Mayor Pete proves he was the Deep State operative I said he was

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Back in April 2019 I wrote an article that said that the Deep State DNC was behind the Buttiegieg run.  Well not only does he drop out the day before super Tuesday, but immediately and vehemently supports the deep state candidate Joe Biden.  Just like he was told to run, he was also told to bow out and support Biden right at the perfect time.  People that thought Pete was just a normal independent guy were hoodwinked into the deep state's plan.

Not only was Pete told to run to siphon votes away from independent candidates like Sanders and perhaps Warren, but also to prepare the public to accept the style of the one who will come after him Martin O'Malley who I believe will be the antichrist of this era and will bring in the Chinese system to America in 2024.  The way O'Malley will campaign will be to cuss and act cool and also I tend to think he will get all buff and do photoshoots like the shirtless Putin on the horse.  

Anyway that is where we are at.  Trump will win reelection but the Deep State is preparing the way for their champion to kill all remaining American values of Liberty and Freedom while maintaining the Corporate hegemony and fascism that we are currently just beginning to see.

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