Supernatural ESP experience upon waking from REM sleep

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I am extremely interested in learning more about reality and what is behind it.  At this point I believe in an aether of dark relatively stationary photons.  I believe in REM sleep our brain can interact with this aether fabric for long distance communication and inspiration.  I think of it as a sort of natural MMORPG, communicate and interact with others both living and dead and otherworldly in the dreamworld.

Today I had an interesting experience that may shed some light on how REM sleep and the aether may work.  I was awaking from a dream that I remembered clearly and immediately had a sense of what my partner was dreaming.  As I was awaking I was listening to them talking in their snores.  It was a sort of staticy voice, like on the radio but it was clear and I could her what she was saying over several snores.  All of a sudden I was more fully awake and the snores just sounded like snores.  I realized that I was only able to understand her because I was partially in REM sleep and partially awake.  But what was strange was I knew what her dream was about and the things she said made sense to me in the situation, not that I expected her to say exactly what she did, but that the things she said made sense given the situation.  So the interesting part is I know that I wasn't dreaming the same thing she was because my dream I was waking from was totally different.  However I felt that I knew the gist of her dream as well sort of like I was in that dream too.

So anyway what I think this means is there are multiple levels of dreams.  There are dreams that you consciously participate in and can remember if you wake up soon after them.  But there may also be another level of dreaming where you are participating in someone else's dream subconsciously.  This is huge.  You could be teaching others in their dreams without realizing that you are.

I don't know how I understood what she was saying in her dream while I was half awake.  Also when I was fully awake I was listening and the snore wasn't just constant, but it had intricacies in it.  So it is fully possible her vocal chords were moving as speaking and the snoring was a sort of carrier wave.  It is also possible that she was talking at a such a high pitch that I couldn't recognize it when fully awake but halfway in rem sleep my brainwaves were fast  enough to process it.  That would make sense because REM sleep is gamma and the brain is functioning at a higher frequency.

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