiberoptics and/or LED's or other ways to get red light into the lungs can accomplish this.  Also bands that go around the torso or even clothing that emit RLT can be used for this.

4.  Eye treatment.  We know bacteria live in the eye socket and even some potentially in the vitreous fluid in the eye causing astigmatism, worsening vision, pink eye, increased intraocular eye pressure, and other things.  Red light therapy can be used to shift the microbial balance away from anarobics and improve immunity in the eyes.  Eye mask that emit RLT can be used for this.

5.  Mouth treatment.  We know anaerobics cause teeth sensitivity and possibly other problems in the mouth.  Red light mouth guards and other RLT methods in the mouth could help treat these things.  Even braces or other orthodontic appliances could emit RLT.

6.  Stiff neck.  Haemophilus and/or other anaerobics cause stiff neck and upper back pain according to my experience.  RLT can be applied to these areas to penetrate into the affected structures to down regulate this bacteria and hence the symptoms, may also work for "humpback" disease.  Something that covers the neck and/or shoulder blades and/or shoulders and/or cervical area or anywhere on the upper back that emits red light can be used.

7.  Lower back pain.  Lower back pain is virtually always caused by kidney infection likely by anaerobic bacteria like proteus.  Applying RLT to the lower back especially in proximity to the kidneys can help shift microbial balance away from these pathogenic anaerobics.  Lumbar straps or belts that emit RLT can be used for this.

8.  Intestinal treatment.  Anaerobics can play a big part in gut health or the lack thereof.  Oxidase negative Streptococcus (S. Bovis type) of bacteria have been implicated in colon cancer so red light therapy can be used to treat that.  Unfortunately parasites and worms rely on Wolbachia to infect which is an aerobic oxidase positive bacteria and thus cannot be overcome with RLT.  Belts like hernia belts that emit RLT can be used for this also endoscopes that use fiberoptics or other methods to get RLT into the Colorectal area can be used.

9.  Reproductive tract.  I don't have any evidence for this but anaerobic infection of the reproductive tract in both males and females might have something to do with fertility or infertility.  Research should be done in this topic and if anaerobic can cause issues in the reproductive tract, RLT can be used to help.  Chairs that emit rel light can be used for this or any purpose.  Also fiberoptics or other methods can be used to deliver RLT in these areas internally.

In general red light blankets and mattress pads can also be used.  While this may not help anything specifically it can help recharge your cells and help you sleep, likely helping with insomnia.

Some other applications of RLT

Skin conditions - RLT clothes or treatments or dressings
Wounds - RLT wound dressing or pads applied to wounds to speed healing (prevents anaerobic)
Arthritis -  RLT Gloves or joint braces
Head and brain - RLT hats, beanies, headscarfs, bandannas, scarf
Surgery - RLT lights for prevention of infection or speeding of healing
Underwear and other garments - RLT garments


H2O2 and Deep Red Near-Infared Light in Compost Tea Recipe

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The main benefit to using Aerobic promoters like red light, Hydrogen Peroxide, and citrus peel and roemary during your compost digest is to allow you to extract for longer without going anaerobic, thus getting all the goodies out of your mix while also preventing Nitrogen loss from Anaerobic digestion.

The downside is that it does cost marginally more to use these tactics.

While your tea is brewing add just under 1/4 cup of 12.5% h2o2 once per day (once every 24 hours) per ~3 gallons compost tea.  This equates to around 0.05% concentration and will get used up quickly by the enzymes in the brew digesting the h2o2 into oxygen.  This will help keep the brew extra aerobic thus preventing spoilage and denitrification.  It also helps with the extraction of humic acid from the humates in the worm casting and forest humus.

After completed (I suggest 7-14 days) add 1/2 cup to the brew which equates to 0.1% h2o2 and then let the brew settle for 24 hours so it is nice and clear before bottling.  At this concentration it should help act as a natural and beneficial preservative to prevent the brew from going anaerobic and breaking down your nitrates during prolonged storage.  A drop of rosemary essential oil and a drop of orange essential oil shaken in every liter can also help prevent spoilage as it inhibits anaerobic bacteria such as pseudomonas and some forms of bacillis.  If some bacteria die at this point it's fine - we used the bacteria to extract all nutrients from our components and the dead bacteria will release their dna and rna into the brew which can help the plant both repair its own genetics and prevent mutations and also improve it's genetics for the next generation (seeds).

