The Kimani Bear People and Why Hippo's are Angry

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I am assuming the Kimani Bear People were from Burundi.  What I saw was that the mainstream portrayed them as bent at the knees slightly but what I saw was they spent most of their time squatting with knees forward and their knees were probably designed for this behavior and probably hips as well.  They were called Bear People because of their feet.  They were sort of bear like but also elevated a bit sort of like they had high arches.  It came to me that the "foot binding" in asia might have been a way to hide the bear feet genetics that were in humans at the time.  But I believe the bear people were actually not homo sapiens but another species similar to homo erectus or something like that.  I also heard that they are very hateful and aggressive people.

The foot binding idea made me think of another possibility, that the "aliens among us" (I don't think they are aliens just another species homo capensis) may hide themselves by making popular culture create behaviors that hide thier identity.  Foot binding and artificial cranial deformation could have been 2 ways that the "aliens" were able to blend in.  Now days I think it is easier to blend in because they can just buy everything they need online without having any human interaction.  Even cryptocurrency allows people to buy things without even having an identity (but i'm sure they could get fake id's if needed)

Anyway there's that

An idea I had was that Hippo's are aggressive because they have chronic kidney infections.  Could be proteus or ecoli or something along those lines.  I was thinking how can an animal be so aggressive.  I have seen actual video footage of a hippo going out of its way to kill a dear stuck in mud.  That doesn't make sense to me.  But if they are chronically agitated because of a kidney infection, that makes more sense to me.  It would make sense because hippos spend so much time in water that thier urethra's are constantly exposed to water which would make it very hard to stay clear of kidney infections.  One way to make Hippopotamus's more docile if this theory is true is to feed them cranberries which clear the bacteria.

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