What I'm realizing is that firstly plants don't absolutely require anything besides minerals, however oxidized vitamins and oxidized energy sources are perfect food for plants as the plants can easily reduce them to their active form themselves using energy from photosynthesis.

In addition to the hydrogen peroxide another potential discovery is to use deep red and/or near infared light during your compost tea brewing to also promote an oxygenated brew.  This light seems to activate cytochrome c oxidase energy systems in all lifeforms and only oxidase positive bacteria have this system.  Since red light boosts this system, it promotes aerobic digestion which preserves nitrates.

Red light cytochrome c oxidase

Preserving milk with h2o2 at about .04%


NatureHacker's Organic Actively Aerated Compost Tea Recipe (AACT) for Microbulator and Airlift

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**IMPORTANT: This design is untested and should be considered a 0.1 recipe.  After actually making this I'm sure many changes will be made over time.**

ALSO  IMPORTANT: It appears that aerated compost tea has more extracted but nitrogen is lost (video link near bottom).  Hydrogen peroxide (and likely red light also promotes aerobic vs anaerobic) will combat this but just the aeration process seems to kick a bit of the nitrogen out.  Alfalfa, soybean meal, and cottonseed meal are great Nitrogen sources.  I am adding pea protein powder for a very concentrated protein (nitrogen) source.  The addition of rosemary and lemon peel powder (in addition to h2o2 and red light) should also prevent denitrification, should be tested.  If nitrogen is lost too much even with these precautions, nitrogen (protein) containing ingredients can always be added in the last 24 hours of brewing instead of at the beginning.

This is designed for making a nutritionally complete compost tea base that is to be run in airlift actively aerated compost tea maker like microbulator for up to 2 weeks.  Designed to give a finished product that will never "turn".  Simply run machine for up to 2 weeks (including with deep red light and hydrogen peroxide addition, see future posts), strain through 800 mesh, add a few tbsp of 12.5% hydrogen peroxide, let sit undisturbed 1 day, and bottle (dark) clear top liquid.  After diluting properly for feeding adjust pH to 7.0 using food grade phosphoric acid or preferably unfiltered apple cider vinegar.

The strained and stabilized product (via peroxide addition to prevent anaerobic growth) is designed to be used as a sole nutrient source in an inert growth media hydroponic or aeroponic system.  These systems typically used chemical defined nutrient solution which does not provide everything the plant needs and while growth and fruits may seem big and good, the product lacks quality.  This is designed to change that.

Why not just use compost (worm castings) and molasses like MicrobeMan says? Because MicrobeMan thinks all we care about is microbes which isn't what we want in this case.  In this case we are using the microbes to help extract humates and nutrients to make a full spectrum organic nutrient solution, not as a simple microbial soil additive.  We are using the microbes to extract beneficial nutrients during our run (not in the soil after this is poured onto it) and also using the microbes as a preservative for our final solution to be shelf stable.  Also the microbes provide DNA and RNA which are a hidden and currently unknown essential nutrients for all life.

Optimally run in a Actively Aerated Compost Tea Brewer like mini microbulator found here

1cup worm castings (0.6-0.7-0.2) (N-P-K)
1cup forest humus (0-0-0)
1cup alfalfa meal (2-1-2)
1cup pinto bean compost (~3-~2-~4)
1cup wheat bran (2.4/2.9/1.6)  (best vegan/safe source of phosphorus, also energy source for bacteria)
1/2cup Pea protein powder (basically pure nitrogen)
1/2cup Aspergillus powder (high nitrogen but most importantly vegan Chitin; mushroom powder alt.)
1/2cup Kelp meal (provides iodine and growth factors)
1/4cup Wheat Germ (vitamin E, sunflower is alternative)
1/4cup Brewers yeast (B vitamins esp thiamine, sunflower is alternative)
1/4cup Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth (Dessicant, prevents clumping and spoiling
1/4cup Rock Dust (another dessicant and provides calcium and other minerals)
1Tbsp Citrus Peel Powder (reduce pseudo and Baccilis -denitrification- and add vit C)
1Tbsp Rosemary powder (reduce pseudomonas -denitrification-)
1/2Tbsp Mediterranean Sea Salt (Sodium Source around 0.5%)
1/2Tbsp Dead Sea Salt (Bromine Source)

(possibly neem seed meal 6-1-2)

~8 cups per 3-4 gallon brew (in 5 gal bucket)

shoot for 1200-1600 ppm and dilute as necessary down to min of 100 for seedlings and near zero for flushing and full strength for flowering.

Vol up to 3-4 Gal with chlorine free and fluoride free water, run airlift up to 2 weeks or until EC (electrical conductivity) and pH and TDS stabilizes.  pH should rise during run which is essential to extracting humic acid. strain through 800 mesh, add a few tbsp of 12.5% hydrogen peroxide, let sit undisturbed 1 day, and bottle (dark) clear top liquid.  After diluting properly for feeding adjust pH to 6.5-7.5 (6.5-7.0 if using alkaline substrate outlined below) using food grade phosphoric acid or preferably citric acid or most preferably unfiltered but sterilized (heated) apple cider vinegar (acetic acid is the best energy source besides formic acid), since pH is going to raise the mother in the acetic acid will reactivate so this is why it should be killed before adding.  Why pH down after final dilution?  Because the high pH not only helps preserve the nutrient solution, but also makes sure heavy metals precipitate out of solution and are discarded.

Open Source Boogie Brew also a great recipe (video)

Substrate for roots to grow in:

5cup extracted strained solids of Compost Tea
3cup pumice
2cup nut shells
1cup crushed oyster shell
1cup granulated activated carbon
1/2cup glacial rock dust
1/4 cup greensand

trying to get media dense enough to hold water well especially with water spikes

aspergillus powder

Dead Sea Salt

Mediteranian Sea Salt

Brewers Yeast

Wheat Germ

pea protein 15$/2lb

wheat bran 50$/25lb

alfalfa meal 30$/6.5 lb

forest humus

earthworm casting .6/.7/.2

pinto compost 18$/11lb

kelp meal 20$/3lb

sunflower seed meal 22$/2lb

NPK of everything

Hydrogen peroxide removes heavy metals (cases to precipitate and sink in solution)

Science Paper Aerated compost tea

extracting humic acid from lignite

AACT reduces nitrogen in the compost

organic nitrogen sources

denitrifying bacteria, oxygen slows denitrification

nitrifying bacteria light sensitive blue and uv

nitrification and denitrification

microbe catalyst contains feather meal and alfalfa for high N

co2 increases denitrification

denitrifiers Thiobacillus denitrificans, Micrococcus denitrificans, and some species of Serratia, Pseudomonas, and Achromobacter even bacillis (3rd link below)

pseudomonas essential oils cinnamon and  rosemary and citrus

lemon and rosemary pseudomonas

lemon baccilis

kjedahl nitrogen not largely reduced in AACT

glacial rock dust


crushed oyster shell


pecan shells

granular activated carbon

boogie brew is a good designer too

rosemary herb powder

bitter orange peel powder

organic hydroponic video

Blumat water spikes

PPM meter

humic acid is a pH buffer 5.5-8 max at 6

pH 7-7.5 probably ideal for hydro

sphingomonas denitrifies when oxygen is low or nitrite is present

Pure compost tea media beats pure synthetic media

Where to buy Organic Solution worm castings

deacetylation of chitin is bad for plat immunity


Improved Airlift Aerated Compost Tea Bioreactor process US7972839B2 active Microbulator

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I kill patents.  That is what I do.  I believe that everyone has the right to make or sell whatever they want.  Unfortunately the US government along with other world governments will enforce monopolies in the form of patents.

Here we are killing US 7972839 B2.  Why are we killing this patent?  Because it is useful and I believe it is a human right to make aerated compost tea.  Why aerated?  Because it is a cheap and efficient way to select for aerobic microorganisms which tend to not stink and perhaps be safer for plant growth.  Also aerobics can do more work since they gain more ATP from digestion.

Why not a simple bubbler instead of this messy version?  Because we need both medium shear mixing (avoid high shear since it may kill the microbes) and aeration and this design accomplishes both.

How are we going to kill the patent?  Firstly this patent is easily killed because of words like "vertical" and "resting on the bottom" in the patent claims.  All you have to do is make a version where the pipe is not perfectly vertical or the apparatus is suspended in the tank and not resting on the bottom and you kill the patent.  However I tend not to like to use these methods as they are sort of up to interpretation and the patent holder may still be bold enough to make a lawsuit.  So I tend to want to make significant improvements, not just arbitrary changes, to the process.

So our way of killing this patent is remove a piece essential to the patents claims, an air diffuser.

The major disadvantage to the patentee's device is that it creates a splashy inconsistent air/water mixture in the vertical tube.  In order to fix this air stones can be used to cover the water intake (not air) or a mesh or something the help disburse the water that the air pump pulls in via vacuum.  But the method we will use which I believe will be significantly better will be holes in line with the piping in which water can be pulled in via fast airflow created by the air pump.

So how do we get around the patent?  No air diffusers are used.

This is a requirement of a claim of the patent:
"an air diffuser secured inside said pipe junction by means of glue which is provided air from the air pump by means of a tubing;"


"a second air diffuser proximal to the bottom of the vessel which is also connected to the air pump and is capable of bubbling air when submerged in water;"

So if we are not using any air diffusers, the patent is null in void.  Air diffusers are not needed as the system is an air system, this is an error by the patentee.  What would help would be water diffusers instead of the big hole openings for water to be pulled up, smaller and more dispersed holes would be an improvement.  Obviously holes too small will get clogged, but holes of a centimeter or so in diameter should be just fine.

So we improved and killed the patent.  We improved it by making smaller holes inline with the tube instead of giant holes out of line of the tube, and we subverted the patent by not using any unnecessary air diffusers.

Future development can include vortexing or mixing baffles or whatnot around the water intake hole area inside or outside the tube to mix the water into the air column as finely as possible while not restricting flow significantly enough to get buildup.


Why Ventilators kill Coronavirus patients but Oxygen saves

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As we have discussed previously oxygen saves lives from coronavirus.  The way this works is that anaerobic bacteria, primarily Haemophilus, overgrows greatly due to any coronavirus infection.  This bacteria is what causes the majority of problems in any sort of coronavirus infection.  Oxygen prohibits this bacteria from growing since providing oxygen does not allow for anaerobic (oxygen hating) organisms to grow.

So why does atmospheric pressure oxygen masks help by providing oxygen but forced breathing ventilators hurt patients?

Because there is a reason the human body restricts breathing during sickenss, because the tissue is fragile and rough expansion may cause microscopic tears in the lung tissue allowing the haemophilus and other bacteria and virus present to enter the blood stream and the patient can become septic.  It should be obvious that forcing a patients lungs full of air while the lungs are in rough shape and likely filled with fluid is a bad idea.

In conclusion oxygen can help prevent the growth of the bacteria that is supercharged by coronavirus, sars, mers, or Covid-19.  This oxygen should be administered at atmospheric pressure (masks have holes in them) and the patient should breathe as deeply as they can without pain.  Force filling patients lungs with air that are sick will absolutely lead to morbidity and mortality.

Is this not obvious?  Is the pushing of ventilators by the CDC and WHO and other Deep State organizations not meant to increase the death toll unnecessarily and make this into a worse crisis than it actually is?


Deep State Trying to break off Antarctic Glacier causing 10 ft global sea rise

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As they say, if you can't make it, fake it.  That is exactly what the deep state has been doing with coronavirus and what they will do with global warming.  Not only do we know that global warming is a scam, but we know the mini ice age aka GSM is here.  But the deep state rulers want to fake a climate emergency by breaking off the Thwaites Glacier causing sea levels to rise by 10-13 feet.  Not because of global warming, but because "seismic testing" that uses nitroglycerine explosives ignited in a line across the glacier to "map topography".  Sure the concussion of the blasts can be use to measure distances and map the underlying land mass of antartica, but also these blasts will create cracks in the ice leading to the eventual breaking off of this glacier.  In this article of "Doomsday Glacier" they admit they are stringing nitroglycerine explosions in a line across the glacier!  This will keep continuing over the years leading to a weakening of the glacier and it's eventual collapse.  Who is funding this "Research"?  And how is it getting approved?  Expect 10-13 ft sea rise in the next couple decades if this "research" continues...


Coronavirus Death rate only 0.15% - Scamdemic

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Here in Los Angeles County they did a widespread antibody test and it appears preliminary data shows the death rate is similar to the seasonal flu and comes in at 0.15%.  While this shows corona is no cause for concern, the common cold has about 4,500 death a year in the us with probably 100 million cases so it is quite a lot more deadly than the common cold.  However that is not a very fair comparison since most colds are caused by rhinovirus and not corona, so it is hard to discern a coronavirus typical death rate.

Los Angeles county death for coronavirus are at 663 currently.  The study estimates up to 440,000 adults have been infected here.  This gives us a rough death rate of 0.15%.  The seasional flu in the 2018-2019 flu season 35,000,000 were infected and 34,000 died.  Typically this number can get up to 45,000,000 cases and 45,000 deaths.  This puts the death rate around 0.1%.  At this point the total amount of deaths due to corona is also similar to the flu, with 45,000 deaths in the US this year.

So in terms of total deaths and death rate coronavirus is very similar to the flu.  At this point if we ran statistics there would be a high likelihood that there is no statistical difference between coronavirus and the flu in terms of how serious an illness it is.  Also we know that hospitals are incentivized to blame deaths on corona so the amount of coronavirus deaths may be inflated somewhat.

In conclusion coronavirus is no different from the flu both in total cases, total deaths, and death rate.  People are going to be quite upset about the blatant overreaction that not only stripped civil liberties in a way that has not happened since the Chinese interment camps in WW2, but also caused millions of people to loose thier jobs and will cause the greatest wave of homelessness in the US in history.  For what, a basic flu?


How to clean and Purify Tap Water

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This method should (has not been formally tested) reduce contaminants in tap water by roughly 99%.

This method has been tested and tuned and creates great tasting water that tastes like literally nothing.


1 Gallon Tap water (save those gallon jugs)

2 Drops 15% Lugol's iodine

20 drops acidic silica

3 heaping tsp activated charcoal

After adding these ingredients shake intermittently for 10+ mins

1 tsp magnesium oxide

Shake for a minute and set aside and let settle 15 hours+

Decant clear water into another clean jug.  Stop pouring when black sludge at the bottom starts coming up.

Drink clear and delicious water!

(similar to my old post)

"Expanded Testing" Catch-22 for Reopening Country

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It seems even the president has been fooled by CDC/WHO propoganda that we need "expanded testing" in order to reopen the economy.

We now know what many of us have suspected, that nearly everyone "has" coronavirus.  Whether this means the testing can't discriminate between COVID and other common cold viruses, or they are spraying the virus from aircraft in "chemtrails", one thing is for certain, expanded testing will give inflated infection numbers.

So as Trump and other deluded governers push for expanded testing in order to reopen the economy if the infection numbers stay low, this can never happen.  The more testing done the more infection numbers will go up since studies suggest 1/3 of the country already has been exposed to "Corona".

That is the ploy, make it so the country will be in forced shutdown as long as possible so those betting against the economy and picking winners can profit even more.


Is Mandatory Mask Wearing during Coronavirus a Muslim Conspiracy?

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We know there is a religion that mandates the wearing of facial coverings, Islam.  So for Mayor Eric Garcetti to mandate facial coverings hearkens to that religion and it is easy to make that connection.  However what really struck me as odd is this article where Garcetti outlines the "5 Pillar's" of return to normalcy.  Just so happens that there is a religion that has "5 Pillars", again, Islam.

I tend to see a strong link between Garcetti and Islamic Law.  I hope he is not trying to impose Sharia on Los Angeles.

Hunger Strike to Protest Draconian Unconstitutional Mask Mandate Los Angeles LA

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In an absolutely ridiculous move Eric Garcetti, the mayor of LA, made it illegal via executive order to buy food or water without a mask.  This makes conscientious objection to the ridiculous Corona-Hype a crime not only punishable by jail but also by starvation.

What more can conscientious objectors do but visit only stores that defy this order and allow you in, or start a hunger strike?  This is exactly what I am going to do as I refuse to perpetuate this hoax and just go along like a sheep.  If this is the sword I die on then it will be a good one.

The real reason for this is not to keep anyone safe, but to train their Spy algorithms in use with security camera's to be able to identify faces by eyes only.  This is what China has done during this pandemic and the Deep State in America wants this technology here as well.

Resistance is happening and we have to take a stand for what we believe in.

Full List of unconstitutional mask mandates across the country.

Why Social Distancing, Face Masks, and Economic Shutdown is all a Ploy

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You may have been wondering if there is some sort of ulterior motive for shutting down the economy because of Coronavirus (COVID), mandating social distancing, facemasks, and shutdowns.  You would be right.  You may think it is to make Trump loose the election by blaming the outbreak on his muffled response to the virus and also the economic calamity that followed.  That may be part of the picture, but you have to realize this conspiracy is much deeper and spans up to a century in the past.

I am not going to find and parse all the links from secret societies (deep state) over the last century, but they are there if you want to search for them.  The point here is to understand the motives and predict an endgame scenario that the Deep State envisions for the world.

Social Distancing and Shutdown have been proven to be fake since Mexico defied these orders and their new cases have dropped faster than almost any other country https://wuflu.live/ These orders were designed to kill global GDP, not to keep people safe.  Sweden also believes herd immunity by exposure to the virus beats herd mentality

We know that the Mini Ice Age has already begun.  As early as 2006 we started seeing less consistency in the weather which is a result of reduced solar activity.  Here in 2020 with the ice age about halfway ramped up, we notice that the entire year is basically one season.  We could have a cold spell in july and a hot streak in december.  As we get closer to the apex of the GSM (grand solar minimum) this will get even more pronounced.  You can assume what this will do the the food supply.  Also this will impact seasonal sicknesses like flu (influenza) and cold's (corona).

Global Warming is a Strawman and the Deep State knows fully well the GSM that we are actually entering.  But they can't allow the plebs (you and I) to know what is actually happening because then we wouldn't take their poison pill.

They know that global production will not be able to support the entire world's population at this time.  So what is thier solution?  Kill off the non-essentials and enslave the rest by destroying democracies.  How nice of them.  Yes instead of dip into their trillions to help create a more robust system, they would rather keep all their money and just kill off half the population instead.  The first stage is to kill these people's jobs.  This stage has already gone into full force and don't be mistaken that they will let up their death grip on the economy.  Another facet of this is to infect people with man-made bioterrorism agents like COVID-19 and only let the wealthy have access to testing and treatment (drug shortages will keep the lowly from getting treatment).  Likely in the near future we will find more ways they are trying to put the squeeze on the world's population.

Well there is something we can do to fight this.  You and I who have the means to help, need to.  We need to save all our money and free time and devote that to helping the less fortunate survive this time.  It is in all of our best interest that the more people survive this time the better off our species will be in the next era.  Wanting to kill off certain people so there will  be more resources left for the surviving few is a fool's game and it will always lead to extinction like the Easter Island event (rapa nui extinction).

Let us choose life and choose to help everyone around us make it through this time of hardship, and we all will benefit.


Nikola Tesla Predicted Muon Catalyzed Fusion

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"If anything of considerable practical value is ever achieved in this direction it will be by the use of quasi-intelligent agent causing a sorting and regimentation of the particles and their orderly arrangement as required in the formation of a new structure. Such a power is possessed by a catalist and it will be eventually harnessed and controlled successfully for all sorts of purposes."

Here is the context of the quote from his paper on electro-static generators:

While it is quite evident that exceptionally favorable conditions for accurate observation will be realized in this instrument, it is highly probable that the attempts to smash the atomic nucleus and to transmute elements will yield results of doubtful value. Certainly, much of the ingenuity and skill now devoted to these illusionary tasks might be better employed. The nucleus is a neutral body consisting of tightly packed particles of the same kind which were originally positive and negative. When the body is smashed the particles again acquire their charges, without distinction, and instantly form neutral pairs so that we have nothing for our pains. It is folly to expect useful results from transmutation brought about through such bombarding of targets. If anything of considerable practical value is ever achieved in this direction it will be by the use of quasi-intelligent agent causing a sorting and regimentation of the particles and their orderly arrangement as required in the formation of a new structure. Such a power is possessed by a catalist and it will be eventually harnessed and controlled successfully for all sorts of purposes.

I added this line to the history of muon catalyzed fusion article in wikipedia:
[[Nikola Tesla]]<ref>{{cite magazine |first=Nikola |last=Tesla |authorlink=Nikola Tesla |title=Possibilities of Electro-Static Generators |magazine=Scientific American |volume=March |year=1934 |pages=115, 132-134, 163-165 |url=https://teslauniverse.com/nikola-tesla/articles/possibilities-electro-static-generators }}</ref> predicted the use of a catalyst in electric nuclear transmutation experiments in 1934.

2 of Nikola Tesla's most improtant inventions

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I had the impression that tesla's work on triboelectric generators and levitation of a induction coil were his two most important inventions.  Firstly it appears tesla called triboelectric generators "electro-static" generators.  And here is an article he wrote on it.


Secondly I couldn't find anything about tesla's work on levitation, perhaps this was unpulished work he was doing that was stolen by the government at his death.

My take on it is this: a pulsing electromagnet will levitate any induction coil (at it's simplest just a copper coil) above it.  This should be on a track to keep the levatated object from flying away (but doesn't have to be if the pulsing electromagnet (in combination with non pulsing or non electromagnets if desired) is designed in a parabolic or U shape to properly contain the car's potential movements.  Tesla might also have been working on wireless power that could effect the copper coiled track-car, but I think a pulsing electromagnet would be the most practical.

Why a magnet and a coil?  Well if you have ever dropped a neodymium magnet through a copper pipe you will know that a moving magnet past a conductor induces a charge in the conductor and will therefore use up some kinetic (gravitational) energy.  So we could place a coil above a magnet and the coil will slowly fall onto the magnet.  However if we move the magnet up with respect to the coil, we could push the coil upwards.  If we vibrate the magnet up and down we might achieve stable levatation of the coil.  In the same way, a pulsing electromagnet is just like a magnet that is vibrating up and down since the magnetic field will contract and expand.


Why Simple Oxygen Saved Boris Johnson from Coronavirus

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So we have cracked the code of viruses - they require bacterial carriers to infect the human body efficiently.  In the case of corona we have figured out that haemophilis and streptococcus are the greatest synergistic partners with corona (also pseudomonas and mycoplasma may be involved).

You can tell someone who has a high burden of haemophilus.  They look kind of hunched over and have a stiff neck.  Haemophilus may also be related to the "humpback" disease of old (likely from type B but currently nontypable is the most common type) but that is beyond the scope of this.  Also it may be related to strabismus (crossed eyes).

So you can tell that Boris Johnson is someone who is a high carrier of Haemo just by his look and posture.  Haemophilus is a anaerobic bacteria.

We know from the scientific research that haemophilus is enhanced greatly from coronaviruses in general and also we can assume that corona is reciprocally helped from the haemo overgrowth it causes.

Since haemo is an anaerobic bacteria it cannot grow in elevated oxygen levels.  So the doctors and medics treating Boris gave him oxygen, and this oxygen prevented and probably reversed the overgrowth of haemophilus in the lungs caused by corona infection, thus leading Boris' condition to improve.

Oxygen therapy is absolutely a good front line treatment for coronavirus.  There are better natural alternatives (like harmony) but given that the current healthcare system has its hands tied and can only do basic care and big pharma drugs, it is a good option.  Oxygen therapy combined with penicillin (for strep) and rifampicin (for haemo) should make this virus virtually fully treatable.

South Korea Concur's with oxygen therapy:


Harmony 1.0 First Release Version

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So this isn't too complicated, basically it is the minimum required ingredients to keep the gut and body healthy from viruses and bacteria.  This has been in development for around a decade.  Feels kind of anti-climactic that this is the recipe after all those years but it was a process of finding what works and the minimum and cheapest way to formulate it.

1.0 First Release version!

serving up to 10g per day

5g Potassium Citrate
1.5g Mustard powder
1.2g Nature's Fury (mix of gynostemma extract and tribulus extract)
0.9g Garlic powder
0.9g Broccoli seed powder
0.7g Ginger powder
0.7g Lavender powder

x15 batch

75g Potassium Citrate
22.5 Mustard
18g Nature's Fury
13.5g Garlic
13.5g Broccoli Seed
10.5 Ginger
10.5 Lavender

Minimum version to fight Corona

4g potassium citrate (helps extraction of herbal constituents)
1.5g mustard powder (pseudomonas)
1.2g natures fury (staph/strep)
0.9g garlic powder (mycoplasma)
0.7g lavender powder  (haemophilis)

x15 batch

60g potassium citrate (helps extraction of herbal constituents)
22.5g mustard powder (pseudomonas)
18g natures fury (staph/strep)
13.5g garlic powder (mycoplasma)
10.5g lavender powder  (haemophilis)

I think I was exposed to Corona and beat it in 10 minutes

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So I'm going to tell you some things about virus that no one seems to understand currently.  Firstly Virus is actually bad at infecting human cells.  Typically virus lives and thrives in a bacterial community.  Virus then uses bacteria's entry into the bloodstream via various ways to "hitch a ride" into the body.  What you have to understand is that cell membranes and defenses like mucosa are actually miles thick for a virus to try to cross, and viruses are not very mobile.  This is why they require bacteria to infect efficiently.

It is similar to the bubonic plague.  We know that was caused by a bacteria however the bacteria was not very mobile.  It required fleas to get inside the body but also even the fleas couldn't cross large distances and rats were required to carry the fleas.

In this same way virus needs multiple carriers to infect.  In terms of Corona; droplets in the air are the first way to carry it large distances.  I believe it is actually being delivered in the air possibly from chemtrails as a bioweapon which I will get into why I believe this in a second.  Secondly virus in general needs bacteria to infect in the body.  There is research that strongly links various coronavirus' with certain types of bacteria primarily streptococcus, stapylococcus, and haemophilus.  If we wipe these bacteria out, much like wiping out the fleas and rats of the bubonic plague era, we nullify the virus.

Now there is a little complexity that I don't understand about how exactly corona interacts with bacteria.  It appears according to the research that bacterial presence enhances coronavirus infection, but it also seems that coronavirus enhances certain bacterial proliferation such as haemophilus and possibly streptococcus.  So there may be a mutual enhancement by either.

Right now, as in starting yesterday, Corona may be being spread to at least California, likely the whole US by the Trump Administration ( I think NY was hit without Trump knowing).  The reason I think this is because Trump and heads of departments have been saying this upcoming week would be the worst for the US.  Also Trump said that we need to get over this and return the economy to productivity.  What I think happened behind the scenes is this.  Firstly the Deep State orchestrated this entire thing.  The narrative was set from the beginning that it started in China but China's response was perfect and they are to be emulated worldwide.  America is the laggards and bad and their freedom is making the whole world suffer.  Eventually they want to get everyone onboard with taking America's guns before the New World Order can get into full swing.

Now I think the Deep State approached Trump behind the scenes.  They have been collecting samples of Corona from people across the country in these "testing" drives.  Now they have various strains of the virus to mess with in their super secret BSL 4 labs, similar to the one in Wuhan.  Now they isolated less deadly versions of the virus and their plot is to make Corona a yearly staple in the virus milleiu.  To do this they told Trump that they had a weakened strain and they can spread it across the US to help immunize everyone against Corona so the economy can restart faster.  Of course Trump would take the bait as the elections are soon.  But the real plan of the Deep State is they want corona not to be a one time thing but a common sickness like the cold or flu.

Problem, reaction, solution.  They create the problem, they manage the reaction (since they own the media), and they deliver the solution that furthers their agenda.  Not only as a way of making money but of manipulating the global population into their plan for world domination.

Why do I think I was exposed to corona yesterday?  Well I am here in LA and had a window open for a few days.  When it started raining here sunday within just a few minutes my eye hurt and also my throat.  I know that this is certain bacteria likely strep since I have dealt with this before, however this time was different, it hit suddenly as soon as the rain started and the window was open.   Also only a virus can act this fast and basically hypercharge the bacteria I was carrying into pathogenicity.

How did I beat it?  I took my Harmony formula that includes both triterpenoid and steroidal saponins that quickly nullify this bacteria and the pain in my throat and eye subsided.  I believe that a new strain of corona is now being spread in the air at high altitudes likely chemtrails and that the rain brought the bacteria down and the splashing released it into the air.

If you feel you have been exposed or want to protect yourself naturally I would be happy to send you my herbal formula for free, just provide shipping address to teefpowder2.0@gmail.com.